Find Out Solutions To Problems A Traveler Faces While Traveling

Travel is exciting, but it doesn’t always have to be easy. Some problems and ill experiences do occur. Unexpected changes and delays will spin your head since you were not prepared for in the first place. Know that it is completely fine to face such issues. Problems while traveling makes us betters travelers and teach us a lot. What matters the most is how you overcome it without making your vacation a mess!  And at last, you finish curating your vacation package and start your journey. All goes smoothly until you find yourself in a problem.

From being unready to losing your travel documents, here are not just problems travelers face but also some helpful tips to solve them. Check them out! 

1. Being unready:

Some people are excited about their first trip and sort out every detail accurately, while others may feel the nervousness cracking in just days before the trip. You may not know how to create vacation packages and other facts about the destination. Relax. Plan the trip according to your preferences but do not go overboard. 


  1. Do a little research online. That will help you become familiar with the destination.

  2. Plan the trip detailed, but do not make it too systematic. A systematic plan will exhaust you and take the excitement away. 

  3. Ask for advice from a senior traveler you know. You may get first-hand experiences and how to tackle certain issues. 

2. Language barriers:

Not knowing the language of the host country may be a barrier to travel. Of course, you are not expected to know the whole language by heart, but just a few words may go a long way. That will enrich your vacation rather than being tongue-tied and not able to comprehend anything. 


  1. Know the basic words. Today, everything is just a click away on the web. 

  2. Listen to people and comprehend them.

  3. Get a language dictionary if need be.

  4. Download translator applications on your mobile phone. 

3. Desynchronosis:

Don’t feel anxious; it is just the technical term for jet lag. But no, jet lags are not to be taken lightly. They interrupt your body clock. Your body is automated to the usual lifestyle and routine. Traveling in the airplane for hours may cause jet lag. The common symptoms are headaches, mood swings, and insomnia to say the least. While you cannot alter your vacation package and get to fly at your convenience, here are some tips to overcome jet lag.


  1. Avoid caffeine and alcohol in the flight, and after you land.

  2. Use an eye mask and earplugs to help to sleep in the flight.

  3. Get sunlight once you reach. Do not stay in a dull setting.

  4. Avoid heavy meals and stressful activities.

  5. Slowly adapt to the time zone of the destination. 

4. Losing travel documents:

Your vacation package is all set and you are ready to take the big leap. All is fine; flight on time, luggage is safe, nice hotel. Oh, but where are the documents?

Nightmare of every traveler! Losing your documents may be the biggest problem of all. But, there are solutions to overcome them. It is a bit difficult but not impossible. To make things easier just get copies of your other documents that are still in your hands. Here’s what to do when you lose your passport- the cardinal travel document of all. 


  1. Get help from your hotel reception desk and immediately file a police complaint. It keeps you on the safer side.

  2. Contact the embassy. They will tell you the required documents which include copies of the air-tickets and passport size photos. Arrange for them and head to the embassy. It will make the work easier and save time.

  3. The embassy will issue temporary documents as a replacement for the passport. After reaching your home country, you can apply for a new one. 

5. Food poisoning:

Food poisoning is one of the most common issues a traveler’s faces while abroad. Every country has its own cuisine. Some dishes may make your mouth water while some may make you awkward. Whatever it is, you may not have the habit of having different cuisines in your daily life. So adjusting to them takes time. Food poisoning disrupts the flow of your travel and may also pose some significant other problems. Prevention is better than cure so here’s how.


  1. Wash your hands well. Age-old advice but very ideal.

  2. Check for restaurant ratings in Google before heading in straight. Avoid street food.

  3. Avoid having non-vegetarian food to be safe.

  4. Have the food hot and not cool.

6. Problems during Hotel stay:

You may have high expectations about your hotel room and thinking ways to customize it. But not all hotel stays are pleasant. Hotels often boast about their facilities, but on the inside, they are not what they seem to be. Sometimes, in more than one way they pose discomfort and inconvenience. If you do not want to waste your time searching for another hotel, then do the following.


  1. Get a room above the second floor. When you stay on higher floors, the risk of getting stolen is relatively less. 

  2. Examine the blankets and pillows. That’s where the bedbugs hide. Bugs prove to be allergic to some and cause itchy skin. They spoil your sleep terribly. Who wants their trip to get spoiled because of bugs? 

  3. Carry your own sheets, and pillow if possible. Hotel mattresses may be filled with dust and allergic irritants. 

7. Mobile phone issues during international travel:

Travelers forget that their mobile phone plan won’t work abroad. If you make calls with your regular phone plan, then a huge bill will be waiting for you at your home. So here are ways to make calls without spending too much.


  1. Get a local phone sim card on the destination. Use it till your time there.

  2. Use applications such as Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Viber, Telegram, etc. You can make free calls with these apps.

  3. There are call providers that provide cheaper rates for international calls. They are LocalPhone, Vyke, and Rebtel. 

  4. You can buy an international call card if you do not prefer buying a sim card. 

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