Travel Guide: The Best Places For Kids

Deciding a destination to visit is a tougher task than curating a vacation package single-handedly. Finding that perfect place is not easy; with too many options put forth by family and friends, you only get confused. 

Family vacations are quite different from solo travel, and group tours. The location you choose must be suitable for all, especially kids. Traveling necessarily need not stop when you become a parent. Traveling with a little one will be the most memorable experience!

Check out the below kid-friendly destinations in the world which will enthrall your children undoubtedly!

  1. Disney World:

This is hands-on, the most exciting vacation package you will ever give your kids! Disney World is a portal to a fairyland, which no kid will be denied entering. It charms kids with its innumerable reel Disney characters onboard. No matter what character your kid loves, Disney World will bring it in front of their eyes. Right from Woody of Toy Story to Belle from Beauty and the Beast, this destination is filled with color and good vibes, apt not for kids but also for adults. 

People often think Disney World does not contribute to a kid’s learning and knowledge. But that’s not true. The destination takes constant efforts to make every activity an interactive session. A visit to the Animal Kingdom offers information about wildlife and nature. It piques the interest of kids in science and the environment. Similarly, Epcot focuses on international relations, social studies, and culture. Kids are also taught about technology. 

That’s not all; Disney World has many sections that teach kids on a wide range of topics, in a fun and interactive manner. 

  1. Near North and Navy Pier, Chicago:

Chicago’s Near North is unlike any other destination in America. It gives the carnival vibes all around the year. It has a hub of artsy cafés, clubs, art galleries, pizzerias, and graffiti to stare at. 

The Navy pier is one of the most important landmarks of the Near North. It comes to life during the summer with several events, art, music, cosplays, rides, and games. But, the biggest highlight is the Centennial wheel. It is an epitome of American culture and life. 

The Chicago Children’s Museum will allure your kids with some challenging information and knowledge. It offers DIY kits for children to keep them occupied and learn for hours. The museum has various sections such as Dinosaur Expedition, Waterways, Tinkering lab, and much more which inspire young minds to imagine and create. 

What adds to uplift the cultural and literary nuances of the country is the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. About 700 events are conducted every year in this theater. It hosts a wide number of plays from classics, and also works in deciphering Shakespeare’s works. 

The Crystal Gardens is another beautiful spot to witness Chicago cityscape from the top. Tourists can see Lake Michigan, the Navy Pier, and the rest of the cities from a different perspective.

Holy Name Cathedral, Marina City, Magnificent Mile, Tribune Tower, and Driehaus Museum, are other notable landmarks to add in your vacation package

  1. Maldives:

Who doesn’t love beaches? The Maldives is the home for some excellent beaches in the world. It is indeed a paradise on earth with calm shores and calmer waves. Millions of tourists visit the Maldives every year to get a piece of mind. 

But, will kids love the destination? Obviously. Since children will be traveling with you, it is your prior responsibility to take extra care in preparing your Maldives vacation package

It is best advised to start with dolphins! The Maldives offers otherworldly dolphin watching sessions. With the sun setting in the background dissolving on the horizon, it is an incredible sight to watch dolphins hopping in the sea with its fleet. Your kids will be mesmerized to see such a marvelous view. 

Next in line is the bioluminescent beach in Vaadhoo Island. Phytoplanktons make the beach lively at night. They sparkle and make the water look neon blue. It is a biological reaction and not harmful. It offers a surreal experience and children will be thrilled to have seen one.

Speaking of accommodation, many resorts in this island nation have been equipped with kid-friendly resorts. There are clubs for kids to engage them with activities such as treasure hunt, motor skills, arts, and crafts, puzzles, etc. Apart from this, many sessions are offered for children.

No wonder why your kids will fall in love with this place!

  1. Cuba:

Cuba for kids will be a life-changing experience in itself. While most of us busy looking at screens and replying to emails, children hardly have anything to cling to other than their childhood. 

Cuba will teach your kids there is more to life than technology and social media. Hotels have a friendly atmosphere for both children and parents. With plenty of destinations to explore and activities to do, Cuba will be a laid back yet impactful adventure.

Don’t judge the country by seeing its outer façade. It thrives in art and passion. Cubans are content with what they have but that does not stop them from creating new. Museums offer knowledge during the day and become community centers by night.

Havana is the capital city of the country. Like Paris is for France, Havana is for Cuba. It is known for its artistic ventures. The best way to explore this city is through a city tour. Many Cuba vacation packages offer Havana city tours at feasible costs. 

Art enthusiasts and connoisseurs will be impressed by Cuban ideologies and love for art. The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes has some amazing, rare masterpieces of Cuban artists. 

Does your kid love cars? Then Cuba has something interesting in store! 

Vintage cars are famous in the country. Car lover or not, a long drive in a classic car will lift your spirits! With a jovial tour guide and sharing first-hand Cuban stories, this experience will be one of a kind. 

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