Top Travel Tips For Non-Travelers To Follow

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jun 15,2020

Today embarking on a vacation has become more than just leisure; it has become a part of life. With more and more increase in technology in our daily lives, we sometimes get exhausted just like the devices we use. Whenever your mind and body feel that way, it is giving you a signal to take a break. And the best way to do that is to go on a trip.

Every experienced traveler was a novice at first. The best way to start is simple: make a vacation package.

Whether you are heading for your first trip, international or domestic, you need to know certain basics of traveling. That will make your trip savvy and efficient. Here is how you can make your first trip a memorable and safe one!

 1. Planning a flexible itinerary:

If you are traveling for the first time, make sure to keep the vacation package short, but well-planned. Today a wide range of travel planning apps are available on the web. These applications help to come to a conclusion by providing an outline of your trip. But to make a realistic plan is to get it done by yourself. You know your preferences and options best. Plus, making an itinerary is also a part of traveling. 

Also, get advice from other occasional travelers who have knowledge about travel planning. This will help you get first-hand experiences about the accommodation facilities, restaurants, and other facts about a destination. 

Whatever you plan, at the end of the day, it should be able to change itself as per last minute flexes. That would keep your travel smooth and hassle-free. 

2. Obtaining the essential travel documents:

Passport is the most important of all documents. Without it, you cannot leave your home country. Obtain the passport well in advance before the trip. Apart from a passport, a visa is also required. There are various types of visa such as a student visa, tourist visa, transit visa, journalist visa, etc. avail it according to the purpose of your travel. 

The next in line is the travel insurance- the most dreaded of all documents. People often think of travel insurance as a waste of money. It may seem unworthy; but could save your life. The first time you travel, you may not be aware of the customs, language, and procedures of a country. You do not want to get stranded in an unknown place. At such times, during illness, or canceled flights, lost baggage, and any other situation, travel insurance seems to be of great help.  

Note: Get extra copies of your travel documents apart from the ones on the phone to be on the safer side. 

3. Packing:

The universal rule is to pack light. Not for experienced travelers, but also for first-time travelers. Since it is your first trip, you will be experimenting with what you pack, and how you travel. In that case, it is better to carry less luggage. As much as you pack clothes and stuff, pay attention to the bags you carry. Your luggage should be comfortable for you. Some tourists love to carry a suitcase, while some opt for a rucksack. Choose your luggage well. 

The best way to pack is to separate your things into easy to grab pouches. Keep your toiletries in a pouch, and your travel documents in the other. Don’t be a messy traveler or else you will be spending most of your time searching rather than enjoying!

4. On-flight basics:

Reaching the airport on time is very important. Most passengers are expected to arrive before two to three hours. But make sure you don’t get stuck in traffic or any other emergency situation.

It is okay if you get a little nervous at the airport. Some first-time travelers often find it is difficult to think about the metal detectors and security authorities checking strictly. Do not hesitate to ask for help from the staff. Once the security procedures are done, you will have a lot of time at hand. You can either relax, plan your trip further, journal, or shop at the outlets in the airport. 

5. Fewer gadgets, more fun:

Less is more when it comes to gadgets. You may be so excited about your first trip. No issues, but don’t carry too many gadgets and spoil the fun. A normal mobile phone does all the tasks sparing the number of devices. You can click pictures, send emails, use Google Maps, and access travel apps. Why would you need a laptop, i-pad, and a camera for all this? Remember you are going on a vacation to enjoy and relax. 

The charger is another important accessory that needs attention. You may be aware of power banks, no doubt, but are you aware of the fact that not every country’s socket will be the same. A universal travel adapter comes to the rescue at such times.

6. Know the people of the destination:

While on a trip, you get exposed to various customs and traditions. Some aspects will take time for you to adapt. Nevertheless, today vacation packages offer great insights about the native people. Before going on a trip, especially to foreign countries, you can learn a few words of their language. Your encouragement and acceptance of the host culture will go a long way. Be open-minded, and you will learn a lot.

7. Make your first trip memorable:

First experiences teach us a lot. They may not be good always, but we gain a lot of insights and learn about ourselves too. Attempt anything different in your vacation. Overcome your fears. Vacation packages offer a range of activities for tourists. Adventure sports are one of them. Various countries have spots for snorkeling, paragliding, hand gliding, scuba diving, parasailing, free fall, volcano climbing, trekking, etc. Such activities bring your explorer side out and help you mingle with people. 

Making a travel journal, creating some interesting blogger videos of a destination, cuisine blogging, ecotourism, interviewing native people are just some ideas to make your travel more realistic.

Never stop exploring! Happy wanderlust! 


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