A Travel Guide For Hassle-Free Traveling

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jun 15,2020

Wanderlust is so intimidating and exciting at times that people often forget the basic things of travel. Your vacation package should be free of hassles. It should go smoothly but also be flexible for accommodating last-minute changes.

Whether you are planning for an international trip or domestic tour, you need to follow some tips for enjoying every minute. From making a feasible travel budget to make the best of your vacation package, the below tips will help you become a better traveler! 

1. Making a feasible travel budget:

Budget making is an art. Carefully sorting out cash for air tickets and accommodation to filter out the extra unnecessary expenses, it requires a great deal of patience. The budget is the base of any trip you undertake. You do not want to run out of cash while you are just on the third day of your trip! 

 . Make a rough check-list of the basic details of the vacation package.

 . Segregate the requirements under the categories- “preparation”, “on destination expenses”, and “emergency cash”. Preparation refers to air tickets, passport, visa, travel insurance, and other related to travel documents required beforehand. On-destination expenses are those incurred while you go for sightseeing and food. It depends largely on your vacation packages. The latter is a cash for safety, in case of an emergency. 

 . Opt to travel cheaply. There are various tricks and tips on air ticket booking. Booking online on a Tuesday and clearing your browser history helps before the booking helps lessen the fares.

 . Draw the strings together. As in, prepare the final checklist. Find out how much you have saved, and how much more is still left to save. Do not pull in the emergency cash into the actual budget. Try to keep it undisturbed. 

 . Be flexible with accommodation. If you want to spare money, then check in to savvy, cost-efficient hotels. Nothing wrong!

2. Pack light for the flight:

The next step is packing your clothes and essentials for the trip. May sound an easy task. But indeed it is hefty. Pack your bags according to the kind of trip you are into- business or vacation. Honestly, little luggage will keep you comfortable and worry-free. Pack the essential things first, and then arrange the less needed things in the bag. One of the handiest tips is mix and match. It helps to reduce the number of clothes you carry. A limited wardrobe keeps you away from washing your clothes while you are on a vacation. Similarly, have extra sets of toiletries. A first aid kit is another important thing to be carried. 

 The bag you carry also makes a difference. Some people are comfy with hand luggage whilst others love to carry a suitcase. Whatever it is, make sure to check if it suits your needs. Also, check it doesn’t have any damages. People often run at the last minute to mend their bags!  

3. Organize your travel documents and stuff:

Never rely on your phones. Have hard copies of all the required documents at hand. This is to make sure you don’t juggle around with your luggage finding for a document at the security gate. Get a pouch or file and store all the copies in it. Similarly, keep your sanitary products in a place where it is within your reach. Today easy to grab pouches are available. Store your products in it and name it, so you can get them easily later. 

4. Immunize yourself before you travel:

It’s better to get a basic health check-up done before embarking on a journey. It will keep you safe from health hazards.

5. Wear comfortable clothes while on the go:

While no one will question you for wearing the attire of your choice (until you take too much time to pass through the metal detector, haha!), it is better to wear elegant and comfortable clothes while traveling. Loose fit clothes are ideal. Carry a jacket just in case, if it is cold inside the plane. The second important thing is footwear. Don’t wear high heels. Get a pair of simple slip-on/off shoes. Experiment with what you have. Don’t forget fashion, but also, don’t put a show right at the airport!

6. Adapt, mingle, and learn:

Traveling exposes us to a wide range of diverse cultures. Some aspects may intrigue us while some may feel strange to us. Hold your judgments before splurging. Understand that you need time to adapt to the destination. For that, you need to be unbiased. Know that no culture is similar and no community follows the same customs. This is a unique opportunity to learn, hence. Converse with the local people, ask questions. This may start to give answers to you and make the trip worthwhile. 

The world is becoming a multicultural global village. Various cultures exist with only technology in common. Ergo, tolerance and acceptance of cultures be very crucial. It goes a long way in promoting coexistence.

7. Don’t over-plan:

Tourists tend to meticulously plan each day’s schedule. This takes away the fun part of the trip. On the other hand, you may be dismayed if last-minute changes are to be made. The best adventures wait when you hardly expect it! Brace for the “what’s next” adventures. Have a plan B, but not a tight schedule.

8. Know your food preferences:

Similar to culture, even cuisines are different in every country. Concerning food, vegetarian people may find it is difficult to find restaurants at times. Nevertheless, travel agentsmake efforts to know the food preferences of clients and guide them accordingly. 

Other than that, if you wish to explore the cuisine of a country, then that adds more to the adventure. Today gastronomic tourism is increasing day by day. Tourists can explore local food and dishes. Vacation packages offer workshops and classes on a particular cuisine. It increases the value of your vacation and makes it more exciting. 


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