Places Every Traveler Must Visit After COVID-19

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jun 15,2020

The world is under lockdown, but the instinct to travel has only become stronger than before. People are yearning to pack their bags and set off on a trip. COVID-19 has created an impact on almost every sector. Yet, nothing got severely hit like the travel and tourism industry.

With rules and regulations getting relaxed in several parts of the world, frequent as well as novice travelers have raised some serious questions on traveling. Resuming travel and tourism may be intimidating, but governments of various countries have pledged to resort to safe practices to ensure the hygiene of passengers. 

The economy of a few destinations in the world is solely dependent on tourism. Hence, reopening their locations seems to be the only way to withstand the repercussions. Some of these locations include Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, the Caribbean islands, etc. 

Travelers can travel without worry as utmost care and precautions are taken by the respected governments to keep the curve at bay. Another reason travelers can pitch in is to make good use of some cool offers and deals on vacation packages. These offers will be for a while, so this is the time for tourists who want to fulfill their bucket-list! 

Here is a list of those destinations which have unlocked themselves to welcome tourists. Take a look.

  1. Caribbean Islands:

The Caribbean is an exhilarating group of islands which share the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Tourism is the cardinal industry here. Due to COVID-19, these islands had to be shut down. 

But now, the Caribbean announced that they will be resuming their travel and tourism industry. Some locations which can be added to your vacation package include Mexico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Cuba, and St. Lucia, to name a few. 

The Caribbean islands offer the best beach experiences in the world. Thanks to the sea, it is the leading destination in the world to provide some cool adventure sports and diverse activities to tourists. There are several mini islands, so tourists can hop from one to the other in small boats. 

Cancun island, Chichen Itza, Castries, St. Thomas, Dickenson Bay, etc. are slowly opening up for tourists. 

If you crave for some beach vibes, and a suntan, then do head to the Caribbean soon!

  1. Portugal:

Portugal has relaxed its lockdown rules and has taken measures to bring back tourists at the amazing locations. 

Portugal is all about medieval towns, cobblestone streets, and artistic ventures. Lisbon, the capital city will be opened first. The best thing offered by this elegant city is the charismatic nightlife. Some beautiful locations include Alfama, Belém, The National Museum of Ancient Art, Arco da Rua Augusta, and much more

Vacation packages also offer day trips for neighboring regions such as Sintra, Cascais, Setubal, and Obidos. 

  1. Italy:

Italy faced the most deadly consequences of the pandemic in the European continent. But the country is striving to come back with systematic efforts. Temperature checks and face masks are mandatory for all tourists. 

Although innumerable historical sites are already open for domestic travel, Italy has planned to unlock its borders for international tourists. The country has taken measures to provide online booking for various sites. Most of the locations only allow fifteen to twenty people at a time, without compromising on social distancing.

Travel experts suggest tourists visit Italy now or later this year to avail of extensive offers on vacation packages. Moreover, Sicily Island has created an alluring strategy to attract tourists by paying half the amount for flight tickets and hotel accommodations. 

  1. Greece:

Greece, fortunately, escaped from the blow of COVID-19 compared to other countries. The country was among the first ones to put lockdown into immediate effect. Due to this, the cases and related deaths dropped to a great extent. 

Shops such as salons, bookstores, and restaurants were permitted to open since the advent of May. Inbound tourism started in June. The country has pledged to open itself for tourists from all over the world with appropriate social distancing measures. 

Greece will calm your mind and rejuvenate your body. It is the perfect location to visit post-COVID-19. 

Santorini is a trove of thousands of whitewashed houses overlooking the sea. It is the cardinal spot of tourism. Vacation packages offer hiking adventures from Fira to Oia and wine tasting sessions. Not to be missed!

Other destinations worth seeing include Athens, Olympia, Delphi, Knossos, Hydra, and Acropolis. 

  1. Spain:

For Spaniards, art is not a part of life, but a way of living. It has diverse geographical features, giving the best experience to tourists in the purest form. Right from the snow-capped mountain ranges of Sierra Nevada to the dry Andalusian plains, tourists will fall head over heels on several options to explore.  

Spain followed tough regulations of lockdown in Europe. The tourism industry has already resumed domestic tourism. It has announced plans to open its doors for the European continent. Speaking of international tourism, the country is yet to take a call on that. Reports suggest that international tourists can move to the country post-July. 

If Spain is in your bucket-list, then make sure to commence from Barcelona. The city proudly represents one of the prominent football teams. Barcelona can be considered as the New York of Spain. It is an amalgamation of captivating nightlife, awesome bars and clubs, and gastronomic delight. 

Madrid is to be explored next, followed by Alhambra, Seville, and Salamanca. You can spend the rest of your day checking out the flamenco style of music, bullfight, taking a few Spanish lessons, and walking tours. 

  1. Bolivia:

While the county is yet to decide when international tourism can be resumed, Bolivia, no doubt, is a must-visit destination. The sights held by this country are not for the fun. It is filled with mysteries to decode and adventure which boggles your mind. 

Some pristine locations include Salar de Uyuni salt flats, North Yungas Road, Isla del Sol, Valley of the Moon, Train Cemetery, Rainbow Mountain, Lake Titicaca, etc. 

The country proudly celebrates its history in the form of frequent parades and events. Urkupina Festival, Todos Santos, and Navidad are a few fests set out to happen later this year. Tourists should ideally not miss these events as they exhibit the rich diversity of Bolivia. 

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