Smart Travel Planning Tips For Smart Travelers

There is more to traveling than sightseeing and spending time without any worries. What plays a major role in making your vacation package a success is efficient travel planning.

Some ignore the planning phase as it is time-consuming. They think one can plan it while on the go and juggle with a range of options while on the flight. Though the best travel stories are experienced when everything is suspenseful, spending a little valuable time in your checklist will help make your trip complete.

Whether you are traveling solo, with your partner and kids, or as a group, planning in-advance helps your vacation package to be organized. It also helps you to make sure you do not miss certain important aspects of your trip.

Below is a list of incredible travel tips for tourists who want to travel smartly.

1. Research the location:
The key to an excellent and smooth vacation package is good destination research. The country you have chosen to travel may be alluring, but have restrictions and other things important to know about.

Research is the first and exciting part of travel planning. Tourists should gather all their doubts concerning the location. Some important questions to ask are: 

a) Is the country safe?
b) Are there any restrictions and warnings for my location?
c) What is the cuisine? Are there foods available according to my preference?
d) What is the local language? Is English spoken there?
e) What are the etiquette and guidelines to know as a tourist?
f) What is the preferred attire? Is there any dress code to be followed?

Fact-checking helps tourists to steer clear from doubts. It gives first-hand information about the location.

2. Decide the length of the trip:
Some people are offered paid vacations. In that case, tourists have a good amount of autonomy in their travel plans.

But if you are taking an unpaid vacation, then your budget plays a role. Tourists need to decide the length of their trip first to go ahead with the planning phase. The mode of transport, sightseeing, and activities depend on the number of days of your vacation.

Your travel plan should be flexible and well-adjusted. You should not get tired at the end of the day.

3. Explore different options:
Now given that you have researched well about the destination, it is time for you to search for different options that are available. Tourists need to make their vacation packages creative to enjoy every moment of your vacation. Think outside the box and drop the usual ideas.

The travel and tourism industry has developed immensely and the age-old options are not welcomed by tourists. Right from accommodation to sightseeing, you can customize your travel plan and make it look different.

Speaking of accommodation, today, apart from hotels and resorts, other choices include bed and breakfast, rental apartments, condo, farmhouses, etc. These accommodation options are much cheaper and feasible.

Adventure tourism is on the rise now. Tourists can undertake spine-chilling activities which they would not be doing erstwhile. Night camping, jungle exploring, trekking, kayaking, paddle boarding, cliff diving, and hand gliding are some adventure sports offered by various destinations. These experiences offer once-in-a-lifetime memories.

4. Avail travel insurance:
A smart traveler chooses to protect oneself at all costs. Travel insurance is perhaps the most underestimated thing when it comes to travel documents.

Travel insurance acts as a shield while tourists travel abroad. Medical emergencies, accidents, losing luggage, cancellation of flight, etc. are some reasons which disrupt your travel. If you are insured, you can handle these barriers with ease.

However, tourists should know that there are various types of travel insurance. Some cover only a range of issues while others cover almost all.

5. Carry tech-savvy gadgets:
Gadgets have become an indispensable part of travel. Yes, tourists should ideally refrain from getting distracted too much. But, these travel gadgets are imperative in every vacation package.

A universal adapter is the most important gadget required for international travel. The plug outlets of other countries may be different from yours. Hence, a universal adapter fixes the issue easily.

Other smart gadgets and tools to carry are Go-Pro cameras, tripod, car mount, portable charger, tablet, selfie stick, torch, headlamp, water purifier bottle, etc. 

6. Choose the appropriate season to travel:
Each destination has its peak tourism season. Traveling at such a time may be expensive and the locations will be crowded.

However, peak season may be the best time for tourists who don’t mind price tags. It offers an in-depth view of the people living in the destination.

The off-season is the exact opposite of the former. Major locations are less crowded and give tourists the chance to avail of beautiful experiences. Although the expenses incurred will be cheaper, in return, tourists have to withstand the unfavorable weather, and a few activities happening around.

Those who want to cut their expenses short and have a peaceful vacation can travel in the off-season.

Apart from these two seasons, the shoulder season is for those who have a flexible budget and not want to compromise on the quality of their vacation package. Most tourists are hardly aware of this season. It relatively offers cheaper expenses without missing out on the important aspects of the trip.

7. Shop local:
Be it shopping, sightseeing, or eating at a restaurant, local enterprises offer the best reliable experience. Locals of the destination provide you first-hand information about the location. They know the knack of the place and may suggest tips for tourists.

Local guides offer authentic facts and details. They don’t just give information but educate tourists regarding every distinct location.

Branded shops focus on selling while local shops treat tourists like family. The cultural aspects are more visible in indigenous markets than shopping complexes.

Moreover, as a smart tourist, it is one’s responsibility to help support the local economy.


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