Count On The Places To Explore Post The Lockdown

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jun 10,2020

The global travel and tourism industry is a big question mark now. COVID-19 has hit world tourism heavily.

After about four months, many nations have stepped forward to resume international travel. In the post-pandemic world, travel and tourism will look completely different. Some countries are running ahead of time to offer the best and safe facilities for tourists. Whilst for some other countries, the post-COVID-19 world will be an excellent opportunity to create a foundation concerning tourism.

While most of the people choose popular destinations to add to their vacation package, the below-mentioned countries are naïve and quite behind the curtain. But, they have it all: worldly landscapes, high peaks, and mountains, pristine oceans and shores, unwinding roads, wildlife, marvelous adventurous activities, and much more for tourists if given a chance.

Underrated and lesser-known, these countries are the perfect destinations to revamp your lockdown blues and commence on a new experience altogether.

1. Bosnia and Herzegovina:
Bosnia and Herzegovina form the Balkan region in Europe. History will never forget to mention this location in its records. It sublimely links the east with the west. The country is influenced by Ottoman and Mid-European features right from architecture to cuisine.

The capital city Sarajevo is the largest in the country. Tourists can start their vacation. Many communities exist here in harmonies, including Romans, Serbians, Croatians, Bosnians, and other orthodox communities. Sarajevo is often considered as Europe’s Jerusalem.

Walk a mile in this city, and you will find some beautiful mosques. There are innumerable mosques in Sarajevo which allure believers and tourists alike. The most visited mosque is the Emperor’s Mosque. It upholds some beautiful Ottoman and Balkan have that feature of that time. The single dome and mihrab impress tourists with their intricate details.

Another revered mosque is the Gazi Husrev Mosque in the Old Town. There are a number of churches which equally receive tourists with their alluring structures such as the Sacred Heart Church and the Old Orthodox Church.

The tourism scene in Mostar town is unique. The iconic Stari Most Bridge is the cardinal focus. It’s swooping arch was to honor Suleiman the Magnificent.

Medjugorje, Blagaj, Počitelj and Neum are other important locations in the country.

2. Tunisia:
For those who crave some beach vibes and sea breeze, Mexico or Maldives aren’t the only options. North Africa’s Tunisia will set up the stage and shore for you. The terrorist attacks of 2015 pushed the country back. But, given a chance, the country will never fail to impress tourists now.

Land of the Maghreb, Tunisia offers a distinct perspective of Africa. Not just beaches, but the country has the dunes of the Sahara, ancient ruins speaking volumes, and urban cityscapes to boast. Thanks to the Romans; they left a luminous amount of cultural aspects and riches in Tunisia to be explored. 

Tourists can start their vacation package from Djerba. It is a prominent option for those who want to rest beside the beach. Spending time on this island is nothing less of an experience in itself. With its perfect Mediterranean vibe and an array of local shops that sell handcrafted products, this is the best destination for a summer vacation.

Tunis is the capital of the country. History lives here in the form of heritage. It is an amalgamation of the culture, and work of a variety of communities such as the French, Romans, Turks, and the Phoenicians. From artsy cafés to local neighborhoods, hotels, and Medina, living in Tunis, is a way of life. Don’t miss to check out Sidi Bou Said Museum, Sanctuary of Tophet, Carthage Museum, and Antonine Baths.

3. Monaco:
Monaco may be small, but huge in its attitude, also not to forget its immense wealth. It is Europe’s lesser-known destination. It is seductive, and for those who are ready to spend hefty in return for matchless luxury living.

Monaco is synonymous with elegance and exorbitant style. Be it hotel, casinos, beaches, and yachts; the country expects tourists to come with the “you only live once” kind of mindset.

Monte Carlo is a glamorous town and the most-visited one by tourists. Enjoy the best cuisine and fine dining experiences and opera scenes in the Casino. James Bond’s killer movies were shot here. Larvotto beach and Prince’s Palace are other important places to visit in Monte Carlo.

Jardin Exotique is an enriching abode of distinct cacti and other unique succulent plants. The name “Exotique” refers to a various range of succulents brought from the United States, Mexico, and Arabia. Vacation packages offer entry to these gardens and the nearby Anthropology Museum.

Shopping is another reason for a vibrant experience in the country. The Metropole Shopping Center is the biggest shopping complex filled with innumerable boutique stores and cosmetic shops.

Musée Oceanographique, Cathedral, Jardin Japonais, and Fort Antoine are other destinations tourists need to visit.

4. French Polynesia:
French Polynesia is a collective bunch of about a hundred islands. The islands can be categorized into the Society Islands, Archipelago of Tuamotu, Tubuai Islands, and the Gambier Islands.

Most tourists visit the Society Islands since tourism is well-developed. They include the revered Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea, Maupiti, and other islands. Speaking of Tahiti, it is a mix of moss green vegetation surrounded by turquoise waters. It offers a dreamy experience far from the urban landscape and close to nature and marine life. What adds to the beauty is a chest of dominating peaks. Overall, Tahiti offers a serene experience similar to Disney’s “Moana” film.

Lively culture and sunny days are what Bora Bora is for. Vacation packages offer this destination mostly for honeymoons. But, those who want to go beyond romance can dive into the sea and explore. There are many adventure activities such as snorkeling, safari, and lagoon exploring that grabs the attention of adventure tourists. 

Magical Mountain in Moorea, Coral Gardens, Marché de Papeete, Robert Wan Pearl museum, Faarumai waterfalls, Lagoonarium are some other amazing highlights of French Polynesia.

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