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Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jun 09,2020

Europe is one continent that serves the best travel experiences in the world. It is a land of enchanting dreams, not to forget the concept of democracy and the Renaissance that shows the light of the world. 

Europe's vacation packages offer a glimpse of rich ancient history, polity, culture, arts, entertainment, deserts, architectural wonders, out of the world landscapes, and unique cuisine. Tourism has been immensely popular since the dawn of tourism. Locations like Paris, Greece, Belgium, Hungary, and Russia offer innumerable reasons to travel. Be it a honeymoon or a group trip, Europe is the one-stop destination to live a different slice of that “touristy” life.

But, yes, Europe is not just what the movies show you or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Lesser-known destinations like Croatia, Romania, Malta, Monaco, and Luxembourg have distinct views to boast of. 

If Europe has been on your travel bucket list, plan your trip today with these amazing places. 

  1. Austria:

Austria easily swaps itself from urban to the countryside and vice versa. It is known for its efficient cultural exchange, Austria is a landlocked country with the Alps standing as a protective guard. 

Austria can be experienced with the help of various vacation packages curated according to the requirements of the tourists. Experimenting with your hiking skills in the Alps, mountaineering, shopping, outdoor adventures, skiing, vibrant festivals are just some fabulous things to admire.

Austrian cities have touched the global reach with technology and development. But they still have a tinge of old imperial palaces and Austrian-Hungarian fusion seen in architecture. 

Vienna is the capital city of Austria. It is a nexus of imperial structures such as the oldest Schweizerhof known as the Swiss Courtyard. Hofburg, Renaissance Swiss Gate, the monument of Emperor Franz II, Chancery Wing, and Royal Chapel are some vintage pieces of the past still standing strong. 

Visit Salzburg if you love music. The Master of music, Mozart was born here. Several musical events are conducted here all year round. The second most interesting feature of this city is the baroque architecture which gained recognition of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The Grossglockner was once only meant for experienced mountaineers. With the arrival of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, tourism flourished even more. It is perfect for a simple drive or road trip. There are inns, community centers, small shops, and food corners.

Innsbruck, MuseumsQuartier, Tyrol, Heurigen, Salzkammergut are some other important destinations in the country. 

  1. Luxembourg:

Luxembourg is a small city in Europe but not unnoticed. Most of the population living here are foreigners. It offers a life of quality and simplicity to tourists. Some outdoor activities like cycling, road trips, and biking are famous here. 

The Château de Vianden, a renowned castle is the famous tourist destination here. Its Gothic structure appeals one and all. The Gallery of Mudam is where residents of Luxembourg experiment with contemporary and age-old art styles. The glass pyramid at the entrance is similar to that of the Louvre Museum in Paris. Artisans sell their handicrafts at exhibitions conducted here. 

Abbaye Echternach monastery, Bock Casemates, Beaufort Castles, Chemin de las Corniche are locations included in every Luxembourg vacation package. 

  1. Georgia:

Urban cityscapes, mountain scenes, and beaches of Georgia allure lakhs of tourists every year. It is also famous for its unique set of monasteries. 

It is best advised to start the trip from Tbilisi, the capital of the country. Surrounded in the banks of the Kura River, this little town is quite easy to explore. Tourists can explore the streets by themselves to know about the history of the place more. The Narikala Fortress offers a beautiful view from the top over the expanse of Tbilisi. 

If you want to feel a replica of the “Lord of the Rings” or “Game of Thrones” setting, then head to Vardzia. This beautiful cave monastery was once the dwelling of monks. There are some frescoes for tourists to see. Cave tourism is increasing in Georgia because of Vardzia’s matchless caves. 

 Georgia’s wonders extend to its other worth-visiting cities such as Chiatura, Batumi, Tusheti, Svaneti, and Ushguli to name a few.

  1. Portugal:

Portugal may be small but offers some dynamic midsummer vibes to travelers. It is the oldest country in Europe with innumerable UNESCO World Heritage Sites to boast of. The country’s location is such that it receives an ample amount of sunlight all year round. Hence, beaches will welcome you warmly for a tan or sunbathe. That’s not all; there are diverse mountains for those who crave hiking adventures, plains, and long roads for road trips and drives, and most importantly golf clubs for golf enthusiasts.

People love to visit Portugal for its down-to-earth nature. The people here are friendly and hospitable.

Tourists love to start with Lisbon, the capital city. It looks like Santorini of Greece. The only difference is that Lisbon is much more vibrant. Alfama is an all-in-all location here. Wander through cobblestone streets and enjoy some unique, aesthetic cafes. Parque das Nações, Vasco da Gama Shopping center, Belem are some other beautiful places in Lisbon.

Sintra, Oporto, Evora, Obidos, and Tavira offer a distinct angle of Portugal, wherein the history of the country seems to come to the surface. These are must-see locations to be added to your vacation package. 

  1. Malta:

Since Malta lies close to Tunisia, tourists will be exposed to its Euro-African influence. Malta has a rich history of its versatile Knights who protected the archipelago from the influence of the Turks. Valletta is the capital city and also a seaport. The vibe of aristocracy still airs here. It is brilliant with a medieval-style architecture found all around. Grandmaster’s Palace, Marsamxett Harbor, Saint John’s Cathedral are famous locations here. 

Gozo Island is known for its beaches. Tourists will feel quite different here because it is still an old-town. 

Historical places in Rabat, Hypogeum, Comino, Tarxien Temples, cliffs of Dingli are other magnificent locations in Malta. 

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