6 Places That Are Like Paradise On Earth

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jun 08,2020

The world is an exquisite place. When it comes to travel, the world we live in becomes more beautiful and vast than what we think it is. The world is an amalgamation of immense glaciers, lofty and tough mountains, and plains with different species of wild animals and plants.

All destinations have something unique to offer to every traveler. Some are known for their pristine beaches, while others are known for natural landscapes and waterfalls. With thousands of fabulous locations, one finds it is difficult to choose a place for a vacation package.

This list is about some lesser-known locations in the world which encompasses worldly beauty. If you wish to explore the unexplored, then this is for you. 

  1. Cappadocia, Turkey

Thousands of years ago, several volcanoes spewed out thick lava one after the other. These lava formations slowly turned out to be tough and slowly started to shape. They rose higher and formed unique boulders, right in the middle of Turkey. 

Cappadocia is where nature’s art and man-made resources meet. Hot air balloons are a common sight here. No wonder why it must be visited by every tourist at least once in a lifetime. With uneven yet marvelous ripple-like formations on the mountains and hot air balloons soar sky-high, the view is matchless. 

Just an hour away from Istanbul by flight, this place is to be added in your vacation package for sure! 

There are also many other interesting places near Cappadocia which will allure your senses. Some of them are the cave churches and frescoes of Gerome, Kaymakli, Uchisar, Gulsehir, Avanos, Pasabag to name a few. 

  1. Zanzibar, Tanzania:

Zanzibar is Africa’s most prominent island which warmly welcomes thousands of tourists every year. It gives the typical Mexican vibe; with palm trees and white sand beaches all around. It has a significant amount of coral reefs and diverse marine life like starfish, bottle-nose dolphin, mantis shrimp, humpback whale, harlequin shrimp. Snorkeling, kayaking, kite surfing, paddle-boarding, and other beach activities are offered by vacation packages

Cultural and historical aspects are immense here. The Stone Town in Zanzibar is a recognized World Heritage Site. It is known as Mij Mkongwe in Swahili. This place is distinct from the rest of Zanzibar. It has Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Indian influence in its architecture. Prison Island, Jozani forest, Kuza caves, and Changu Island are other notable destinations worth seeing. 

  1. Gurudongmar Lake, India:

Gurudongmar Lake in Sikkim, India is one of the highest lakes in the world. It offers a breathtaking view of the swift water with mountain ranges at the back. The terrain on the way to the lake is rough. But, the view is surely worth the trail.

The lake is considered sacred and has many religious ties attached to it. It is one of the unexplored destinations of Sikkim and the world. The Chinese-Tibetan border is quite near to this lake. What adds to the beauty of Gurudongmar is Mount Kanchenjunga. The snow-capped mountains reflecting back on the water is a sight to behold. 

This lake is an experience in itself. Add this in your vacation package if you want to gain the utmost relaxation after one hefty adventure. 

  1. Cape Breton Island, Canada

Canada’s Cape Breton offers the most distinct island adventure you will ever experience. It is the cardinal destination in the province of Nova Scotia. It is world-famous for its Cabot Trail and a series of winding paths on the mountain offers an unimaginable view of the coast ahead. There are several other things to do at Cabot trail. Vacation packages offer seal and whale cruise, safari, whale watching, golf sessions, and much more. 

Cape Breton is not just another pretty place. It transforms itself into a honeymoon destination for couples, a vast picnic spot for families, and much more to a group of tourists who want to explore the place. Outdoor adventures include spending a night by the lake, ecotourism, exploring the cape on a helicopter, going wild in the woods, and whatnot! 

  1. Florence, Italy:

If you are an art connoisseur and want to witness locations that bestow the same, then you have to start from Florence in Tuscany. Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance. Everything about Florence dates back to the mid-17th century. From marvelous paintings to versatile sculptures, Florence is a must-visit destination if Italy is in your vacation package.

Florence will never run out of museums and art galleries. Some of them include Galleria Degli Uffizi, Museo di San Marco, Museo delle Cappelle Medicee, Museum of Opera of Saint Maria of Fiore, and many more. 

Apart from earthly museums, Florence is a hub of brilliant architectural styles. Florence Cathedral, Baptistery of St. John, Palazzo Vecchio, Santa Croce Basilica, and the Campanile of Giotto reveal the artistic splendor of the country. 

  1. Oslo, Norway:

Oslo is the buzzing capital of Norway. It is passionate and creative with everything required for a city. This city is chosen by tourists for its elegant nightlife and cityscape. It is comparatively a small city, but rich in features. Vacation packages offer walking tours which are the best options to explore the city.

Tourists can undertake a wide range of activities such as cultural events, sports, art, cuisine, and other adventurous activities. The Akershus Fortress is one of the prominent destinations in Oslo. It is a vintage medieval castle exclaiming the Norwegian style of architecture. The Norwegian Armed Forces Museum adds more to the beauty of the castle. It displays an array of weapons and artillery in Norway. 

Your Norway vacation package will be incomplete without a visit to the Viking Ship Museum. Home to the long-lost remains of the Vikings, tourists can brush up their history with some real facts and relics. The Gokstad Ship is displayed here.

If you love skiing, then the Holmenkollen Ski Jump and Museum is for you. It is one of its kind and the oldest museum in Norway. It exhibits information related to the history of the sport. Skiing equipment used during the 6th century is stored here. 

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