How To Cut Down An Extra Expense From The Travel Budget?

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jun 08,2020

Finally, you have got time to make your dream vacation package. You have decided on the destination you want to visit. You move between multiple tabs in Google and research about the place. All seems to be fine; good accommodation facilities, airfares, places worth-visiting, adventure sports, and not to forget- food and shopping. 

Then comes the next step: making the travel budget. You may be ready to have a luxury trip or want to travel penny-pinching. Whatever might be the case, foremost is the budget.

Making a budget for travel is an art. You may choose any destination in the world to visit. But without a budget, one cannot plan the trip further. The entire trip depends on the budget you make. Even if you are casual about spending money, a travel budget keeps you worry-free. Hence, creating an efficient and flexible budget is quite important.

Here are a few tips to make a cost-effective and coherent budget. Jot them down!


1. Booking air-tickets:

You will have to book air tickets if you want to travel abroad. Obviously. But did you know that airline websites are quite smarter than what you thought them to be?

Airline websites have a hold on your website searches and history. The more the number of taps, the more will be the amount shown on the screen. So what’s the solution? 

Browse in incognito mode or clear your search history. It will show you the appropriate fares, and help you save money. 

Directly opting for the airline websites will show a hike in the fares. Hence, book tickets using search engines. You can compare the fares shown in the airline and the search engine websites to see the difference

Kayak, Priceline, Orbitz, Hotwire, and Agoda are some of the best and reliable search engines.

2. Avoid traveling during peak seasons:

Traveling during peak seasons will be expensive. It is high time when no discounts are available. There will be too much crowd in the destination, and you will not be able to enjoy it to a good extent. 

Cut your travel costs by planning a trip during the off-season. You will save a huge by paying less for airfares, accommodation, sight-seeing, and food. You will enjoy a good trip without losing out any options on your vacation packages

3. Exchange currency in your bank:

Although cashless traveling has become the trend, it is still advised to carry some amount of cash. 

While traveling abroad, tourists will require the destination’s local currency. Many tourists opt to exchange currency from the airport kiosk. But, it is quite expensive. 

Ergo, the best option is to do it beforehand. Banks exchange currency at a feasible rate. Yes, you will have to pay a nominal fee since it is a service provided by the bank. But it will surely be less expensive than what is charged at the airport. 

Currency conversion websites are reliable tools. Most of them offer the best exchange rates and help tourists by providing them a good insight into the financial aspects. XE, TransferWise, Oanda, Currency Converter, etc.

4. Purchase all the required things in your place:

Shopping abroad is quite expensive. So, it is wise to buy almost every necessary stuff required and then head to the destination. Until you want to buy the indigenous products of the destination, you don’t have to spend unnecessarily. 

5. Opting for AirBnB options:

Accommodation single-handedly drains up quite a lot of money. The hotel you choose may be more expensive than you think.

Today, many accommodation facilities are available. Apart from resort, hotel, lodge, and inn, there are other options such as renting a home, bed, and breakfast, or condo. These options are much more feasible and save your money. 

If you know how to cook, then that is a bonus! Tourists are provided access to a kitchen, mostly with required utensils and appliances. So, even if you don’t know how to cook, you can use the fridge or the microwave oven.

Airbnb options are available in most of the vacation packages. It helps to cut your travel costs by half.

6. Use public transport:

Exploring a city on foot is the best option to understand the destination better. You get to have some first-hand experiences, learn about the street style, local people, and food. You can always use the country’s public transport to know more about the location. 

Since private transport is expensive, many countries have public transport to ease out tourism for all kinds of travelers. It is not only cost-effective but is also environment-friendly. Right from Hong Kong, London to Spain, France, Switzerland, today almost all countries give importance to public transportation. 

7. Choose the free things to do:

You don’t have to pay money to experience everything at the destination. Many countries offer plenty of things for free or at cheaper rates. Vacation packages offer free walking tours to historical places in a city. Tourists can go for these options and still have a quality vacation. 

Also, tourists can check out Google for free museums and events at the destination. These experiences are nothing less in quality and standard, and simultaneously help to save your money. 

If you have almost visited all the important places, and still have time, pack your bag and head to the beach or somewhere close to nature. A picnic at the park or by the shore will not cost you much. Plus, it is a great way to relax and rejuvenate. 

8. Make arrangements for international calling:

Tourists cannot use their regular mobile phone plans while abroad. Even if you try to make calls to your relatives and friends back home, you will end up paying a big sum to your domestic mobile network provider. 

The best way to stay in touch with your family, and also save money is to use the internet. Various applications provide access to virtual meetings while you are traveling to your destinations. FaceTime and Skype are two such apps that are widely used by people to stay connected with their loved ones.

But this is not the only option. Tourists can purchase a calling card or rent a SIM card or a cell phone.  

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