Important Travel Essentials: Can’t Be Skipped From The List

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jun 08,2020

Packing your bags is a skill. No matter which traveling bag you have chosen; be it a rucksack, stroller, or trolley-bag, what and how you pack your belongings is what matters the most.

While you are busy creating and updating your vacation package, do spend some time and love towards packing! A tourist knows the pain of missing out on important things while on a trip. It can be as simple as tissue papers to a gadget which can make your trip more customized. 

What you carry for your trip may vary from person to person and according to the destination you will be going to. Some want their trip to be devoid of tech and gadgets. Some others love to carry an array of devices that would help to maximize their travel excitement. 

Here is an ultimate list of must-have travel essentials that should not be skipped!


A suitable travel bag:


The bag you carry is an important part of traveling. It should foremost feel comfortable to you. How to choose an appropriate travel bag? Consider these points:

  1. There are various types of travel bags such as tote bags, duffels, wheeled luggage, rucksack, etc. Choose one according to your style and likes.

  1. Check if the size of the bag is enough to hold all your stuff.

  1. Go for the one which is durable and strong.


Eye Mask:


Are you hesitant to use an eye mask?

Eye masks are underrated and marked as insignificant by most people. But, they indeed serve their purpose well! 

Light is one of the major sources which disturb sleep. Researchers suggest that dark rooms help people to have a good sleep. While traveling on a flight, you may not get a dark space to sleep. What comes handy is an eye mask. You can have a good sleep even during the day. 

An eye mask is a great option for people who have insomnia. The sleep; you get determines your mood. You surely would not wish to be irritated and sleep in your hotel room the whole day, instead of exploring the destination. 




Never underestimate the power of good footwear. Shoes are imperative if you love to take up challenges any minute. 

We all have our favorite shoes but packing only those for a trip may turn disastrous. You cannot go on a just-planned hiking trip if you don’t have the appropriate shoes. Similarly, if your vacation package includes walking tours, then carry walking shoes to avoid soreness. Flip-flops, pumps, and flats are other kinds of footwear tourists can carry according to where they will be traveling to. 

To save space in your bag, tourists can opt for multipurpose shoes too. 

Travel adapter:

Tourists carry a number of gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, etc. Along with these, what joins the list next is perhaps the most important: travel adapter.

A quality travel adapter is required to keep your devices safe from damage. You would be surprised to know how advanced travel adapters have become. Opt not for a normal but an international travel adapter. It helps to connect your devices to any sort of pug outlet in the destination. 

Folder for organizing travel documents:

You may be someone who loves to be organized or not. But, a travel folder is essential for every trip. You may travel for a week or even a month, the first thing required is travel documents. 

Buy a customized personal folder to keep all your documents organized. It includes tickets, accommodation reservation print outs, passport, visa, boarding passes, vacation package details, itinerary, and other identity documents. 

Refrain from keeping the folder deep inside your luggage, but somewhere more accessible. It will help you save time by not juggling at the last minute searching them.  


Torch helps you to deal with power cuts and darkness in any place. Imagine searching for a thing with no light. It is quite messy and annoying. 

Well, that’s not all. A torch can be used for your personal safety. One can use it as a safety weapon during distress. It is also the right tool for outdoor adventures like hiking and night camping. 

Extra covers:

It is always a good idea to carry extra bags, especially reusable ones. You can store leftover snacks, accessories, toiletries, garbage, etc. It can be used for several purposes, hence saving money and space. Tourists don’t need to pay for extra covers if they are carrying an extra on their own.

Blanket and pillow:

The blanket and pillows you receive in your hotel room may not be fresh and clean. You may not appreciate the foul smell, and find it itchy. It could be that those blankets were used by someone before you and the attendant simply folded it without creases and gave it to you. 

If you feel like snuggling while on a flight, you can use yours without losing comfort. Airlines reserve the cleaner ones for first-class passengers and tend to offer the used ones to normal travelers. A lightweight blanket and pillow come handy in various situations.

While choosing a blanket and pillow for your travel, check its size and space. It should not be heavy and occupy too much space in your luggage. 

Personalized first-aid kit:

Precaution is always better than cure. Only you might be aware of your travel experiences. Some get a headache due to constant traveling in a bus or flu due to high air conditioning. Make a customized first-aid kit according to your vacation package. Be it an adventure tour, or a simple sightseeing trip, it is best to carry band-aids, ointments, antiseptic creams, hand sanitizer, tissues, aspirin, cotton swabs, safety pins, ORS, etc. 

Also, tourists with pre-existing issues like asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, etc. should not forget their medicines and pills. It would be a tough time to search for a medical shop and get those medicines which suit your requirements. 


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