What To Follow Post Lockdown When Planning A Vacation

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jun 04,2020

COVID-19 pandemic has hit a great wave in every field. The most affected is the travel and tourism industry. Many hotelier businesses and airline companies have come to the verge of an end. Lakhs of people canceled their bookings to stay safe. 

But can the world be like this forever? No. One day or the other we will win the battle against the virus. Everything will come back to normalcy. It just takes time and hope!

When can one start traveling? That is a big question mark indeed. It will recover for sure, but there may be restrictions. These restrictions will be for the betterment of the people but maybe economically a burden for airlines. Social distancing has become the way of life, or at least for the next few years. Will it be continued on planes? If yes, then how?

Traveling will be the riskiest and threatening activity one would undertake after lockdown. The world will definitely not be the same, especially traveling. Your vacation package should not just focus on luxury and entertainment, but more on your safety.

Before facing the world again, make sure to follow these precautions.

1. You should avail travel insurance: 

Gone are the days when you underestimated the travel insurance. Now is the time you get yourself one if you haven’t already. From now on, vacation packages will include travel insurance to ensure people travel safely. With bookings getting canceled anytime, anywhere, most hotels only try to provide customers a later date to travel than a refund. Travel

insurances may or may not cover pandemics, but they will protect your presence in a foreign country. 

2. Do not travel even when you are slightly sick:

Make sure you are not having the flu while embarking on a journey. It may be a normal one, but your fellow passengers will definitely not take it lightly. Moreover, you may be immune but not others. The looks you will receive when you sneeze and cough will be embarrassing. Can’t argue, because people will give importance to their safety. Ergo, it is better to travel with no symptoms. 

3. Forget luxury and comfy travel for a while:

Ain’t no time this is for hygge; keep your coziness and luxury preferences aside for a while. Other sectors may spike up growth in time. But, the impacts caused by the virus may be present in the economy and travel and tourism for years. Thus, it is better to cancel out extravagant options and stay-cations during these tough times. To be honest, even hoteliers may not be able to cater to your hi-fi preferences all at once since they will keep an eye on safety the most. Or, you will end up paying an expensive amount.

4. Look out for cost-effective deals:

That one expensive Europe tour you were dreaming of may be within the reach of your hand now. One big bonus is hoteliers and vacation packages will give discounts on their trips to pitch in customers. This is the other side of the coin. A bunch of amazing deals will hit the web as they all are competing to make a better comeback. Hence, this is the additional advantage posed by the side effects of COVID-19 on travel and tourism. Make the best out of it!    

5. Packing will not be the same:

Find space to get more sanitizers, gloves, tissues, and masks in your baggage. It is not going to be only clothes and gadgets this time! Hygiene should be given the utmost importance. Social media has seen a fair share of people making videos of washing their hands, tables, plates, and whatnot! Well, you do not have to go to that extent, but you need to carry products that are synonymous with cleanliness and hygiene. Similarly, airlines may relax their regulations of liquid carrying.  

6. You will need more new documents to enter a country:

Various countries in the world are battling against the virus in the best possible manner. If not the travel and tourism industry, countries may impose innumerable regulations to even go across their border. This may sound too much, but it is necessary. Countries will demand additional documents apart from a passport to make sure you are immune and virus-free.

Several pandemic movies have already shown various tools and devices used to check travelers at the borders. So it is a possibility. Once vaccines are invented, they will become a must. Travelers will be expected to carry certificates mentioning they are fully vaccinated and not a carrier.  

7. You may not get to travel whenever you want:

A possible prediction is that governments of countries may impose lockdown and lift them whenever required. Since the lockdowns have affected people a lot, there will be an influx in the number of travelers. To stop the surge of crowds, governments and even airlines may impose regulations on the number of travelers onboard. Thus, your vacation package may spiral anytime. We as travelers need to be ready in booking tickets fast and efficiently on time. Make a flexible vacation package so that you are ready for last-minute changes.

8. Embark on road trips:

If you want to get back to traveling and exploring, road trips will be a great idea. One can never predict accurately how the world will take ahead of the tourism industry. Thus, it is better to stay inside the country until then. Road trips will and should be favored as for now than air travel. That said, travel for leisure will be domestic in nature for a few months. Road trip vacation packages may spike up keeping safety in mind. 

 9. Try to adapt:

Sometimes, it is better to adapt than to expect a change. Instead of the blame game, it is better to either safely travel with precautions or stay at home till then. Keep creating your ideal vacation package and most importantly, never stop traveling and exploring the world!


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