20 Must-Visit U.S. Destinations To Match Your Travel Preferences

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jun 04,2020

While you are exhaustingly preparing a vacation package for post lockdown, do not forget to add the U.S.

Land of the Western Culture has magnanimous metropolitan cities to boast of such as New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Boston, San Antonio, and much more. It changes itself to suit its tourists’ requirements- road trips, honeymoons, group tours, destination weddings, study tours, etc.

Here’s a list of 20 must-visit places you need to add in your vacation to the U.S:

 1. Walt Disney World, Florida:

Who doesn’t love Disney? When in Florida, make sure you first set into the happiest place on earth- Walt Disney World. Watch all your favorite Disney characters charm yourself in real straight outta the channel! Here you will live the fairy tale chapters of your life- amidst Cinderella, Bella and her Beast, Snow White with her dwarves, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald Duck, and a plethora of other characters.

 2. New Orleans, Louisiana:

The “Big Easy” so it is called, New Orleans in Louisiana runs faster than the clock with back to back events to do- crazy nightlife, music, parties, arts, jazz, and fests. Jackson Square, Bourbon Street, French Quarter, St. Louis Cathedral are some destinations you can add in your vacation package. 

 3. New York, New York state:

New York is the pride of America. Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Broadway Theatre, Metropolitan Museum of art… there are enough places but not enough time! It is where people suddenly enter an ultramodern world that is already ahead in everything. A shoppers’ stop, this city sets trends and experiments itself till something creative is born. 

 4. Grand Canyon, Arizona:

This is for the rough and tough travelers- red rock formations that glisten when hit by the rays of the sun. you will be stunned by the view ahead; much like wallpaper on a computer. The gorges, rifts, and folds of the canyons will be a boon to explore for geologists. Helicopter tours, train adventures, jeep safaris are offered by vacation packages.

 5. Chicago, Illinois:

Low-key but still heavy; that’s what Chicago is. The Navy Pier’s Ferris wheel can be considered as the symbol of this city. It is as slow as it but once on top, it will amaze you with its flavors. You have peanut butter and toast, waffles for brekkie, and a crunchy pizza for dinner. In between linger in the sports town; Chicago people are sports lovers, join with them! 

 6. San Antonio, Texas:

Old at heart, san Antonio is known for its river walks, Alamo, and amazing churches. The cuisine here is not to be missed, a fusion called Tex-Mex food. Visit the Briscoe Museum, Pearl District, and its vintage pathways. 

 7. Los Angeles, California:

Los Angeles is where Hollywood officially resides. New York often feels envious about this, but nothing can stop Los Angeles from stepping into the spotlight. Vacation packages must include this cinematic city for its Getty Center, Venice Boardwalk, Santa Monica, and various tours to the Hollywood center. 

 8. Portland, Oregon:

Off-beat indie and spirited in nature, Portland offers you the best of what you love- coffee, hipster vibes, food stops, flea markets, strip clubs, and great hiking spots. A simple city that was once a shipping port, Portland is supposed to be quirky, as is the desire of its residents. That’s what allures tourists, they say. 

 9. Las Vegas, Nevada:

Las Vegas looks different in every angle- Tokyo, Berlin, Seoul, Amsterdam with a bit of England. Right from world-class casinos, concerts, five-star hotels, to fine dining, Las Vegas is for anyone who wants to experience the luxurious side of the world. Ridiculously exuberant, this city will tire you with its options, make sure you have the time for her! 

 10. Denver, Colorado:

Denver looks like one from Paulo Coelho’s novels, with an 80s vibe. It is rocky and deep in the core lies the exciting part. Art enthusiasts can go to River North, shoppers at the Highlands, clubs at Lower Downtown. In an hour or so, you will find yourself getting ready for a hike in the woods. Best for dry summers. 

 11. Santa Fe, New Mexico:

A fusion of old with the contemporary, Santa Fe is a piece of land different from the rest of the U.S. It is a mini-land with museums, plazas, and cathedrals. It is for the tourists who want a touch of tradition in everything they see. Native Americans will sell you their turquoise and silver jewels and also tell you their history if you wish to converse. You can linger in museums or go on a hiking adventure, Santa Fe will enchant you with its semi-tropical terrain. Vacation packages offer day tours and walks to explore the history of this place.

 12. McCarthy, Alaska:

Alaska’s unexplored part of a city is McCarthy; historical and old. It is like a hamlet offering a taste of rural taste: adventures such as hiking, rafting, and many more. The accommodation is as simple as private cabins and lucid hotels with townsmen buzzing around at your service. 

 13. Hartford, Connecticut:

Once the land of big businesses, Hartford has been forgotten by many and stays at the backstage. But those who remember it feels nostalgia rushing through them. Do visit the reminiscing Mark Twain House and Museum, State Capitol, Elizabeth Park Rose Gardens, Bushnell Park if you happen to be here.  

 14. Savannah, Georgia:

Savannah is an enigmatic and fun city, with a tinge of authenticity. It is known for its revelation, special south food, and historical sites to visit. Telfair Museums, Forsyth Park, River Street, Arts District are must-visit places. 

 15. Madison County, Illinois:

Cerulean blue skies and lush green surroundings, Madison County is for that off-beat traveler who likes to feel the less discovered landscapes and photograph them. The bridges here are present in some of the famous old Hollywood movies and since then, this place is visited by tourists to witness this pleasant landscape. 

 16. Louisville, Kentucky:

KFC lovers will know what is famous in Louisville. Home of the versatile boxer Muhammad Ali and baseball bats, this city will offer a pleasant time for tourists. If you are a foodie, Louisville will have a variety of delights for you to enjoy. 

 17. White Mountain National Forest, Maine:

Best for camping, hiking, and climbing, this national park is nothing but just nature, woods, and rivers. The bridge here is the scenic landmark that welcomes you deep inside the woods. There are a lot of things to explore in the forest, making it the best destination for group vacation packages. 

 18. Mississippi, Mississippi State:

Bordered by the river of the same name, which Is a great leitmotif in history and literature alike, there are posh houses and rurally poor homes, farmlands, and luxurious settings all at once. Clarksdale, Jackson, Tupelo, Natchez Trace are novel destinations to live at. 

 19. Seattle, Washington:

This city is a kingpin of start-ups and giant businesses alike. Tourists interested in exploring the tech side of the country should first come here. Pike Place Market, public Art, Belltown Dining, Capitol Hill will amaze you with their techie attitude. 

 20. Boston, Massachusetts:

Known as the Athens of America, Boston has contributed enough to world history and still continues to do so. You will find inspiration here for almost everything- arts, science, psychology, cultural events, and whatnot! visit this city to be a part of its history. 


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