Best Travel Tours, And Activities To Do Post Lockdown

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jun 04,2020

The lockdown has really affected everyone with sheer boredom and unproductivity. Whilst some are preferring to spend the days reading, attending a webinar, learning a new skill, writing, etc., travelers know the pain of not carrying out their vacation package and being stuck at home.

The world will not be the same once the lockdown is lifted. Though traveling is banned now, visiting some of the exuberant destinations after quarantine will be mesmerizing for sure. 

 Here is a small list of places you could visit after lockdown. Start planning from now so that at least the second half of 2020 will be exciting!

 1. Switzerland:

Mountain vistas which immediately receive a mixed response of awe and unbelievable looks, the Swiss have some of the world’s beautiful peaks which stir your soul with wonder. It looks like creams of brown chocolate under a blanket of blue sky. For chocolate lovers, Switzerland will be a paradise. Vacation packages offer chocolate making courses to tourists too. Lindt chocolates are so famous all over the world; what would make it more special is having it in Swiss itself. And the next best thing apart from chocolates is cheese! Swiss is the best in that too. It produces innumerable varieties of cheese and delicacies made from them. No wonder why this country will be good for a gastronomic trip.

 Also, do not be surprised to know that the famous watch brand Rolex belongs to Swiss! Geneva, Zermatt, Basel, Interlaken, Saint Moritz, the Alps, Lausanne, are just some of the awesome places rich in its history as well as for its scenic views.

 2. Greece:

Introducing Greece is like unveiling the route for a hidden, yet-to-be-discovered treasure trove of history and secrets. Believe it or not, Greece will make you feel like you are in your homeland- older locales engaged in a heated argument over silly topics, youngsters budding with friends in cafes, students from almost all over the world right here to learn about the richness of the country. Known for socializing, the Greeks live true to the term: “Man is a social animal.” No wonder why, since it was propounded by the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle. 

 There’s absolutely no limit to fests and events, everything meticulously planned to exhibit the history and culture of Greece. The beaches will transform according to your preferences- craving a tad bit of adventure? Dive right into the sea and snorkel. Lethargic and feel like tanning? Stay on the warm sands till the dusk reminisces you in. apart from this, the cuisine which includes olive oil, risottos, kinds of pasta, etc. are also good to be savored. You can include Olympia, Santorini, Parthenon, Acropolis Museum, Athens, Kastro are places fit to be added in your vacation package. 

 3. Ireland:

One of the safest countries in Europe is Ireland. Much of the world’s Nobel Prize winners were from Ireland. It is an optimistic and scholarly country with saints and learners in every street. The country’s capital city Dublin was recognized as the UNESCO City of Literature for 2010. An Ireland vacation package will give you the typical laid-back calm vibes with so much to learn from its museums, heritage sites, and cities.

 Causeway Coast, Galway city, The Pub, Ring of Kerry, Glendalough, Dublin, Titanic Belfast are amazing locations to visit. 

 There are also many choices to select from for adventure lovers. Kite surfing, rock climbing, nature trails, hiking, sailing, and cable car are some of the fun activities in Ireland. 

 4. Denmark:

If you believe in Hygge as opposed to ikigai, pack your bags and visit Denmark right away. Old fashioned and open-minded, Danish people welcome everyone from the world who is interested in the cozy side of living, architecture, creativity, arts, and science. This country made everyone attentive towards it during the time of the Vikings. They were feared throughout Europe back then but now, Denmark is visited by millions of tourists every year. Still, its cities and views are underestimated- Egeskov Castle, Rabjerg Mile, Dyrehaven, Rold Forests will prove you its worth. 

 Speaking of the cities, Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus, and Aalborg are the four hub spots inclusive in every vacation package. 

 5. Turkey:

With a quaint touch of the Middle-East is Turkey in Europe, well revered for its matchless scenic views. It has both- ruins as well as versatile monuments. If you saw hot balloons slowly rising from amid blunt mountain peaks, know that it is the magnificent Cappadocia in Turkey. Its famous contribution to the world in terms of sweets is the Baklawa. It offers several activities to tourists such as kayaking, hot air balloon rides, surfing, camping, hiking, paragliding, and much more. 

 Aya Sofya, Topkapi, Blue Mosque, Suleymaniye Mosque, Bergama Acropolis, Hagia Sophia, will demand your attention towards their intricate architectural details. Turkey Vacation packages offer two to three-day tours to Istanbul’s major attractions. 

 6. Japan:

Japan reminds the world of punctuality, industrialization, and technology. But that is not all this Asian mass of land has to offer. Tourism in Japan has flourished equivalently well as compared to its industries. Visitors paid pilgrimages to the wooden temples and monasteries of Japan quite long before cathedrals and aesthetic architecture came to stand on land. What is revered in Japan is their love for ceramic vessels, porcelain kettles, and cups, textiles, dolls, ninjas, geishas, origami, and the list just goes on. One of the best gifts of Japan to the world is the well-known manga comics.

A vacation to Japan will be timeless in nature. As soon as you land in your hotel, you will be offered a hot cup of matcha (green tea) which rejuvenates you. Since most of the geographical terrain of the country is mountainous, it makes it the best option for hiking, climbing and mountaineering activities. Other than that, visiting Japan will be very easy and systematic and public transport is nothing less than perfect, most importantly will reach the destination on time. Mount Fuji, Kyoto, Tosho-gu, Himeji-jo, Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum are places worth visiting.


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