4 Most Beautiful Gardens Around the World

Traveling is an art - and travelers are creative people! For creative people, gardens have been a great source of inspiration - and the reason is pretty obvious. The beautiful colors, amazing vibrance, and the magical surroundings, offers a brilliant canvas for once cognitive energy to get boosted up. 

And, more so, strolling through a pleasantly colorful garden is not less than any heavenly feeling. Losing in the beauty of nature, surrounded by flowers, can bring about tremendous peace & calmness to your life. 

For centuries, people have been involved in the practice of cultivating flora in gardens. With this, the purpose is related to both practicality & aesthetics. But, the post is, of course, not about those tiny home gardens - there’s more to offer you. We have created this list of top 10 beautiful gardens you must visit in 2021. Read the complete post to discover more.

Let’s get started:

  1. Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona, US

Located in the Phoenix city of Arizona, this beautiful garden has a variety of magically beautiful arid-land plants. The Desert Botanical Garden is located in an area of around 140-acre and it consists of more than 139 different species and 21000 plus desert plants. The garden is particularly known for its 139 rare species of desert plants - that makes it look amazingly beautiful. The colors, soothing environment & the cool environment is something that can make anyone fall in love with it. In addition to all this, there are around 1350 different types of cactus plants that you can see here. Most part of the collection here is from Southwestern North America. And, the super maintained trails made in the garden are so fun to walk through. If you are visiting here during spring, you’ll see a variety of beautiful butterflies that adds to the charisma of the garden. Also, there are many fountains and benches in the garden to sit over. The garden experts & volunteers would explain to you everything about the garden. 

Go & explore this paradise of color!

  1. Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania, U.S

The Longwood Gardens are located in the Pennsylvania of the U.S. It is all spread through an area of 1077 acres with 4.5 acres of greenhouses & 40 spectacular gardens. And, the most magnificent of them all is the 86 acre meadow garden here. There is a 3-mile long walking trail in the Longwood gardens that make it super easy for the visitors to walk around. Also, there are many fountains and the Longwood Gardens also protects a variety of animals like birds, butterflies, deer & beavers. 

There are, in all 20 indoor gardens in the massive conservatory in this botanical garden. This conservatory is all surrounded by 4.5 acres of the vast area, which protects around 5500 different types of plants. And, there are many attractive flowers including cacti, roses, bonsai, ferns, and more in the conservatory. Witnessing the performing arts and the seasonal exhibitions is definitely an amazing experience. The garden has many seasonal specific flowers and therefore, no matter when you are traveling, you’ll experience something different. And, if you are traveling specifically during the summers, there have to be firework displays, fountain shows, and music concerts welcoming you. 

  1. Claude Monet’s Garden, Giverny, Northern France

Located in Northern France, in the Giverny commune, this spectacular garden has tons of magnificent & amazement to show you with. The garden itself has been divided into two different parts - one of which is a water garden and the other one is a flower garden. And, this amazing piece of beauty was designed by Claude Monet, the popular french impressionist painter. In the year 1883, Claude along with his family had settled in Giverny and he was extremely inspired by the beautiful and peaceful place. Drawing inspiration from the collection of Japanese paintings, he decided to, the enthusiastic painter decided to get his garden renovated. That is when the idea of designing this beautiful garden came up. 

In 1890, Claude got actively involved in the job of designing his garden. With all his hard work, he successfully redesigned the river that flowed near his house into a beautiful pond and filled it with amazing lilies. By the side of the pond, today visitors can see lots of beautiful willows. And, the scene of flowers reflecting in the crystal clear waters of the pond is absolutely amazing. The garden located in front of Claude's house has a variety of species and many flowers. Another breathtaking attraction of the garden is the climbing roses - it looks amazing. In addition to this tremendous beauty, you would also find a plethora of fruit trees. So, when you want some peace & calmness - on your very first trip after the coronavirus, book France vacation packages that include a visit to the magnificent Claude Monet’s Garden. 

Go, capture this beauty in your eyes!!

  1. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London

Located in London's Kew district, this beautiful royal botanic garden is all spread over 326 acres. There are 50000 unique species of plants and it has been listed among the world heritage sites. In addition to the impressive garden, there are unique edifices, climatic zones, art galleries, and greenhouses for visitors to explore. So, it is not just about the garden, but everything else in the surrounding has to do with your traveling plan to the Royal Botanic Gardens. 

Back in 1759, it was Princess Augusta who got the idea to design such a garden. She was helped by gardener William Aiton and Lord Bute, who were the popular botanists at the time. Together they created this beautiful giant garden that was spread over a land of 3.6 hectares in Richmond, London. Later in the 1770s, her son King George III thought of recreating and expanding this garden. And, with this thought in his mind, George appointed the popular botanist of the time, Joseph Banks. Joseph began his work by collecting a variety of plants from all across the world and added them to the garden. Again in the 19th century, there were many additions like greenhouses were added. The most beautiful of all the greenhouses here is the palm house, which has a variety of tropical rainforest plants. Another beautiful greenhouse here is the Princess Wales conservatory, which has ten variant climate zones that are run and controlled using computers. And, there are different types of orchids, desert plants, and carnivorous plants. The 59 feet high treetop walkway is such an amazing thing here - it gives the perfect view of everything in the surrounding. 

These are the four most beautiful gardens from around the world. There are many more you can add to the list. So, for the time, traveling is not safe and you want to continue with social distancing, you can read and explore these magnificent gardens, how they were created, who designed them and much more.

Until then, experience the fragrance of flowers & magnificence of gardens around the world by reading more and more!!

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