Fathomless Mysterious Places You Must Know About

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jun 04,2020

Someone who is always bitten by the travel bug would understand why they are often driven towards discovering even those mysterious places on the planet. A person who has a keen desire to see the universe would never drop the idea of getting familiar with every other corner of the world, no matter what. 

It is bothersome for such globetrotters to know that there are places on the planet, where you are not allowed to travel - these are places where you would never be able to reach. These mysterious places fall under three different categories - the ones where the residents do not allow travelers, the ones where it is quite impossible to reach, and the others are the ones where the entry has been exclusively restricted by the Government. 

While you cannot visit these places, for real, you always have the freedom to know more about such exclusively restricted places and what makes them fall under the category. While we are living in the times of coronavirus and keeping away from socializing, going out in the public as much as possible - you make use of this time constructively. Refer to this list of top mysterious places around the world, you must know about. 

This carefully created list of some of the most mysterious places is sure to incite the interest. From off-the-beaten-track groves to Aussie Outback and the homes of famous vamps - this list would without any doubt make the most of your coronavirus lockdown and social distancing, to be more precise. 

Irrespective of the kind of traveler you are - whether you are a UFO hunter, a conspiracy theorist, or a supernatural buff - this list will surely feed your wandering soul.  

Be ready to satiate your wanderlust by reading this article. Let’s get started!

  1. Transylvania, Romania

It is the uncanny echo of church bells clanging together, the stone-built cities like Cluj, Sibiu, Brasov, the Sylvan hills, and more such strange things in the surrounding that makes this place look even more mysterious. Located at the heart of Romania - Transylvania looks like a mystery wherever you turn your head around. And, Bran Castle is the scariest place that you bring forth the tingling sensation, the very moment you’ll turn your eyes on to it. It is a turret-topped citadel. It looks like it is soaring high in the sky from the forests on the edge of Wallachia. There have been various mysterious stories and has a long association with the uber-mysterious figures in the place - Count Dracula, Nosferatu, the bloodthirsty of the Wallachian kings, and more. S, are you excited to go to this place when traveling becomes normal again?

  1. The Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean

The world is now used to listening to a plethora of stories related to the crashing aircraft, vanished humans, and disappeared ships - in the apparently prominent waters of the Bermuda Triangle. Over the centuries many travelers have fallen foul of the Bermuda Triangle clutches abound. It all occupies around a half a million square miles, which is unimaginably surprising. Probably, for the fact that many travelers, explorers & discoverers have lost their lives here - it is also known as Devil’s Triangle. 

There are many theories about the Devil’s Triangle - some people think that there is nothing like a mystery to discover here, some would argue that there is some magnetic peculiarity with this massive chunk of land and water - which makes the compasses to get thrown away, and then there are others who would say that it is the tropical cyclones that are to be blamed for everything that happens. 

Till the time you cannot travel - you can have assimilated every piece of information about this interesting place. We have incited that very desire with this precise description - you must discover more about the Bermuda Triangle. 

  1. Mezhgorye

Have you ever heard about this place before? Doesn’t this sound a little different? You would be surprised to know that the place is as different as the name of the place itself. Mezhgorye is one place that would make you believe that even if you have discovered enough of Russia - there’s more of it that you need to discover. Mezhgorye is located in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia. The place has imposed a ban on the visitors entering its borders. There is nothing to talk about traveling to this place, even the Russian citizens who belong to other different parts of the country are not allowed to enter these borders, in general. 

From sources, it has been heard that the work on a highly classified project around Mount Yamantau is in progress in the town - but there’s no clear idea on this. There are stories & anecdotes from the past that suggest that - the place encapsulates plenty of secrets from Russia including a nuclear program, a huge warehouse of coal, a bunker, and some kind of treasure. There is nothing bad in Russia keeping its secret - but it prohibits ardent travelers from seeing such a beautiful place - that’s the bad thing. 

So, while during coronavirus lockdown or the period of self-isolation to be more precise - explore more about this place. You can find almost everything on the Internet.

  1. Surtsey

Located beautifully in the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago off the southern coast of Iceland, Surtsey looks too beautiful in pictures and from a far off place. But, the bad news for the explorers is that we have no access to this beautiful chunk of paradise. The volcanic island was formed as a result of the volcanic eruption in 1963. To date, only a handful of scientists and professional explorers have got the opportunity to visit this place. Indeed, there are speculations about the place that - it is a place used as a living laboratory. A bunch of scientists studies, here, about the course of ecological succession. To put this in a layman language, we would say that it is the center for a scientific study of “how animals and plant interactions” take place without any intervention of humans. 

So, these are some of the most mysterious places around the world you must know about. While a few places allow travelers - some have been reserved for some specific purposes. Even if you cannot physically witness the beauty of those places - you always have the freedom to read, discover & know more about these mysterious nuggets of land. 


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