5 Tips to Kickstart an AWESOME Vacation Remotely

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jun 03,2020

With any of our posts, we are not inspiring any kind of a trip during the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. This post is about how you can Keep the Travel Bug Going - virtual vacation is a pretty amazing option during the quarantine. As the situation prevails, venturing out is impossible for an indefinite period of time. But, there are other ways out to keep everything going. With the power of technology coupled with your mind, it is possible to travel through any part of the world. Virtual vacations are about traveling far-off without changing your physical location. From the comfort of your couch, you can capture into your eyes the beauty of the place. 

For passionate travelers, the coronavirus lockdown has definitely not been an easy journey altogether. Thank god there is a way out - the virtual vacation - thing around. Not only virtual vacations will feed your wanderlust, but it will also help you deal with the anxiety & stress caused due to coronavirus. 

Not only when we are stuck with coronavirus lockdown and quarantine, but otherwise also when we are exhausted at times, not feeling like going anywhere - virtual vacation is an amazing way out. It’s quite refreshing, inspiring & rejuvenating experiencing the whole world from the comfort of your homes. A Virtual vacation is a great & effective retreat! The question then is what is the best way to go for a virtual vacation?

The best Way to Go for a Virtual Vacation.

The process that takes you through a virtual vacation is absolutely simple. Unlike a real vacation when you have to pack your bags, get your tickets, make your passports ready & make all the preparations - a virtual vacation is just about preparing your mind. You have to do just one thing - decide the spot you want to see right now. Want to go for mountain climbing? Snorkeling? Skiing in the Swiss Alps? Just contemplate and decide your destination, you are going to be there in a blink of the eyes. Let’s find out what are important things you must take care of while on a virtual vacation.

  1. Keep Calm & Relax

Before you set your mind, wander around the parts of the place you have decided to travel - just relax. In your quiet cocoon lie down completely comfortable in a chair, sofa, couch, or bed. Allow your mind to wander. Take a deep breath to cleanse your body & mind from the anxiety & stress of being beaten by the poison of coronavirus. Just feel the smell of the ground, the beautiful morning in a distant land, and most importantly feel the heart beating the way it happens when you venture out for a vacation. This is the first thing you must do to go about the pace of the vacation through the destination you have chosen. 

  1. Find a Spot Away from all Type of Distractions

It is very important that you find a quiet place free of any kind of distraction. A peaceful place where you have nothing to do other than enjoying your vacation is a prerequisite. Make sure that there are no phone calls, no internet interruptions, no pets, and no one around. This virtual vacation can last for as many as 30 minutes to 60 minutes. For a fulfilling virtual vacation, you just make sure that you choose the quietest & the distraction-free part of your home. 

  1. Be Completely Present activating all Your Senses

You must make sure that all your senses are completely present at the moment. This way you would be able to capture all the scenes in your mind in a nuanced way and understand the details of the destination. 

See. Hear. Smell. Taste. Feel. You have to be completely present at the moment and take your mind as directed by the senses. Just feel the earth beneath & the sunshine, smell the air & the spring flower, hear the chirping of the birds, taste fresh coconut water - virtual vacation is all about making use of your senses. So, kindly keep them active!!

  1. Explore everything about the Destination

You must go into the detailing of every aspect of your virtual vacation! Don’t be in a hurry! Take your time to get acquainted with everything about the destination. Whether you are taking a hiking trip across the woods or splashing around the pool, or skiing, or going for a horseback ride - you have to completely present yourself. Enjoy a meal in a restaurant or grab a snack by the streetside. Train your mind to believe that you are dancing on the tune of the musician, exploring a beautiful park nearby, swimming around, and reveling at the magical landscape of nature.

With every other experience dive a little deeper - that’s the only way you can enjoy a virtual vacation in real life. If you are so good at imagining things happening to you and places you are wandering around - a virtual vacation would be so exciting for you. Once the conscious mind is amazingly good at accepting what the subconscious mind has already imbibed through its veins. 

  1. Take a Deep Breathe at the end of the Trip

You cannot ignore the ending. You have to give a full stop to your virtual vacation with a lot of love & consciousness. In the same way, you begin the vacation with a deep breath and stop in a very sensible way. Say Goodbye to your vacation slowly, do not hurry. Feel the joy of having been able to travel so many places from the comfort of your home and then give it a stopping signal. 


This makes out that you have to take care of certain things before & after a virtual vacation. There are going to be occasions and moments where you may feel confused about how to plan a virtual vacation. These steps will surely help through this situation of uncertainty. These are just small preparations that one needs to make for a virtual vacation. In this stressful situation of coronavirus, virtual vacations can play a wonderful role. 


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