6 Virtual Vacations for Quarantine

The process of discovery & learning should never stop! The one thing that makes humans wise is the power to observe and analyze. It’s also human nature that through that very power we find peace and solace per se. 

When the prevailing situation is keeping us far from reaching our dream destinations, we are keeping our minds engaged in finding different ways to find this solace. But, for one who finds peace in the piousness of nature sitting back at home is a tough task. 

With all that is going around, VIRTUAL has become the latest trend. Anything that has a possibility is shifting from real to virtual. And, Virtual Vacations are not an exception. To beat the blues of confining to our homes, and keep the process of learning intact. 

From the comfort of your homes, sitting on your couch, you can go on a virtual vacation. It's an absolutely amazing experience. From visiting the vast libraries around the world to national parks to forests & plenty of historical places, you visit numerous places. Let’s read the most to find some of the most interesting virtual vacation destinations waiting for you. Here we go:

  1. A Glimpse of the White House

At this point in time, it is not advisable to visit the White House. However, on a virtual vacation, you will always be welcomed with open arms. There are plenty of things you can see and explore through this virtual tour of the white house. 

Here are things you will see: The Eisenhower Executive Office Building, a 360-degree view of the Vice President’s Ceremonial Office, The Law Library, the Secretary of War Suite, The Indian Treaty Room, China Room, Entrance Hall, East Garden Room, Cross Hall, Red Room, Vermeil Room, and more. 

You will also learn about White House art & decor and how it has all transformed through different rule of law. 

  1. Smithsonian National Museum of Washington, D.C.

Home to around 124 million artifacts, the Smithsonian National Museum is among the top-visited natural historical sites on the planet. It is a must-visit for everyone. While you must witness this amazing place once in your lifetime, it’s a golden opportunity to voyage across this beauty on a virtual vacation from the comfort of your home. 

Things you will experience here: From past, future & to the current piece of exhibits, experience the whole bunch of excitement through your mobile or laptop device. You can also get a closeup view of each of these exhibits by clicking the camera icon. A blue arrow will take you through a variety of artifacts located on the first, ground, or second floor of the edifice. 

  1. Llamas at Machu Picchu Tour

Located high in the Peruvian Andes mountains, the historically rich citadel Machu Picchu is believed to have been built in the 15th century. 

Here’s what you will experience here: From spectacularly beautiful mountains to great hiking trails to the llama sightings - there’s too much beauty to be explored here. 

  1. The Guggenheim Museum of New York City

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the Guggenheim Museum of New York City is one-of-its-kind amazing human creations. This spectacularly stunning structure is one proud thing for the country. 

Here’s what you will see here: The visually seductive view from top to the bottom of the museum is amazing. It is the spiral ramp that takes you all of this magical beauty. You can browse through Google Arts & Culture to visit the multiple floors of this beautiful museum. 

  1. The Sistine Chapel in Italy

The Sistine Chapel of Italy is particularly known for the Renaissance frescoes, which is believed to have added the brightening element to the interior of the chapel. It is located in the Vatican city of the Apostolic Palace. A virtual tour is a great inspiration around the chapel for the fact that there’s too much crowd when it is open to the public. On a real visit, it’s too tough to visit every part of the chapel. 

Here’s what you will see: An assortment of amazing artwork, gardens, Vatican City museums, and the Pontifical Villas. While on a virtual tour, you can click on the arrow to move through left, right, up & down. Also, you can zoom in to get a better look through the paintings. 

  1. The Ellis Island National Museum & Statue of Liberty of  New York City

For every travel enthusiast, the first thing they would like to see in New York City is the popular Statue of Liberty located on Liberty Island. And, the second thing on the list is the Ellis Island National Museum located on Ellis Island. Two of these Islands are the most explored in the city. Take a virtual tour of the city to understand how a huge part of the American population relates their family history to this place. 

Here’s what you will see here: Through the National Park Service, you can go on a virtual tour of two of these amazing parts of the city. There are Heritage Documentation Programs on Ellis Island and informative Teacher’s Activity Guide. You will be given an opportunity to listen to audios, see photos, and take on an interactive tour. 


The essence of writing this post was to inform you of the various amazing virtual vacation options you have. We wanted to let you know that there is nothing to sit back at home and mourn over not having the freedom to cross the boundaries. If you can see it, in a way that, “every experience is different”, it definitely gives you something different. Therefore, till the time there is a lockdown, there is quarantine & social distancing - let’s call Virtual vacation fashionable. We have given you this shortlist, but there are definitely other thousands of options available as per your choice of destination. Get up...list them all...and start ticking off your list!! You may not get this golden opportunity in your life.


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