20 Instagram Captions to Keep the Travel Bug Going

Your Instagram story & social media feeds are the only things - not affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. In fact, the business of social media is booming way better than ever before. 

And, the obvious reason is, 99% of the world population is sitting at home as a prevention measure for coronavirus. While a portion of this population is enjoying this life, for others, it is quite tough to cope up with it - particularly for the explorers & ardent travelers. 

With over a month of this lockdown, most travelers are complaining illusions of the fire that kept the travel bug going, extinguishing. So, it is very important to find ways through which these travelers & wanderers can keep the travel bug going and feed their souls.

While lying down idle on the bed, scrolling through Instagram feeds ~ there is something that can keep your travel bug going. Keep posting your pictures every day, whenever you feel even an iota of depression because you are not traveling.

Moreover, using an inspiring Instagram caption with every picture you are posting to keep the travel bug going is significant. When you get comments on catchy Instagram posts & about your love of traveling, it keeps your memories refreshed ~ it looks as if it's all about yesterday. 

To help with this, we have jotted down some of the interesting Instagram captions to keep your travel bug going during the quarantine. Let’s read to find out. Here we go:

Instagram Captions to feed your Travel Bug During Quarantine:

  1. Keep your bags ready, your love for traveling will take you soon - beyond the clouds!

  2. There is something good about everything & every situation - coronavirus has given me time to prepare better for my upcoming trips.

  3. “I have ticked off, a part of my bucket list - preparing for the next part of my bucket list during the quarantine.”

  4. “Traveling through the world has occupied me all these years, but I never got time to travel through my own world. I never planned it ~ quarantine planned this vacation for me!!”

  5. “It’s time to unlearn the unimportant things that I learned through my past travel experience ~ thankfully I’m in quarantine!”

  6. “It’s been a great journey exploring the places I have been to. During Quarantine, I’m making a place to accommodate pictures of places in my heart.”

  7. “Traveling is always my first love. But, being with your family with another kind of an adventure ~ I discovered during the quarantine.”

  8. “That was my last trip before the quarantine. These days I’m preparing for my first trip after quarantine.”

  9. “Traveling has always been a journey of exploration for me. While I was missing on the exploration of the self, quarantine gave me time to go on a deep Discovery of the self.”

  10. “I am already on a journey of self-discovery. I have found my inspiration for a quieter quarantine. Have you?”

  11. “It is so beautiful walking through the road of life. All thanks to quarantine, I have found this beautiful, quiet & serene road.”

  12. “Hey...I’ busy packing my suitcase for my next trip. Quarantine is Cool Guys.”

  13. “I have traveled to different places, but I could never get such a moment to travel through the hearts of my loved ones.”

  14. “This is definitely not an end to my long odyssey of exploration. It’s just a healing phase of the Universe and I’m supporting it.”

  15. There’s a long way to go! I’m learning to love myself till the time I'm quarantined.”

  16. “While I was trying to discover the world, I forgot to discover my own world. So. now I'm on this journey of self.”

  17. “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” — Susan Sontag

  18. “I’m all satisfied with whatever I have experienced through traveling. These days, I’m preparing my mind to accommodate more real experiences.”

  19. “Can we leave the Universe alone for some time? So, if we find reveling at the beauty of nature a rejuvenating experience, why can’t we understand nature’s process of rejuvenation & healing?”

  20. “Finding ways to travel without traveling is another kind of creativity an explorer must-have. Get that creativity into action while in quarantine.”

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