Things You Must Know Before Traveling Again Post-COVID-19

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jun 03,2020

Amidst the uncertainties & confusion going around ~ one thing that is bothering every travel out there is when they can travel freely again? While with the positive response from medical experts from some parts of the world, some countries are moving towards reopening, but others are still fighting to overcome the effect of coronavirus. 

Depending on the prevailing situation, some countries will obviously open much before the others. Depending on the state, community country, and other things traveling will begin in some places earlier than others. But, whatever it is, at this point in time, waiting for everything to be normal again is not an easy thing for avid travelers. This waiting game is not easy.

And, of course in the years to come, every industry will see many changes. Like other industries, traveling definitely will see many changes post-COVID. And, before you can begin with your first vacation, you must know a few things. 

Here are things you must know Before Traveling Again Post-COVID-19. 

Must-Know Self-Quarantine Rules & Conditions.

We have no idea how many upcoming months we’ll need to follow quarantine rules. There is official withdrawal from the Governments we must follow these rules. Next time whenever you are traveling, make sure that you have all the knowledge of the quarantine guidelines of the particular countries you are visiting. Every country has its own set of rules for quarantine ~ some countries are going to follow the 14-days self-quarantine rule for the upcoming months. There could be various travel restrictions by the Government across the globe. While some highly-affected areas may not allow any kind of traveling, some can allow it with some restrictions.

Keep a Check of the Last Reported Cases Before the Vacation.

So, even when the travel restrictions cease, and we are allowed to cross borders with some restrictions, one of the crucial parts of traveling should be keeping a check on the number of cases happening. The World Health Organization (WHO) could help you with it. WHO releases the data report on this every day and you can easily keep a track of this data from your smartphone. It will give you the complete track of the number of deaths, number of cases, and number of cases active & recovered.

This data is also shown in the form of an epidemic curve chart, from which you can figure out the actual data. The color-coded chart segregates this data region wise. Thank God that the World has changed considerably, and we have access to all such content in the click of a button. So, you can cautiously plan your vacation keeping the data in mind.

Keep Check on Temperature.

After coronavirus, a number of changes will come in place for sure. Regularly keeping check of your body temperature will become a new normal. Before you venture out for a vacation after a coronavirus, make sure that you have checked your body temperature and move out only when it's normal.

Indeed, you are going to face really stringent rules. Airlines will put forward rules that will allow its customers only after checking their body temperature. In addition to that store, and other public places will instill machines or equipment that will check a person’s temperature before letting him/her in. For International flyers, custom agents can begin a practice of regularly checking passengers’ temperature. In fact, there are already guidelines that require airline crews to report any passenger showing any symptoms like fever, dry cough, or breathing issues. And, not to mention, rules for asymptomatic patients are going to be differently stated.

You Must Have Immunity Passports.

Many countries and higher authorities are proposing the idea of an “immunity passport.” This might get in precision, a part of any kind of travel. However, it is still unclear, if those who are corona-positive become immune or not? Many countries will only open their borders on the conditioning of every traveler producing an immunity certificate.

Definitely traveling post-COVID-19 is not going to be the same as it used to be ~ not particularly for the upcoming few months or maybe years. This whole thing can go around until we have something solid like a vaccine to deal with it.

We must keep Check on our Habits in the Foreseeable Future.

And, in addition to what Governments across the borders are suggesting, we must also have to bring about a lot of changes in our habits. Be it, mask-wearing, be it hand washing, or using sanitizers, this must remain with us even after we succeed in finding some cure to the coronavirus. And, these habits shall remain with us for as long as we live. When it comes to traveling, while on a vacation, you come in contact with a lot of people. This accentuates the vulnerability. Therefore, it is important to bring about changes in our traveling habits ~ because it’s not going to be the same.

Bottom Line.

It is important to understand that bringing about some major changes in our general habits. Without these changes in your daily life habits, you will remain vulnerable to getting prey to coronavirus. Risks are going to hover around and be with us for how much period we don’t know. We can keep ourselves safe only by strictly following preventive measures while traveling again in the foreseeable future. And, even if it gets better, we must inculcate these habits in our lives. These are simple preventive measures that would help us make our lives better Post-COVID-19.


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