5 Questions to Ask Before Preparing a Vacation

The latest buzzwords are coronavirus, social distancing, lockdown, self-isolation & coronavirus. Everyone is eagerly waiting when there would be an announcement for the earth becoming a corona-safe planet. Be it the employees of different organizations or travelers — everyone is waiting to return to their usual schedule of life.

While most people are working from home, there are professions like explorers, travel bloggers & specifically the people for whom traveling is the first thing they can ever think of. But, because of this coronavirus pandemic, traveling for now, till the time we are fighting corona, traveling is prohibited.

But, the good thing coronavirus has bought for us, is time. Because we are forced to be at our respective homes, we have enough time to contemplate and come up with way better preparations for our upcoming vacations post-COVID-19. Till the time you are inside your homes, sit back, and find an answer to 10 important questions to ask before preparing a vacation Post-COVID.

To help you with this, we have mentioned an answer to our interpretation of the situation. You can further use your discretion to analyze and find an answer to these questions. The time spent here can help you in the long run. It will keep you safe while on your many upcoming vacations. Let’s read to find the best answer to these travel-related questions for your Post-COVID vacations. Here we go:

  1. Is it fine to survive on junk food throughout the vacation?

This is a very special question to be answered before you begin with the vacation preparation. Anyone who is wary of the current circumstances, without giving it another thought, will say that it is absolutely not fine. Surviving only on junk food can create a mess for sure. People don’t usually understand this, but it can be fatal to one's health & to your immune system. In fact, when you are on a vacation, you need more energy than usual. And, therefore, you should indeed increase your intake of good & nutritious food. 

No. Absolutely not. This is the answer to this question. While it is fine to enjoy junk food twice or thrice through the trip, solely depending on it for satiating your tummy should be completely avoided. Add fruits, vegetables & some nutritious food to your diet. You must borrow supplements if you know it’s going to be unavailable at the place you are traveling to. 

  1. For how many upcoming vacations, we are to use sanitizers and masks?

A very important question indeed. Experts and researchers have suggested that it may take longer for the world to completely get out of the disastrous effect of coronavirus. Even if there is an official announcement from the government that ended, we should not be completely lax. Even if the Government comes up with the travel advisory, making the statement as “ the world is corona-free and is safe to travel”, we have to make our rules. If everything restores to normal, we must always keep in mind whatever lesson, this whole coronavirus thing has taught us.

The answer to this question would be FOREVER. As much as it is possible we should make the whole idea of sanitizing our hands every time and wearing a mask a part of our lives. Whenever you are preparing for a vacation post-COVID, make sanitizers & mask important packing items. Given the situation we are facing you can analyze why we are saying this over and again.

  1. How far is it good to meet someone with a handshake while on a vacation?

An important question indeed. Around the world, ever since coronavirus came into our lives, the tradition of handshaking took a great depression. Since experts have warned that corona can be very easily transferred from human-to-human, the handshake thing has now gone out-of-fashion. And, for months to come and years to come, we must keep up with the new fashionable way of saying hello and avoiding the out-of-fashion tradition of a handshake. Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, even after the official announcement of coronavirus getting away from our lives, you must avoid handshakes and close contacts unless it is very important. 

  1. How to support environmental well-being while on a vacation?

One human obligation, most of us have forgotten, is providing our support to the environmental well-being. And, particularly as travelers and explorers, we do not pay heed to keep our surroundings clean and healthy while we are enjoying our vacations. Now that we have learned this lesson and to some extent understood, how important it is to take care of the environment, we must do something in that direction. 

There are numerous ways by which you can support the environment. Here are some of these ways that can help you support the environment.

  • Vow to plant a tree before beginning every vacation.

  • Don’t throw leftovers here and there.

  • Use public transport as much as possible.

  • Avoid wastage of water.

  • Don’t contaminate River waters.

And, there could be many other ways that can truly help with your crusade to support the environment during and before a vacation.

  1. Is it important to keep a check on the immunity when beginning with the vacation preparation?

Yes. Very much. Taking care of your health is the first priority in any way. If your immune system will be strong, your body can fight anything and everything that comes to it with strength. While it is always advised to keep a check on your immunity, especially when you are planning to travel to a foreign land, building strong immunity is a prerequisite. When you travel, what happens is you try different food which your body is not used to. This may lead to a digestion issue or any form of a health issue — therefore, you have to build a strong immune system beforehand.

Here we have answered all the five important questions for you, to help you with planning your first vacation post-COVID. However, you can analyze the facts, turn around what your mind is trying to say, and look for the final answer. This way, it will be way more motivating.


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