Top Places Around The World That One Must Visit

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jun 02,2020

Wanderlust is no longer a simple term but a way of life. You may be a traveler or a tourist, the power of visiting places apart from your hometown offers one the ability to know oneself more. Vacation begins not the moment you start your journey, but from the minute you start you create a vacation package.

Are you thinking of a scenic destination to tour? The world is filled with too many beautiful, unexplored, and undisturbed places which will make one marvel. Some are decked with white sand beaches, while others have tall mountains to boast of. Some have old towns and churches, and others have forts and castles to be proud of. Whatever it is, one needs to know the details of a location to create a good vacation package. 

With the below list, you can globe trot virtually first, before choosing a destination to visit. 

  1. Cadiz Province, Spain:

Ripe for exploration and wandering, Cadiz is a province in Spain that is occupied by people from all walks of life. The common attribute of the people of this place share to the world is passion and knowledge. Considered as the gateway to America, Cadiz has it all: history, culture, hospitality, great accommodation facilities, and modernity. The Cathedral of Cadiz, Bolonia beach, and white town of Olvera are cardinal tourist destinations. Cadiz has many wooden walkways along the beachside which look marvelous. You can start by taking a simple tour of the aesthetic streets and learn about the architecture. Vacation packages offer Andalusian horse tours and medieval tours to the most vintage points of Cadiz. 

  1. Hallstatt, Austria:

Nearly a thousand tourists flood the streets of Hallstatt every single day, because of its scenic nature. Hallstatt is a lakeside town that is picture perfect from all angles. Situated in the Salzkammergut region of Austria, this is a UNESCO featured city. The World’s oldest salt mine and the Dachstein caves are located nearby. There are far too many spots from where the cityscape can be enjoyed in solitude. Don’t forget to notice the style of architecture; baroque styled, brown houses that are perfect photography corners. Hallstatt is a blissful destination for a honeymoon as well as family vacations. 

  1. Provence, France:

No, France is not just about Paris and Venice. Cached between the Alps and the Camargue Plain is the appealing, glamorous landscape of France- Provence. This place is not new for readers if they had read Peter Mayles’ classic- a Year in Provence. The book has done justice to the countryside location. It is filled with lavender as long as your eyes can reach. Marseille, Gorges du Verdon, Avignon, Mont Ventoux are some places worth adding to your vacation package. 

  1. Madagascar, Africa:

Africa’s most exotic lush jungles of Madagascar is for the adventurous nature-loving tourists. Located in the size of France, this is the third-largest island of Africa. This is a separate world of wildlife; well-known is the lemur but there are also many other creatures such as frogs, birds, snakes, and giraffes just to name a few. As much as the fauna is the huge diversity of flora and landscapes. Amid the great canyons dominating, this place works well for mountaineering, trekking, and other adventures. But that’s not all. Madagascar is also a party island with great insights on culture and history at every point.  

  1. Cappadocia, Turkey:

Cappadocia may seem rocky as Mars but when you witness hot air balloons soar high swiftly from the hill escape, you will realize its wow factor. Add this topographic region in your vacation packages if Turkey is on your bucket list. Don’t let the semi-arid appearance of the location bother you, humans have settled here since the Bronze Age and left their legacy on the rock-cut mountains. Do you love Geography? If the answer is yes, then you will have lots to learn and many more different types of stones to collect. The Open-Air Museum is filled with rock-cut churches and monasteries; also, a UNESCO Heritage site. A visit to Gerome, Soganli, Zelve, and the Ihlara Valleys will be a good way to finish the trip.

  1. Mostar, Bosnia, and Herzegovina:

If you ever wonder Disney’s fort-like locations exist, then the answer is yes! Head to Mostar, where divinity comes to life in almost every structure you see. Emperor Suleiman’s special order to build a revered bridge of Stari Most that forms a beautiful stone arc with a gushing stream below. This bridge is the life of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Vacation packages offer day tours to places in this location at affordable costs. The Old Town is the best stop for some shopping and some light-hearted cafes and handicrafts. 

  1. Amalfi, Italy:

Amalfi is a small coast with immensely notable historical structures. Great for a light but grateful vacation, Amalfi’s Byzantine Cathedral is an amalgamation of architectural styles created to store the relics of St. Andrew. Arabic, Sicilian, and Norman are just a few of the styles visible in the cathedral. A visit to the Grotta Dello Smeraldo caves will give you a mystical vibe. The water inside the caves emanates an eerie emerald color. Add this one in your vacation packages to have a warm time on a distant coast uninterrupted by the world. 

  1. Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia:

A uniform structured white and blue town facing the cerulean waves, Sidi Bou Said was named after a Sufi saint. With a nexus of Andalusian and Ottoman-style visible not just in architecture but in everything, this oriental region is revered by tourists as well as Tunisians. The Dar Ennejma Ezzahra is a renovated art studio but also houses modem paintings and aesthetic music instruments. Hence, this museum attracts musicians from all over the world.  Day tours are included on vacation packages to nearby important galleries featuring artworks. Still, have time left? Try to decipher the secrets of this little magical town by yourself. 


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