This Is How You Should Spend Your Time These Days

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jun 02,2020

Life in the 21st century is fast-paced like a bullet shot from a gun. And in these times, we as human beings are hardly able to relax our souls and rejuvenate our minds a bit. The irony of life is that when humans get the time to actually breathe and let go of stress. They start being a worrywart calling lockdown as the biggest tragedy of their life as it has turned down all their leisure vacation packages. 

The lockdown due to a virus must not be looked upon as a problem but as an opportunity to go back in your cocoon for some time and stay there. Just stay there! Listen to your normal heartbeat rate that used to usually skip a beat due to pressure of work and deadlines.

Each coin has two sides and you must look on the brighter side of the picture rather than regretting over the dark side. 

The lockdown has brought many benefits for each one of us, be it working professionals or students. 

For working professionals, it is time to spend some quality time with their loved ones. Most of the time in life, we cherish things that are away from us but forget to love them who are just here and who have always been there since the very beginning.

For students, it's a time to find their purpose and if you are someone who has already found it, then it's time for you to hustle hard.

"Purpose" is a great word to reflect on because it's not that only students are required to find it but every individual who has taken birth on this planet needs to figure out their purpose and reason to live.

There are great ways to find your purpose and relax. Most important is to get yourself engaged in some creativity because it nurtures parts of your brains that weren't used before. 

Creativity could be anything from listening to music, painting, meditating, reading, writing, learning a new language or an instrument and the list goes on. In this critical situation where the world is fighting with a life-threatening virus, COVID-19, you should learn how to spend leisure time being safe at home and planning for the best vacation packages

  1. Music and painting activate your right brain which hasn't been used often. It is very important to use both parts of the brain because if we only use one part of our brain, an imbalance is caused in one's emotions and intellect.

  2. Our minds have been working in a rat race that they have forgotten the real meaning of life. So, do meditation as a part to reflect on your values and instincts. Introspection for some moments is important to calm down.

  3. Reading provides food to your souls that are hungry for knowledge. There are so many genres of the book available in online e-reader stores. Grab any of your choices as reading can provide you either with entertainment or concrete knowledge depending on whatever you choose. 

  4. Learning a new language, skill, or instrument is probably the best thing to do if you have an ample amount of time. It's indeed the best thing to regenerate your neural connections. Our minds are wired to do monotonous tasks day in and day out. Why not just break those for a while and make new connections, making your mind super flexible to handle what comes in its way. 

This hard time shall pass and you could travel wherever you want. These are a few things that you should do when you are locked down in your homes, but the list never ends and it goes on and on. 

Once the lockdown is over, ensure to make a travel plan to different areas around the globe, and especially to Brazil. While choosing the best Brazil vacation packages, make sure to add the top places that deserve a visit when you are around the city. 

There are numerous activities you can do while staying at home, including reading good reads on travel or any other genre you are interested in. However, the best way to utilize this time is to make some research on the places that you want to visit and why to actually visit them. 

There are many places we visit without any reason, it is due to the fact that someone close has recommended or you have seen pictures of it on Instagram. Instead, you should have a strong reason to visit the destination you are planning next. Therefore, search your spot and plan your vacation with the places that are worth visiting as per your travel preferences. 

Before you start your search, always make sure to bifurcate your travel preferences into waters, hills, and deserts to make it easy for you to pick your next destination. 

Don't worry, we aren't in lockdown forever, it will end soon! Till then, Stay Safe and Happy at homes!


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