Tips To Bag For An Amazing Travel Experience

Here is a hand-crafted list for you and your loved ones, which mentions everything from wardrobe basics to rational ideas, basically a treasure trove of experiences to give you the most amazing travel experience:

  1. Eat local food from your dream destination: it is always important to try the local food whenever you travel to a place abroad. This gives you an insight into the rich flavors of that place. You can be a picky eater and feel the anxiety to try new dishes, but seriously you do not want to regret it later. Just have the courage to experience new flavors when on a chill vacation! Just make sure to check with your allergies though. You definitely don't want to fall sick when on a vacation.

  1. Have a copy of passports and other legal pages: you might think it is crazy to carry a dozen copies of legal documents every place you visit, but it is actually important. What if you want to purchase a local SIM card in case you want to make local phone calls? What if you encounter the police due to some issues? What if you need your legal documents to show your nationality? However, make sure that you only carry copies of the documents and not the original ones because in case your bag gets stolen or you lose these important papers then you might land in trouble. 

  1. Click plenty of pictures: you have very few chances of visiting the same place again so make sure that you make use of time in hand. You might be an introvert and feel shy to ask strangers in a foreign land to click your pictures but you will end up regretting it if you don't show courage for that one minute. You need hundreds of photos from one vacation so that once you go back you can feel nostalgia looking at them. Do not think that it is better to enjoy the moment and not click pictures. Over the years, memories would blur away what remains are the pretty pictures. So make sure you click plenty of them. However, this does not mean that you stick to your phone all the time and forget to admire the beauty of the place. It's okay to use your phone to click pictures but make sure you are not glued to it. Avoid using social networking platforms for a few days. You will have all the time in the world after you go back to your home country to upload your stunning pictures. Do not keep uploading pictures when vacationing with your pack because that will distract you. 

  1. Learn a few phrases of the native language: communication can act as a great barrier when you visit a foreign land and it's okay because it is just the way it is. But to make things a little better you can learn a few simple words in their language. For example, memorizing words such as hello, thank you, please, pardon, excuse me, welcome and sorry is not so difficult. The Google translation app will come at your rescue at such times. Plus, it is always good to have small conversations with the locals. You will learn a lot about their body language and tone. 

  1. Wear something you are comfortable in: it is very important to be comfortable whenever you are traveling to some tourist spot. You definitely do not want your dress to be one of the reasons you feel uncomfortable. Be it joggers or jeans, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Don't choose the peach mini skirt or the black high heeled boots only because of good pictures. You definitely don't want to pull your skirt down after every two minutes at the beach instead of lying down and sipping your favorite cocktail. You also do not want your feet to hurt with those heeled boots so much that the next day you end up canceling your perfectly planned itinerary of the vacation packages

  1. Make sure you visit the historical places too: choosing a day at the beach can be so much more tempting than visiting some museum. Getting tanned on the white sands is always preferred than reading history essays on World War I, but do not succumb to temptation. The latter ones are popular for a reason; it is very rare to encounter such places with a deep meaning in history. So do not be a typical travel snob like the rest of the tourists and hit the historically rich sights as well. Your vacation packages will have different sights that promise both fun and grasping information so make sure you make the most of it. 

  1. Always pack light: the less you pack, the more the better. If you are having second thoughts of whether to carry a specific item you might as well not. It seems very tempting to pack all your close belongings but all it does is increase the weight, with you paying more at the airport. Once you reach your dream destination you would not even remember about the items you carried. So make sure that you carry only the essentials. After you travel a lot many destinations you realize that all that you need is a fresh pair of clothes, your passport, and some foreign currency. Buy a small suitcase so that you do not end up overpacking. 

  1. Smaller the menu, better the food: the main reason why street food is very delicious is only that the quality of the food is maintained. Look for a place that offers only 2-3 dishes so that you know the food is delicious. The place which offers over 200 options of dishes simply wants to make money by offering the tourists fancy options. The chance of having an amazing dish is better at a street shop than at a place that makes the dish twice a day.

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