Learn Some Skills During Quarantine Period

Is your traveling only related to your kitchen, balcony, room, and hall? Well, this lockdown has limited the venturing of every traveler to his own house, which is not fair. This time can prove to be very stressful and traumatizing, hence it is very important to take up new activities and learn new skills amid the lockdown. Here is a hand-crafted list for the travelers to pass their quarantine time with productivity:

  1. Learn a new foreign language: Learning a new language can always look good on your resume and also make your traveling easier. You have all the time in the world to pick up a new foreign language. How about learning a new language, which is the native language of the next place you travel. You have dreamt of going to foreign places, but have you ever decided that how will you converse with the local people there? Not in all countries, will you be able to converse in English. So this is the best time to pick up a new language since you have hardly anything to do. If you want to buy the Italy Vacation Package then buy yourself a French language course or if you wish to purchase the Austria Vacation Packages then buy yourself a German language course. If you learn a foreign language then you will be able to understand their native culture better, to have a better travel experience. You can indulge in conversation with the locals to know more about the local places, best restaurants, and local tourist spots which are not mentioned on the internet. It will help you to discover more cultural places and you can even ask for direction whenever you get lost. You will also be able to bargain better at the local markets and flea markets. 

  1. Learn to cook delicious meals: what if you decide to book a villa at some foreign place, this would mean that you will have to worry about your food. You cannot just cancel the dream of purple skies and white villa because you don't know how to cook. Plus, what if this accommodation is far-far away from the cities and towns which have amazing restaurants. You will have no option but to rely on your cooking skills. Go through some YouTube videos and learn to make basic meals. Even try to make some exotic dishes to treat yourself in a foreign land. From dal khichadi to noodles try it all. This skill will not just be limited to a villa vacation but will stick with you throughout your life. A solo vacation will need you to cook all by yourself so make sure you learn to cook everything from basics to sweet and savories. Do you know what is the best part? You can even eat dal rice when in Paris instead of macaroons or chapati and moong Dal in Italy, instead of white penne pasta, in case you just feel homesick.

  1. Study regional movies: the world is a beautiful place, filled with different cultures. The best thing for a traveler is to have a hang of the culture he/she is visiting; this not only makes the place more-exciting but gives you a lot of information which you would not know if it wasn't for reading. It is always better to grasp the rich culture of any foreign country while comfortably lazing on your sofa. If you want to do it the interesting way, instead of reading the long essays online, watch a regional movie instead. For example, the local movie titled Parasite gave rich insight into the Korean culture. The movie marathon will make you feel the local way and will give you a quick idea of the way of life there. You will also know more about the quaint places of the city, which otherwise will not be mentioned in your itinerary. For example, the beautiful movie, Letters to Juliet showcased Italy was so beautifully showcased, which wouldn't have been possible through some online travel guide. You can see the country's cuisine more realistically and then decide if you want to taste it since you will encounter the local dishes in the movie. You can pen down your itinerary and chalk down destinations you liked in the movie to experience the place in your way. This will help you to visit your dream destination! 

  1. Learn a new dance form, linked to your dream destination: can you guess the common thing all the nations have? Yes, it's their love for dance! Subscribe to YouTube channels and learn different international forms of dancing. Once you learn a few dance forms which are popular at your dream destinations then you can dance off at the local clubs instead of being limited to the alien foreign crowd. If you are planning to stay put at the place for a longer period then it is very exciting to visit the dancing clubs. You can enjoy the local festivities of the country and be a part of their local celebrations by dancing their dance form. Learn the basics of Tango or Latin Samba and just impress the local crowd. 

  1. Start travel blogging: it is never too late to start your travel blog website if you love traveling. You definitely must have visited several international destinations before. This is the time you make use of the information you already know. Weave your beautiful travel journey and post the blog on your website. That folder with hundreds of pictures from your Italy Vacation Package on your desktop? Now is the perfect time to sort all those pictures and pick the best ones to attach with your write up. Beautify your Paris vacation's write-up with the picture of you holding wine at the top of the Eiffel tower. You have been inspired by travel bloggers, now it's your time to inspire others. 

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