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Author: Priyanka Saxena on May 26,2020

Latin America’s extensive tourist destinations have appealed to many tourists. It has many places with great potential and historical background to enable tourism and travel. From too many locations to choose from, which ones can be picked for vacation becomes a hefty task. To the Inca ruins of Cuba or the salt flats of Bolivia? Rio de Janeiro’s Christ statue or Buenos Aires’ vibrant streets? What destinations will you cover in your vacation package?

Deciding and planning the type of tourism you would like to enjoy requires a great deal of information on various places in Latin America. There is more to this place than Brazil and Peru. Your travel experiences can be sorted by the below information of the region’s less explored exotic locations. Plan your next adventure to Latin America with a well-sorted vacation package.

  1. Argentina:

Land of Pope Francis, Maradona, and Lionel Messi, Argentina is intense but beguiling. The world-famous tango dance form was contributed to the world by Argentina. The eighth-most populated country in the world is known for its highest literacy rate in Latin America. Buenos Aires, the capital city is a major tourist attraction. Needless to say, there are innumerable bookstores here. One will get to see kids and at times, even adults playing Futbol in the streets which are adorned with graffiti. 

The country is known for its gaucho culture. The gauchos are considered to be brave cowboys who helped in the country’s war for independence. Tourists can learn horse riding and gaucho history. Speaking of the food varieties, the country is renowned for its wine and steak. What is so special about the steak is that the cattle are not caged but allowed to freely roam and graze. That’s not all; the steak is cooked in a ceramic utensil known as Parilla with charcoal instead of a pan. 

Some of the major tourist destinations you can add in your vacation package are the Iguazu Falls, the Falkland Islands, Ushuaia, Fitz Roy Ranges, and Las Lenas. 

  1. Ecuador:

Ecuador is all about marine and wildlife. Dissolve into its sublime towns and there is no way getting out. Some of the world carefree, down to earth iguanas are found here in the Galapagos Islands. They hardly worry about the shuttering cameras and mind their business. Cuenca is a region that enjoys spring all time of the year. Your time spent here will be pleasant and simple. A dip in the thermally heated waters of Papallacta, at night, followed by stargazing will be unmatchable. What’s a vacation in Ecuador without a visit to its capital city? Quito is all about the history and centuries-old buildings. Many Ecuador vacation packages arrange for a one day trip to this aesthetic town. 

Shopping at the Otavalo market will get you craft materials at a cheaper price. Quality rugs, straw hats, jewelry, shirts, shoes, bags, and much more. If nothing pleased you, which ideally won’t happen, you can converse with the Kichwa locals. 

  1. Bolivia:

Bolivia is a land that is still unheard of by the world. But that seems to be an advantage; it is a peaceful and uncomplicated part of Latin America. If you witness the mirror image of the sky on the ground at Salar de Uyuni, you will be spellbound. It is a salt flat, one of the most revered destinations of the country. But remember, the world’s dangerous road, the North Yungas Road is here. Bolivians love to celebrate, especially their history. Thus it is no wonder if you see Bolivians marching past five times in a row. They have a reason to celebrate, a history to remember and important leaders to honor. Lake Titicaca, Parque Nacional Madidi- a vast natural habitat, and the Cordillera Real- spot for trekking are other distinct places. Visit Sucre, the place Bolivia came into existence is a beautiful white city that should not be missed.

Food is as different as this country. Tarija wine and Llama tenderloin will be a great serve. Cochabamba and La Paz have restaurants where traditional cuisine is given a contemporary touch. Not to be missed!

  1. Chile:

Brightly painted neighborhoods and matchless landscapes, Chile is an underrated country filled with destinations to revere. This country has something to offer for everyone. Want to explore the city culture? Arrive at Santiago and you won’t be tired of the cityscape. Chile vacation packages offer a day tour dedicated to Santiago. Want to have a swim and a surf? Arica, the port city won’t disappoint you. The Museo Histórico y de Armas is a war museum which is at the Morro Arica hill. It well explains the history of Chile and wars it marched on. If you wish to explore the style of Chilean architecture, then head to the churches of Chiloe. These structures are on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The Chilota style is the Victorian style of Chile. If you want to get in touch with the mystical side of this country, the anthropomorphic statues of Moai of Easter Island will give you the vibe. Known to be statues of the ancestors who settled in Chile years ago, these massive stone structures look like pawns and horses ready for a chess match. 

  1. Colombia:

From the old town, mid 80s vibe of Cartagena to novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ hometown Aracataca, pre-Colombian statues of San Augustin to soaring lives in Medellin, Colombia is full of sass and a bit of everything. For literature lovers, there is Aracataca, for history experts- Bogota Museums, and caffeine enthusiasts- Coffee Fincas in the Zona Cafetera.  Nature lovers can linger in the jungles of the Amazon and the Ciudad Perdida. Almost all nooks and corners of the country have to offer some of the other sorts of adventures such as trekking, diving, climbing and what not! Photographs could easily click hundreds of postcard rich pictures of the country’s towns. Cartagena is old by heart and soul and every building here is adorned with baby pink bougainvillea blooms. A late evening walk here… as romantic as it could be!

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