Top American Cities To Explore Post The Lockdown

Author: Priyanka Saxena on May 25,2020

One can go abroad frequently for a business purpose but going abroad with your family; friends are once in a year. The vacation package that you are going to choose has to be both adventurous and memorable. 

America is rich in culture, art, literature, science, history, and many more. What is more, Hollywood is the biggest gift of America to the world. Opportunities galore in this land of American Dreams. Destinations that you see here will change your style of living. 

No wonder why this destination is present in every unfulfilled travel bucket lists: it has cities bustling with buildings and savvy people, rural landscapes where cowboys rule, beaches, museums, graffiti streets, cafes, and whatnot! 

Make your dream come true by adding these amazing cities to the list! 

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii:

While entire Hawaii is crowded at times with too many beach bums and surfers, Honolulu is a little calm city. It is the capital of Hawaii but quite different from other cities. Known for the active volcano Diamond Head, Mai Tai Drinks, and Hawaiian Luau, Honolulu can be divided into three major places of interest: Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, and Downtown. 

Waikiki beach is best visited by tourists for easy accommodation and cool resorts. It has entertainment, fests, cultural events, surfing, and swimming lessons. Best for beginners who want to pursue beach sports. While Pearl Harbor is an important historical site that has faced the severities of the World Wars, Downtown is political in style. Visit the famous ʻIolani Palace, a symbol, of Hawaiian history. 

Chinatown markets, Puʻu ʻUalakaʻa State Wayside Park, Lyon Arboretum, Bishop Museum, Kamehameha the Great Statue are other great locations of Honolulu. Also, they must hold a space in vacation packages

  1. Dallas, Texas: 

Dallas is a city wealthy in culture, history, and cooking experiences further as unique in giving surprises to the tourists. The city Dallas is the home for the World Class Dallas Cowboys, spectacular dining with your family, friends, and entertainment. Dallas has many shopping malls; no wonder why just shopping will keep you busy for days. 

One of Texas’ most visited historic sites is the “The Sixth Floor Museum.” The museum is located on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. It was here where J. F Kennedy was shot. The museum exhibits historic films, photographs, statues, and many more. Rich in American history, it walks tourists through the 1960s memory lane; political and social landscape of the country. 

One can even visit Pioneer Plaza, Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens, George W.Bush Presidential Library & Museum, Klyde Warren Park, and many more.

  1. Phoenix, Arizona:

Phoenix is known for its sunny weather and spectacular desert landscapes. Phoenix and the surrounding cities of Scottsdale, Glendale and other destinations in Arizona’s Valley of the Sun feature vibrant culture and various opportunities for out of doors adventures and luxury.

Phoenix is frequently added in vacation packages by people because of the jumping-off points for some exciting adventures. Star-gazing, scavenger hunt, kayaking, paddle boarding are just a few adventure sports and activities provided here.

However, the state’s capital city also functions points of interest that, whilst perhaps now not as awe-inspiring, are equally breathtaking.

One has to visit the “Heard Museum” in Phoenix. The museum is extremely good which spotlights the history, life, arts, and way of life of American Indian tribes within the Southwest. Visitors will locate artwork galleries, ethnographic displays, films, a get-innovative kids' exhibition, and much more. 

  1. Memphis, Tennessee:

From a blues club on Beale Street to a number of the best barbecues in the world, a visit to Memphis will touch all the senses. Memphis doesn't simply attract tourists; it attracts pilgrims. Music-lovers lose themselves to the throb of blues guitar on Beale St. Barbecue connoisseurs descend to savor the smoky pulled beef and dry-rubbed ribs.

The city is full of museums, historic sites, and buildings. You could spend days hopping from one museum or historic site to a different, stopping just for barbecue, and leave happy. Memphis Music Hall of Fame, a museum honors the musicians of Memphis for their lifetime achievements in music. The structure of the Museum is small but beautifully built. 

The Sun Studio is another notable historic site in Memphis. It is even referred to as the birthplace for rock ‘n’ roll. 

Music lovers have to add this city to their vacation package. The city will give budding musicians great inspiration and ideas.

  1. Boise, Idaho:

One of America’s unnoticed capitals, Boise can seize you unawares. 

The snow-capped mountains behind the downtown Boise skyline are worth watching. Seeing for the first time will awaken your heart and soul. On the weekends, Downtown comes alive with Capital City Public Market, which gives sparkling produce as well as other goodies, artisan handiwork, and art. For avenue art, don’t miss Freak Alley Gallery, the most important outside mural area of its kind. 

For natural discoveries, head to MK Nature Center in the Boise River Greenbelt. Get your feet wet on a Stream Walk, wherein underwater viewing windows let you peek at the fishes. Zoo Boise and Aquarium of Boise will take you and your family, friends step in the direction of the area’s various animals.

The network of trails doping up from town to the forested hills above rivals some of Colorado’s first-class hiking destinations.

  1. Madison, Wisconsin:

Madison is low-key, as in easy to tour by anyone. All you need to do is walk wherever your legs take to. Because every street has something worth noticing. This city is like those which appear in high school series; semi-urban, friendly people, summer vibes, nerd university town. The Rhythms and Booms fest is the main identity of Madison. It is splendid and upholds friendly vibes in all. 

Go in summer and you can go cycling in the woods and dip in the lakes. During winter, madison residents enroll for ice skating and hockey games. 

But if you want to go systematic, then start the trip from the Wisconsin State Capitol Building. This building itself is a major tourist attraction. Several museums and galleries are located in and near the Capitol. Frank Lloyd Wright, a revered architect built many structures in Madison. 

Olbrich Botanical gardens, Monona Terrace, Orpheum, Wisconsin Veterans Museum, are some other important destinations to add in your vacation package

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