Top Things To Do In La Paz, Mexico

If Mexico is in your bucket list, then don’t forget to add La Paz in your vacation package. With the 19th century aesthetic Nuestra Señora de La Paz Cathedral at the heart of this city, it has a unique persona waiting to be explored. 

As Baja California’s capital, La Paz may seem to be the usual location with the typical Mexican vibe. But that should not let you miss this old world town. It is more than that; blonde white sand beaches, cool festivals, fascinating day tours, food stops, art murals, and whatnot!

Here’s a list of top things to do in La Paz which should be added in your vacation package.

  1. Snorkeling with Sea Lions:

A trip to La Paz is incomplete without snorkeling with sea lions. Sea lions are sociable animals and their playful nature attracts tourists from all over the world.  Many vacation packages offer a one day trip to the sea lion colony. Los Islotes is a small island near La Paz famous for Sea Lions spotting. Since the mammals swim only in shallow water, a snorkeling adventure will not require too much effort.  

  1. Museo de Ballena (Whale Museum):

The Blue Whale, the largest living creature on earth deserves a museum for itself! Different species of whales visit the peninsula of Baja every year for breeding. The Museo de Ballena offers great details about the impact of whales on this peninsula. Most of the information displayed is in Spanish, but friendly guides provide tourists with translation. The museum also has a whale skeleton and a deep-sea vibe that gives tourists a marine feel. 

  1. Visit the Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Paz:

Located at the heart of La Paz is the Nuestra Señora de la Paz Cathedral, a simple stone building known for its stained glass windows. The church today is the headquarters of the diocese of the entire La Paz. What stood in place of the church was a mission found by the Jesuits. The style of architecture is neoclassical. It houses some beautiful 18th-century paintings, ornate antiques, and artworks.  

  1. Shopping by the Malecon:

The Malecon is a beautiful esplanade seafront in La Paz known as a leisure corner. Adorned with artworks, benches and other similar kinds of stuff to see, the Malecon will be the best option for a light evening walk by the shore. The sunset view is amazing here and hundreds of people throng here to click the fading sun by the sea. There are shops and bars too. At times, small competitions and fests are conducted here by the Malecon for tourists to have a fun time.

  1. Sea watching and kayaking in Balandra beach:

Just thirty minutes away from La Paz, is the unmatchable Balandra beach. Its turquoise waters surrounded by red hills make it seem like a completely different land deserted from Mexico. Every vacation package intended for Mexico’s beaches must have this one as the primary destination. The beach offers a variety of sea activities. You can go kayaking as well as take a light swim. If you want to explore the mangroves, you will get to see several kinds of fishes. 

  1. Museo Regional de Antropología e Historia:

If you are a historian or at least have a knack of history, then don’t forget to visit the Museo Regional de Antropología e Historia. This museum exhibits an immense amount of research dedicated to Baja Sur’s history. It also has an ethnobotanical garden that studies the region’s plants and their uses with the help of local people and culture. Fossils allow one to understand the ecosystem of the Baja Peninsula. Since most of the information is depicted in Spanish, detailed tours are offered. 

  1. Stroll around the artistic nooks of La Paz:

The city can be easily explored by biking or walking. Get into the streets filled with art and passion and explore by yourself. La Paz’s buildings speak about their distinctive history and style. The Palacio de Gobierno, the Governor’s Palace has many artistic pieces that catch the attention of everyone. Mexican local artisans exhibit their talent in the streets in the form of artworks, pottery, glass paintings, etc. 

  1. Kitesurfing and trekking at La Ventana’s shores:

Kite surfing has its advantages amongst tourists. This fun-filled sport by the sea will be a good experience to treasure. La Ventana is just a one hour drive from La Paz. Thanks to the winds, this spot is considered to be the number one kitesurfing location in the world. Every year competitions are held of the same attended by people from the U.S and Canada. Vacation packages include kite surfing lessons for beginners and interested tourists. Another activity to do here is trekking. La Ventana is home to innumerable kinds of cactus. 

  1. Shopping at La Paz:

Right from spices, dry fruits, candies to coffee, books, artworks, postcards, gourmet food items, and t-shirts, La Paz is the hub of shopping. Serdan Street, Malecon, Allende Books, Casa Parra Gallery are just a few of the shopping corners of La Paz. There are vintage themed bakeries offering biscottis, ice creams, and other condiments of Mexico. There are souvenir stores, cafes and also Teterias, i.e. tea shops buzzing with tourists. If you love to own crockery and pottery items, the Ceramica Ibarra store will not disappoint you. 

  1. Seafood tasting:

La Paz is surrounded by the sea, so seafood is famous here, no doubt. Food connoisseurs, especially seafood lovers will have a gastronomic delight. Local fishermen make distinct dishes made of fish that exhibit Mexican cuisine. Hotels serve plates of hot and spicy seafood dishes. Sea snails, shrimps, octopus, oysters are very common here. Fish tacos are savored by tourists. Along with seafood, there are various varieties of sauces that enhance the flavor and taste. Some famous seafood restaurants are Mariscos El Toro Güero, La Costa, Claros Fish, El Mangle, etc. 


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