Embrace The Beautiful Landscapes of Cuba

Cuba, the largest island of the Caribbean is an amalgamation of intriguing culture, art, beaches, towering palm trees, and history. When seen from the air, the island looks like a crocodile and thus also referred to as El Caiman Y El Crocodrilo. 

Cuba vacation packages will never run out of events, fun activities, and places to explore because of the diversity found in this isle. You will enjoy the carnivals, food fests, old town parties, and patron saints days which are filled with color and glee. This region is a fusion of typical Latin American culture, customs, and art which makes it distinct in the whole Caribbean region. 

Speaking of the inhabitants, the Cubans are hospitable, fun and frolic, art lovers, and fond of celebration. The history of Cuba is as interesting as the island itself. The Cubans have been learning from their history to date and portraying their creativity in various fields. Fidel Castro, Jose Marti, Alejo Carpentier, Alicia Alonso are just a few famous Cubans who have contributed a great deal to the countrys history. 

Whats more, Cuba is also an exotic destination for a gastronomic delight. Feed yourself from a range of dishes such as Empanadas, Boliche, Arroz con Pollo, Congri, and much more. a visit to this isle will be a memorable one in more than one way! 

A vacation to Cuba will be the best of all your trips, provided you have a well-sorted vacation package. This chunk of an island can be reached by air and sea. There are ten international airports and four cruise terminals in Cuba which successfully influence transport and tourism. 

Heres a list of the beautiful Cuban landscapes that reveal the beauty of the Caribbean world:


Walking in this spectacular city is like reliving in a different time of history. Every nook of this city exhibits its past; the cobblestone streets reveal its time under colonial rule, the stately churches speak of the giant bells made by a French man, and the great Cuban poet Placids visit to this location is a celebration of poetry. Many of Trinidads buildings have been turned into museums, thanks to the Cubans. These museums offer a glimpse of the countrys past and how they stood the inhuman acts of slavery inflicted upon them. 

Needless to say, this peaceful city, UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a part of every Cuba vacation package.


Rhythmic and bright, Santiago is more Caribbean in nature than other islands in the region. Known as the Hero City of Cuba, Santiago is the birthplace of renowned musicians Sindo Garay, Nico Sacquito, and Compay Segundo. As said earlier, the inhabitants of this region are hospitable and kind, who come ahead every year to celebrate with other races and cultures of the Caribbean. The Fire Festival and Festival del Caribe are open for all to mingle despite the differences. Santiago is also known for its landscape ranges. 

A trip to Cuba will be incomplete without Santiago. Vacation packages suggest Antonio Maceo airport as the best option for tourists who wish to visit this place.  


Mayabeque is a province in Cuba known for its beaches, fruits, bird watching, horse riding, and gastronomic tourism. The place is like an orchard cached by thick vegetation. Vacation packages suggest Mayabeque to tourists who want to explore beaches because of its cheaper accommodation facilities. If you want to take a nature trail and relax with a refreshing landscape in front of you, choose Mayabeque. Sportfishing, cuisine exploring are other activities to nurture in this part of the Caribbean. 


Guamas contribution to the countrys independence struggles is exemplary. Thus, Guama has many historical sites to explore. The National Anthem of Cuba was written in Bayamo, a famous destination of Granma. Tourists throng here every year to witness the serene seascapes and natural aura. Mountain biking and hiking are prominent sports here. Even a late-night walk around the streets will be a chilling experience, but planned vacation packages will be worth your time here. 


Camagueys residents are known as Agramontinos after a leader named Ignacio Agramonte. It is the land chosen by Ernest Hemingway for fishing, hunting, and dusk time musings. With plenty of palm trees and old vintage buildings, Camaguey is an experience worth trying. Places such as Sierra de Najasa, Cayo Romano, Jardines de la Reina, Santa Mara del Puerto are worthy to be included in your vacation package. 


With a history spanning 500 years, Havana is like an unsolved puzzle. Why this city isnt much revered for its artistic ventures as compared to Paris is a mystery. The Cubans living here live a secluded life but one filled with creativity and passion. It keeps unearthing when tourists come here to get to know this city. Dont forget to add The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in your vacation packages which house versatile collections of artworks. Despite its economic conditions, Havana is a city that constantly experiments itself. Bohemian bars and aesthetic cafes are a bonus, where passion for creativity and art drips even in a coffee.

Sancti Spiritus

Sancti Spiritus, as the name suggests is a sanctified holy place. A visit to the Iglesia Parroquial Mayor church will cleanse your heart and mind. Its serene blue structure welcomes everyone warmly, regardless of ones beliefs. While the rest of the Cuban cities are merged infests, carnivals, and gastronomic tours, this part of Cuba is calm and spectacular. The Serafin Sanchez square is a good place to contemplate life. Surrounded by aesthetic buildings, the square has a mini-museum and several antique shops. Tourists who are interested to learn about the local religion opt for Sancti Spiritus. With Cuban locales buzzing around during evenings, conversations with them will help one understand more about how restoration took place here and changed its shape forever. 

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