Some Basic Reasons To Choose Cancun - A Spring Break Hotspot

If you have an eye for ancient civilizations and archaeology, then Mexico will be an incredible option. It is well known for its Mayan civilization which reflects at every corner. Mexico being a large country, there are far too many locations fit for tourism. 

Mostly all Mexico vacation packages will include Cancun in their list. Located on Quintana Roo, amid the surreal blues of the Caribbean Sea, Cancun vacation packages will be the best spring gift you will ever reward yourself! 

Cancun is an old town by heart and offers many options for tourists and travelers alike to enjoy and explore it. Its vertiginous nightlife, turquoise blue waves hitting the white sand beaches, rich Mayan culture, underwater museum, and many other highlights prove to be unmatchable for a memorable trip. 

Every Cancun vacation package will be based on two neighborhoods of the place: Zona Hotelera and Cancun Centro. The former is the home of impressive beaches and a glimpse of the diverse Mayan civilization. The latter offers the best local food to savor. Ergo, Cancun is an amalgamation of two cities which are second to none. 

Speaking about Zona Hotelera, this region can turn into a party town as well as a sterling beach in no time. Worthwhile seascapes many of which are still left to be seen by the tourist’s eye, one can learn about the Mayan ruins here. Don’t be amazed when you come to know about the underwater museum located here. The Museo Subacuático de Arte is a collection of life-size statues in the deep waters of the Cancun. They were originally created to distract divers from harming the coral reefs. 

Cancun Centro as the name suggests is a restaurant and bar zone with many food corners sprawling with tourists. It is also a hub of various cultural events, concerts, and dance shows, and local Mexican snacks. Vacation packages suggest this venue for accommodation since it is cheaper and comfortable. 

Reasons to choose Cancun for a spring break hotspot? Well, there are too many! With the right amount of sun and climate, this slice of the Caribbean should not be slipped.

  1. The glorious history of the Yucatan Cape:

If you love history and legends, Cancun will receive you warmly. One of the most advanced native American civilizations, the Mayans migrated into Chichen Itza, which is now recognized as the Yucatan. The Mayans, then hunters established ceremonial centers here at Dzibanche, Coba and Kohunlich. Quintana Roo is considered to be the portal to the blooming Mayan civilization and culture. Many vacation packages offer one-day trips to the remarkable monoliths of Chichen Itza and the ruins of Tulum region. With a local tour guide, you will be awestruck learning about the origin of the Mayans. 

  1. Tanning and Sunbathing:

Tanning and sunbathing in the beaches of Cancun are quite different because not everyone gets the chance to do so with looming centuries-old temples and Mayan ruins around. Whilst other American and Canadian countries submerge under cold snow and peak summers at a stretch, this tropical paradise becomes the most suitable to get a tan. The sun shimmers all year round so you can fetch your sunscreen and towel anytime!

  1. Flaunt the Mexican style with these Shopping hubs:

What’s traveling without shopping? Don’t worry, Cancun has got some cool shopping corners that will make you go on a spree. Mercado 28, Forum, Las Plazas Outlet, Kukulcan Plaza, La Isla are just a few places buzzing with shops. The old school style of this town shouldn’t let you think only limited products will be available. Right from swimwear, souvenirs, Mexican handicrafts, T-shirts to Starbucks coffee, silver jewelry, the flea markets will tire you with their variety.

  1. Adrenaline-rush for the adventure lovers:

You heard it right. You will surge with excitement when you come to know the fun and daring activities one can do in this location. The Xplor tour is world-famous and must be included in Cancun vacation packages. It provides several adventure activities such as cenote swimming. The Jungle Maya Expedition is similar to the Temple Run game, letting tourists explore the green lush of the jungles via zipline. Kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, speed boating add up to the fun.  

  1. Exotic marine and wildlife of Cancun:

Cancun is not just a party town but also has a rich diversity of rare marine and wildlife. A snorkeling adventure to the underwater museum will let you witness starfish, sea urchins, and sea turtles. Coral reefs are considered very important and protected by the Cancun people. If you have the nerve for adventure, don’t miss the chance to swim beside sharks during summer. Vacation packages for Cancun have special wildlife tours, embarking on one of which will get you to see sea lions and other animals. The Yucatan peninsula is said to be the best for bird spotting. Get your binoculars out and you will spot green jay, the Yucatan woodpecker, Eurasian collared dove, and much more. 

  1. Savor the Mexican cuisine:

The current cuisine of Mexico may be said to have been influenced by the Aztecs. But the original Mexican cuisine was shaped by the Mayans. This civilization introduced corn tortillas, sweet potatoes, beans, avocados into the cuisine. There is a surplus amount of restaurant streets in Cancun that offer traditional savories. Chorizo taco, Sopa de lima, lime soup, churros, Papadzules, and Cochinita Pibil are famous dishes of Cancun. Don’t miss it!

  1. Luxurious yet cheaper hotels:

Cancun’s hotels and resorts contribute to the city’s tourism rate to a great extent. Vacation packages offer a lot of accommodation options to select from. What’s a bonus is that Cancun is unbelievably one of the safest tourist spots in the world. Hyatt Ziva, Fiesta Americana Condesa, Seadust Cancun Family Resort are the preferred hotels.

  1. Cancun airport- second busiest airport of Mexico:

Traveling to your vacation spot is itself as exciting as exploring the place once you land. If you prefer comfortable and cheap traveling, Cancun airport has flights best curated for your needs. The airport has air connections with almost all continents. 

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