A List Of Places To Visit In US - Relax Your Mind

Author: Priyanka Saxena on May 21,2020

Who doesn't want to take a trip to the exotic places, far from work and close to their loved ones? Instead of taking a vacation to some adventurous destination, choose a vacation package which rejuvenates your mind! Grab your vacation package, which is dedicated to your tranquility. 

Have a look at some relaxing locales which will help you regain your peace so that you can go back and grind more efficiently at work:

  1. Big Sur, California

  2. Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

  3. Savannah, Georgia

  4. Kennebunkport, Maine

  5. Chatham, Massachusetts

  6. Kiawah Island, South Carolina

  7. Assateague Island, Maryland


Big Sur, California: At the dramatic coastline of central California, Big Sur lies at a very remote location. The stunning beauty of the peaceful nature entices the tourists to visit this place again and again to admire its beauty. The calming culture of Big Sur is very contagious, which attracts all those people who are looking forward to taking a break from their tiring work-life and exhausting daily routine. Even many artists, musicians, writers, and poets come to this place with the best vacation package to empty their minds and write something fresh and mind-blowing. This place is not like your typical vacation spot which drains your energy; it rather treats you with spectacular sights for treating your mind and soul. 

Carmel-by-the-Sea, California: Carmel is regarded as the most enchanting destination of California. The lovely beach has turquoise blue water and pale sand and makes you fall in love. You can feel the salty wind in your hair and gaze at the charm of the beach. The beach works like a magnetic pull since most of the authors, poets, and artists come and relax on the place to feel at peace. The lovely place also has a few cottage villages and Mediterranean estates. The most famous café there is the quaint café which has been there since the 1920s and serves the best tea. The main Carmel villa also has many wine rooms where you can taste wine. If you are an artist then you must visit the Bitter shop, which has fancy pens meant for beautiful writings. Venture the beautiful place with you and your loved ones with the best vacation packages!

Savannah, Georgia: Forsyth Park is the perfect place in Savannah to lounge in the grass and play Frisbee with your loved ones. There is an iconic waterfall at the center of the park. There are walking trails for your evening strolls and a lovely quaint café for you to relax. Savannah is very popular for River Street where the cobblestone streets have beautiful buildings, restaurants, and shops. There are several places listed in your vacation packages for you to capture the breathtaking views from the rooftops. The Perry Lane Hotel organizes yoga sessions on its rooftop where you can find peace. The rooftop gives you a 360-degree view of Savannah's splendid architecture, lovely streets, and moss-draped tall trees. Tybee Island is also known to have a relaxing atmosphere. Come with your loved ones and enjoy a lovely evening on the pristine beach, sipping mocktails, and hogging seafood snacks. Visit the Cathedral of St. John to find peace soaked in elegance and history. The Cathedral has eighty-one stained glass windows with beautiful pictures and majestic peaks that hug the sky. If you are an ice-cream person then Leopold's Ice Cream is the best pick. The place serves old-fashioned premium ice-creams that are homemade. The parlor also has a variety of sandwiches, baked treats, and healthy salads. Explore the stunning Victorian Cemetery design at the Bonaventure Cemetery. Choose the best vacation packages and come to visit this place with your loved ones. 

Kennebunkport, Maine: this is the best place to have some fun with your pack. The beaches and the lighthouse of the place make it a lovely destination listed on your vacation packages. There are a couple of historic museums which will be loved by history buffs. This place is for those who feel at peace by looking at the historic artifacts. You can even go for a boat adventure to spot whales. Travel along the enchanting coastline for a lovely relaxing day. 

Chatham, Massachusetts: the pleasant town looks like the best vacation spot for regaining peace. The calm beaches of the town including Harding's Beach and The Cockle Cove Beach offer you the stunning scenery. There is an iconic lighthouse in Chatham, which is the best place to take long walks of fly kites and have lunch with your family. 

Kiawah Island, South Carolina: the beautiful place is known for its scenic beauty in all of America. This island is never crowded and is very clean at all times. This place has a beautiful and exotic golf course and superb landscapes which make Kiawah one of the most beautiful islands in the US. Anyone who is looking for regaining their peace of mind and feeling joy at the same time, then this is the perfect place worth your time. Traveling enthusiasts feel that the Ocean Course is the best place to play golf at peace and gaze at the scenic beauty of Kiawah. Nothing is more exciting than playing the best game while being surrounded by unparalleled beauty and clear blue waters. The FreshField Villages is the best place in Kiawah Island to taste the wide range of cuisines and go on a shopping spree. There is a market that also sells fruits, vegetables, and fresh stocked groceries. 

Assateague Island, Maryland: this island is known for wild ponies that simply wander on the clear beach sand. This destination will simply take your breath away and make you fall in love with its unique location. There are several recreational activities for you and your loved ones. With the best vacation packages, indulge in swimming, bird watching, hiking, clamming, fishing, crabbing, wildlife viewing, and kayaking. Visit the mesmerizing Assateague Lighthouse to look at the entire island from a bird-eyes' view. 

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