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Author: Srikanth Krishna on May 18,2020

London is a diverse city and people from around the world travel here for various purposes. It is not just a vibrant town but has welcomed each and every type of Traveler for the past two thousand years. It is a hub for every business and travel-related vacation. Even, if you are having a halt of 24 hours you can cover the entire City. London has so much to offer that 24 hours can also give you a vibrant experience. The moment you arrive here you will be spellbound. There are so many activities and sites that one can visit regardless of their age and budget. You can either travel it on foot or take a bus for your exploration.


The first stop for your 24 hours in London should start from this spot. The Lowry and Baker for Brekky is the perfect place for your start. It opens at 8:00 a.m. and is the staple Cafe for the locals of London. The cafe offers a traditional setting environment with a friendly atmosphere. It is one of the major attractions of everyone who visits brekky. Your breakfast should start from this place and you are surely going to be relished by the taste it offers. Hence your journey in London must start by soothing your taste buds and later on moving to further places.

Portobello Road:

Walk a little mile and the moment you start digesting your relishing breakfast you find yourself on the street of Portobello road markets. It is one of the most famous markets you are going to find in this entire world. It was established 150 years ago and is still one of the main focal points of this city. If you want to shop for antique and fashion then there is no other place which can be this market. Also, there are unlimited food stalls and various culinary fairs that you can enjoy. Also, one can taste some of the authentic reasons when they are shopping here. The major point You should travel here is the Lancaster road. It is a distance where you are going to see some colorful and beautiful houses. Your stroll through the road market of this place is surely going to be amazing.

Madame Tussauds:

Who doesn't know about this world's famous Wax Museum? It was the first of its kind and has inspired many countries to have Madame Tussauds in their places. It is a Wax Museum which is a major and important part of any London travel vacation. The artistic culinary is shown to perfection here. You Simply Can't Stop appreciating the wax figures which are on display. You might have thought it off as a boring Museum but when you are here only for 24 hours then placing this on your map is necessary. Even if you are with your partner or children this will be a good place to spend some time. There are a variety of interactive activities that are available and will keep you occupied. If you are lucky enough you may find real actors operating the tour.

Sealife London aquarium

The moment you move forward from Madame Tussauds and visit the center of the town an amazing aquarium is awaiting you. The sea life London aquarium is one of the major tourist attraction and is a perfect spot if you want to get lost in the sea life. The entire atmosphere at this location is quite relaxed and friendly. If you are traveling in the summer then it is highly recommended to pre-book your tickets as it is the vacation season. Instead of waiting for hours, one can simply break the queue by buying it online.

The London Eye

London’s eye is the staple attraction of London and has been the major part of the London vacation package. One can spot this ride from anywhere in this city. It is just a 50 meters ride away from the aquarium. This Ferris wheel has been an iconic part for many years. Instead of being here and only clicking pictures, take a ride. This fun-filled and joyous ride is what everyone craves for.

Westminster Abbey

After going through modern architecture try visiting Westminster Abbey. It is located near Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. Hence, just a 5 minutes walk and you are standing in front of the oldest buildings in London. It is an architectural marvel that was made in the year 929 and is still standing strong. It is a very magnificent building and is famous for holding significant events. Many Royal weddings have been booking this as their venue and are a perfect place to experience the extravagance of London architecture.

Buckingham Palace

It is a must-visit while you are in London. There is a very famous ceremony known as the changing of the Guards ceremony which happens once per day and if you happen to be there at the right time you can experience it. However, many people are not into the ceremonies and just want to take a look at this iconic Palace. You can click many pictures and spend a few hours here.

Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tours

Why cut short your journey if you can customize it? Hop on and hop off buses are very famous among the travelers. It is the best way to explore the entire London in a day. These buses offer you customized itineraries and when you can travel as much as take what. The Travelers get to decide what places they want to hop off and at what places they want to skip.

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