How Your Travel Guidebook will Look After COVID-19

Now that the coronavirus has given a new definition to every part of our lives, traveling cannot be ignored at all. In fact, after COVID-19, you have to be even more specific about how you are traveling. What self-imposed guidelines you have created for all your upcoming travel plans.

There is no need to say that youll have to update your travel guidebook after COVID-19. From the very first travel plan that youll be taking in a corona free world the implementation of this guidebook has to be an important step.


When you are quarantined, living in self-isolation in the confines of your homes, working from home and most importantly you are keeping a check & analyzing the situation it is time to consciously & mindfully decide how your Travel Guidebook will Look After COVID-19.

To help you with this, we have designed this set of travel guidelines to be helpful for travelers after coronavirus. You may read the post, pick some or all ideas, or can add some more if you feel that should be on the list. Lets read the full article to find out. Here we go:


How Your Travel Guidebook will Look After COVID-19:


- Never Step Out Without a Mask in your Shoulder Bag

Coronavirus has taught us a very important lesson in our lives. In fact, Governments have made it mandatory to wear masks when in public because of the coronavirus crisis. But, soon this is going to be a part of any civilized society. Corona has brought about an absolute transformation in our lives. However, we have learned a lot of lessons on things we have been avoiding for quite some time. 


Now that corona has come to teach this lesson, we must make sure that we are never missing on a mask. Be it professionals, travelers, or anyone walking on the street must understand the necessary use of masks. When you are planning your next vacation after COVID--19 make sure that the first thing that you are packing in your shoulder bag is a set of masks. Set of masks to help with another, when the other one, you have already used. And, there is no way to wash it. Whenever, you are coughing, sneezing, or are not well during your vacation make sure that your masks are on. That must be a part of your travel guide for sure.


- The first thing to pack should be a lot of Sanitizers

We have been avoiding this important part of our health & hygiene, but the coronavirus outbreak has taught us not to be overconfident. Keeping ourselves & our surrounding clean is the foremost obligation for every person on the planet. We have still not been that technically sound to ward off and control all viruses actively living on the planet. Therefore, before they attack us and make us ill, we can take preventive measures. Before they enter our body, we can kill them with sanitizers & disinfectants.  After corona, when you plan your vacation, make sure that you have packed in enough sanitizer. Make sure you have enough of it to be used throughout the trip. A civilized society is going to be defined in the future, as the one which encourages the use of sanitizers & masks. 


- Eat Healthy food when on a Vacation & lot of Fruits

The notion is, you can be lax on your food habits when you are traveling. Healthy food & fruits do not have to do anything with vacations. For 99% of people vacationing is all about having lots of junk food and removing healthy food from your diet. But, now when you are venturing out for your vacation after COVID-19, you have to keep that notion aside. All you have to do is to develop a fresh & novel concept of eating healthy & keeping healthy. When you plan your next vacation after coronavirus makes sure that you are eating enough healthy food to keep healthy. This will add to your energy and make your vacation a rejuvenating experience. Dont ever misunderstand vacation with the freedom to eat unhealthy & junk food without any restrictions. 


- Try keeping in with the theory of Social distancing 

Social distancing cannot go away easily even after the effect of coronavirus has gone. With some conditions, you cannot avoid, but follow the social distancing rules that coronavirus has brought about in our lives. Avoid handshakes, avoid hugs to strangers, and make sure that as long as it is not a necessity, you are not disturbing the cycle of social distancing that we already have become accustomed to. So when making sure that when you venture out for your next vacation, you are keeping with social distancing rules wherever required and wherever possible. Of course, for a traveler, it is not always possible to be present at a place and also to be socially distant simultaneously. But, create and customize your own list of rules to follow.


- Be compassionate to nature & do not disturb its Cycle

Another important thing is when you again start with your journey of exploration is being compassionate with nature and trying to maintain the normal cycle. Most times when we are traveling we forget to understand that nature does have a soul, and we thrive on that very soul. We usually, without paying any heed to nature, get into doing wrong things that disturb the cycle. We pollute, we populate and over the years, this has all created a gap in the soul of nature. With the outbreak of coronavirus and with no human movement around, nature has itself healed itself. But, now we have the onus of keeping it that way.


Next time, post-coronavirus, when you plan your vacation, just make sure that you wont pollute it. Make sure that you will plant the seed of cleanliness and love for nature in the minds of those who are not wary of it. Be it plants, animals, your surroundings it is the human obligation to take care of every part of the universe.



These are some suggestions from our side that will help in your preparation of the travel guidebook to follow post-COVID-19. There are many other things you must also add to the list like developing a habit of helping those in need, growing trees, and more. You have to analyze your travel plans, read this list, and prepare your own customized travel guidebook to follow Post-COVID-19. Till then, you are quarantined, get this list done as a part of your preparation for the upcoming vacations!

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