Want to Travel to Asia on Budget? Try These Countries

Travelling Asia is not always expensive. There are endless opportunities that await to be unfolded by you while you plan to travel to Asia. Asia is the largest continent on the globe with 48 countries and the most populated one too. When you travel to Asia you can see a mix of so many cultures and religions that are surely going to blow your mind. Travelers may find solace in the amazing serenity it offers. There are so many countries that you can choose to travel from and even after being to the same continent, they are so different. The people here are very welcoming and have so many amazing insider stories to tell. Why pack bags to expensive countries when you can get a better experience to less amounted. These countries are more about experiencing than money. Take out your bucket list and start adding these countries to it.


Pack your bags and as the quarantine ends hop on the plane to travel these budget-friendly backpackers location:


Visit Vietnam:

It is a country that you can experience even if you are on a low budget. When you visit Vietnam do not forget to visit Dalat as it is a very economical country. One can easily book hostels which are priced at really cheap prices, and even the four-star hotels will also cost less. It is located in southern Vietnam and the Travelers are advised to wear sturdy footwear so that they can go hiking and climbing easily. You can book a personal tour guide so that he can help you move around the places. There is so much to explore and eat here. Their rice paper rolls are the most famous cuisine and the local beer can be scored for as low as $1. One can experience true Vietnamese culture and tradition here with the night markets that every visitor should see at least once. You can travel entire Vietnam on foot or by using public vehicles. You can even shop till you drop from the local markets and carry some amazing souvenirs with you.


Visit Laos:

Since you are at Laos you should visit Luang Prabang by taking a slow boat. This entire trip will cost you very low. Even accommodations here are pretty cheap and in $15 you can even get breakfast included with a hotel room. This hotel room would be river facing and if you go for the hotels which are not at the riverfront they will cost you even less. Another great place you can visit is Mount Phousi, it is a point where you can actually enjoy the beauty of a sunset and the entrance fee is 0. The night market here is something you will not be like to miss as all the traders fill the streets with the amazing products that they sell. You can even taste the amazing local delicacies for a very few dollars. It is a country which will offer you a great wildlife Amazing waterfalls, and very pleasant weather. Once a Traveler visits Luang Prabang they are never going to be disappointed as their soul will be fulfilled without hampering their bank balance.


Visit Thailand:

Not entire Thailand but the Chiang Mai is a place that you should obviously visit. The moment you step at this place you would be welcomed with amazing delicacies, and some refreshing drinks. The hospitality of the locals be very much famous and the amount you will be spending here would be very low. At Chiang Mai, you should not miss the delicious breakfast that they serve. It includes a sweet Roti which is cramped with banana and condensed milk. It is served with coffee either Hot or Cold. This amazing delicacy is something that is surely going to go back with you when you leave this place. Here you do not need to spend more than $7 a day. The street food options here are so vast and colorful that you are going to love this place. It is a foodie paradise and the rooms can also be scored for a very low price.


Visit Nepal:

Nepal is a place where you are not going to regret even for a second. Kathmandu is the capital city where you will be presented with different kinds of travelers, and a huge list of amazing sites that you can visit. There are so many budget-friendly accommodations that you are surely going to try a new one every day. The food and hospitality of local people are remarkable and are unarguably the best place for any traveler. Right from the adventures to the Spiritual sites you have everything covered. You can travel to this amazing City in the rickshaw where you can meet different kinds of people. Right from the friendly vendors to the amazing sounds and smell that you are going to feel in Kathmandu is amazing. This country has a whole different positive charm to it. You should try the traditional dish Dal Bhaat when you are here. Also, the cost of living per day here is quite low. Explore The Beauty Of Nepal With This Tour Guide so that you don’t miss out on anything.


Visit India

The place you should not miss in India is Jaipur. Jaipur is also referred to as the Pink City and is also known as the land of the bottles. All the buildings here are quite historic and can be seen painted in a Terracotta pink. It is because there was a law related to it in the year 1876. While you are here you should not miss out on the Amber Palace as it is a very huge and incredible Complex which is located on the Hillside and stands over the mesmerizing Maota Lake. The cobbled paths, and the marvelous 427-year-old sandstone, and marble walls are the attraction of this place. You can find accommodations here at a very low price and sometimes you can also have a place which is very luxurious. It is a mix of both royalty and amazing architecture that should not be missed.

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