Know What To Do When Traveling To A New Place

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Apr 28,2020

Reading a travel guidebook is not enough when you travel to a new unknown place. Each place is filled with new challenges that will collide with your wanderlust soul so it is important to know what all to do when traveling to a new place. Traveling to just visit the highlights of the country should not be the plan, rather get in the shoes of an explorer and feed your wanderlust soul.

1. Interact with locals for the best tips: it seems tempting to stay in your comfort zone and only hit the places written in the itinerary of your vacation packages. However, it will be more fun if it is more challenging. Get in conversations with the locals and ask them about their honest recommendations. It is important that you already do your research before you travel to the new place. 

2. Capture memories in pictures and videos: it is important to recap your travel days with your loved ones. You should record every new memory which you want to remember after 10 days down the lane. Take plenty of pictures and videos to fill your memory card. But do not spend much time on social media platforms since you will probably never take a trip to the same place. Make sure you are not distracted by the number of likes and comments you get, instead of enjoying your lavender flavored macaron at the Eiffel Tower. It is better to upload the pictures once you are back from the trip in case you are a social media addict. Make the best use of your customized vacation packages.

3. Respect the local customs and traditions: when traveling to a foreign land, you must go through their customs and traditions so that you do not look like an idiot upon your arrival or offend the locals. Do something in line with their customs so that you are appreciated by the locals. 

4. Don't stick to the map always: with the advancement of technology, the GPS feature in your smartphones allows you to reach your destination, which is mentioned in your vacation packages. So don't worry to get lost in the labyrinth of cobbled streets. Don't use maps which can be confusing since you may get lost and be in danger. 

5. Explore the nightlife of the enchanting place: it depends on the kind of place you are visiting but in case the place is lively at night, you should not miss the golden chance of feeling at your best in a foreign land. If your vacation packages have mentioned lively bars, pulsing clubs, or candlelit cafes, just get dressed in your best shimmering dress, wear your high-heeled boots, and hit the fun place. 

6. Get out of your comfort zone: try to engage in activities that scare you. It's a good thing to plan and stick to your perfect itinerary but for one day let go of that. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and will always remember your adventurous trip for life. Choose the vacation packages, which is more adventurous and something different from what you would choose. 

7. Get adapted: it is important to be spontaneous to get adapted to your neighborhood. Don't set constraints on yourself, just do it because you want to. You don't want to regret the rest of your life for not visiting that one spot. Allow yourself to add more tourist spots in your vacation packages

8.Research the top restaurants of your dream location: before you go on any vacation, you need to search for the best places to dine in. You should not be left in confusion since the new cuisine might baffle you. It is always recommended to know which places will offer you the food of your choice. However, this does not mean that you don't explore new eating places; you should try the new delicious sweets and savories. 

9.Visit the local markets and local shops: It is a good idea to buy souvenirs for your loved ones but is it best to buy some local things from the local market for you and your loved ones. Plus, exploring these places will also give you an idea about the life of locals. 

10.Take the public transportation: To explore the entire places mentioned in your vacation packages, it is better to make the best use of the public transportation system to save you from the high fares of the taxis. 

11. Always carry enough cash: when you are traveling you mustn't be stalled only because you do not have cash. Some places accept credit cards however, what if you end up at a place that does not have that system? Hence, it is always better not to depend on credit cards. Whenever you use credit cards, make sure that you keep your receipts very safely. 

12. Do not get involved in politics: remember when you visit another country, you represent your own country. Do not get into discussions with the locals that may harm their sentiments, it is better to keep political issues aside. Do not talk about anything against their government because some states might not accept this. Especially in countries like North Korea where you never know what may happen. 

13. Don't photograph people without their permission: many strangers are not very comfortable with getting themselves clicked by a foreigner so do not be surprised if they say no. It is always better to seek permission first; you never know you may find that one over-enthusiastic local who's ready to pose for you. 

14. Get in touch with friends you make there: it is not a bad idea to ask for the contact number of the locals who seem friendly. You never know you may make friends for life.

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