Why Antarctica Could Be Your Next Big Vacation?

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Apr 28,2020

Antarctica is a continent that is twice the size of Australia and is now taking on the place of many favorite tourist destinations. There has been quite a lot of stuff so that Antarctica can be converted into a tourist place to gain more attraction. It is a perfect place if you are looking out for a vacation away from the political and health issues. There have been a 0 number of cases of Corona in Antarctica and also there is no political threat. Hence it should be on your top list when you are planning a vacation after this lockdown or when the covid-19 ends. Traveling to the places who have been affected by this virus could trigger it again and we have to follow this cycle and lockdown for months. It is always said that diseases not treated well right now become life-threatening later on. Hence if you are looking out for a destination that is not affected by COVID-19 and is completely safe for you to travel in the later months then Antarctica has to be your option. There are so many amazing things related to Antarctica that you can find out online. Also, it offers an amazing landscape for the one who is traveling for photography. If you research properly then you may find a few of the most stunning places to explore during Antarctica vacation packages easily online. It is always better to research before you reach.


Here are the things that you need to know to make the most of your Antarctic experience:

Keep Cold Cash

Antarctica is the location where it's quite hard to survive. One has to keep their health in a very good condition so that they can survive there. It is located at the bottom of the world and there have been quite a few studies to make it a tourist location. It has always been on the radar of tourism but few things have changed recently. Antarctica has topped the list of adventure lovers’ favorite spots. It is a country that people want to visit for their travel hunger but for adventure, not leisure. People prefer it as their adventure destination because it has a lot to offer. The harsh climates and the amazing flora and fauna of this place attract a lot of tourists for the past few years. With the changing times, it is being assumed that it will be the favorite location for many of the rich people. The lowest deal for a two-week vacation in Antarctica can cost you somewhere between 7000 to 8000 dollars. It is heavy on pockets but it is worth all the money. The best time to visit this place would be in December. During December the temperature is quite repelling and the area could be warm in comparison to the other months. Also always keep cash handy because there are very few ATMs and very fewer options to take out the cash from your bank. Also, there will be certain activities one would love to take, and keeping cash in hand would ease your trip.

Luxury Cruise

The only way to reach Antarctica is via The Cruise ship. Antarctica could be really hefty in your pocket but this doesn't stop people from opting for it as one of their favorite tourist destinations as it gives an experience of a lifetime. Around 200 cruise ships take passengers on an experience they will never forget. There are no hotels found in Antarctica and hence people have to live on the ship they have reached Antarctica in. Hence the luxury Cruises are one of the favorite options that people opt for when they visit Antarctica. It not just shuts them as a means of transport but also provides them the Comfort they are looking out for. One can have jacuzzis and even complimentary wine when they are traveling with some high-end luxury Cruise. One can enjoy their trip to the full without compromising with their luxury when they are on a cruise ship. Also, there are few shops that offer some of the additional adventure activities and hence it would be a better option if you go out for a mid-range Cruise trip so that you can save money for other activities.

Visit Before it melts

The world might be healing itself because of the lockdown or the quarantine in which the globe has gone. It might not last long and eventually, the healing earth will start getting destroyed again. Antarctica is already facing the wrath of the Global changes and the ozone depletion has made the matters worse. Within the tenure of a few years, Antarctica might just disappear. If you don't start to take care of it in the right way maybe the future generations will not be able to see it. Hence, it's better to plan a trip right now before it's too late. There are so many amazing things that you could experience on this Antarctica vacation which will help in giving you an experience of the lifetime.

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