Make Travel Plans For Mexico After The Virus

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Apr 28,2020

Mexico is known for its pristine beaches, culturally attractive spots, dynamic cities, colonial architecture, alluring culture, stunning scenery, engaging nightlife, historical sites, and ancient ruins. The beautiful country is becoming very popular among tourists, who are willing to travel miles to admire the historical riches. The main attractions of the country are the vibrant native music, colonial influences, exotic flora and fauna, moderate climate conditions, arid deserts, and tropical rainforests. Here are the several attractive places as to why you should book your vacation packages to this exotic country after the coronavirus pandemic comes to an end: 

Playa del Carmen: The hippy place is lined up with chic cafes, resorts, and happening bars. The largest community Playa has successfully influenced the locals of the place. The international influence at Playa del Carmen is what differentiates the place from the other parts of Mexico. Quinta Avenida is an attractive spot in Playa, where the streets are lined with souvenir stalls, top-international restaurants, and lively bars. If you and your squad want to simply sunbathe on the clear beaches and sip tropical cocktails then Playa is the best pick. Tourists who only come to visit Mexico for its rich culture and tradition end up skipping this place off their itinerary because it is influenced by the Playa community. 

Isla Cozumel: Isla Cozumel is regarded as the most amazing spot for scuba diving in the entire western hemisphere. The exotic marine life, crystal clear water, and natural beauty of the place make it one of its kinds. The main attractive activities are snorkeling and scuba diving, however in case tourists decide to visit the nearby places then they will enjoy the place even more. There are several deserted beaches and wild natural parks. Isla Cozumel is the best place in the vacation package for the typical nature enthusiasts. 

Mexico City: The place which was earlier only known for drugs and high crime rates have now been transformed into a flourished city. The city is an abode to high-class international restaurants, which make the Mexico City one of the best places on the itinerary of the vacation packages to hog food. Hipsters and foodies find this place the best place in the country to taste sweet and savories both, along with the top international cuisines. The history buffs would too fall in love with the place since there are many historical museums built to protect the rich history of the country.

Cancun: Cancun is officially known as the resort capital of the country. The place is very crowded in summers and spring when masses of people come to enjoy their break. There are luxurious resorts and classy parties on the beachside; however, Cancun is not only about luxury but traditional local food and dance. Salsa is performed on the beachside and tourists have the best time with the campfire. If you need a break from anxiety and stress, then Cancun is the best place to relax. Come with your loved ones, choose the best-suited vacation packages, and feel what a carefree tropical fish feels like! 

Gran Cenote: This natural sinkhole was formed because of the accidental collapse of limestone bedrock. Cenotes were used by the Mayas in the past for sacrificial offerings and their source of water was the same sinkhole. This place is meant for the tourists, who are bored of sunbathing and want to experience what cool waters feel like. The mineral-rich sinkhole is generally visited by people for quick-swim. There are many cenotes, but the most popular ones are Cenote Azul ad Cenote Yokdzonot. 

Oaxaca: The colonial city lies on the Pacific coast of Southern Mexico. What makes this place different from others is that it is not touched by the chaotic city life; the traditional Mexican city is very calm and roots for its culture. In Oaxaca, you will find vibrant arts, colorful festivities, enchanting natural beauty, scrumptious cuisine, magical craft, and people influenced by the indigenous culture. 

Puerto Vallarta: This is the most stunning resort town in Mexico and is in no comparison with the typical getaway. This place is an amalgamation of both exotic places and city places. There are several nightclubs to get drunk and have the best time of your life, but it also has the calm and pristine beaches to take away all your stress. The architecture of the colonial buildings in Puerto Vallarta is very typical to remind the locals of the colonial influence. 

Isla Holbox: The ones who are looking for the perfect getaway from the hustle of the city life can come to Isla Holbox to feel at peace. After the lockdown, a quiet and calm vacation is what everyone wants and we cannot think of a better place than the Isla Holbox. The place is flooded with vintage Caribbean houses and the streets are filled with white sands. There are no cars in this peaceful place, which means that there is no air and noise pollution. The waters at Isla Holbox are not so clean in comparison to the rest of the Yucatan. However, this place allows all the tourists to swim alongside exotic white sharks. The place is also very popular for bird watching including the beautiful pelicans and pink flamingos. 

Akumal: In the Mayan language, Akumal refers to "Place of turtles". This place is the nesting ground for the colored exotic turtles that come to lay eggs on the shore. Tourists generally visit this place to swim with the friendly turtles in the crystal clear waters. This place is ideal to have a day spent with your family.

Merida: Merida is the capital of the Yucatan peninsula and tourists visit this ideal place for theaters, museums, small vintage restaurants, and stunning art galleries. This place is very popular for the colonial buildings and the vibrant typical culture which can be explored at every nook and corner. 


Post pandemic it will be very important for you and your pack to take the best vacation package to feel alive and the best place we can think of is Mexico! 


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