How Should You Spend Time During The Lockdown

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Apr 28,2020

Dreamy vacations may seem like a distant dream, given the current situation but no worries, here are a few things you can do spend time during the lockdown and feed your wanderlust soul at the same time:

1. Prepare a beautiful mood board for your wanderlust self: You must be spending time wondering, what if I had taken that Fiji Vacation Packages instead of attending the boring engagement ceremony or what if I took five days off just to surprise my wife with the most adventurous Punta Cana vacation packages? Let's not leave any scope for ifs and buts. You clearly cannot travel to your dream place given the ground situation, but you can bring your dreams to life on a beautiful vision board. Earlier, it was only possible to create such mood boards by cutting photographs from travel magazines and newspapers, but in today's scenario, you can get your images together on Pinterest. The platform allows you to collate all sorts of images and links from various web pages to collect them on the same virtual screen. The perfect vision board will act as a motivation to your stressed mind. Make the vision board as pretty as possible to include every small detail on it. This activity has proven to be very useful for all those hippies who find it difficult to decide one simple vacation package.

2. Learn the basic local language of your dream place: Once you can speak a foreign country's native language in tits and bits, it gives you the liberation to interact with them. Imagine the most beautiful conversations you can have with them? Dreamy isn't it? Why not start with learning a new language today itself? Learning their language will not only help you have cute conversations but also to find your way out or order brunch. Now with all the time in the world, you should grasp the opportunity of learning a new foreign language. If you are worried about the fees, don't worry there are plenty of websites which offer free courses. Even YouTube has language lessons. 

3. Find out the best places to stay, relax, hog, and drink: travelers are well aware of the fact that their last-minute plans can be scary when it comes to finding places to sleep and eat. So why not utilize this time to plan your vacation properly. You have plenty of time to do your research and conclude. You can also read the travelers’ recommendations which are available on so many travel blogs, in order to choose the best vacation packages. You no more need to hunt for the perfect cocktail place or the best margarita place. Just read a couple of blogs written by travel bloggers and confirm your places of stay, eat and drink. 

4. Find the adventurous activities to pump your adrenaline post-pandemic and feel alive again: This is the best time to explore the adventurous activities. Put your research skills into use and find out some of the most highlighted adventurous sports of your dream place. Discover solo activities and group activities both! Find your map and see the topography of the place and start penning down the crazy things you have always wanted to do. 

5. Experience crazy journeys through virtual reality: This is one of the best methods to still keep your wanderlust soul alive. Sitting on the couch in your batman pajamas, you can visit the Eiffel Tower! No need to wear your heavy makeup, high heeled boots, and an overpriced leather jacket. Experience the same journey at your own pace, at your own time. Meanwhile, history buffs can visit historical museums and ancient ruins. Nature enthusiasts can watch the view from The Great Wall of China. Beach obsessed people can visit the crystal clear beaches of Bora Bora. There is plenty of 360-degree content available online. Just go and pick your destination and pacify your restless soul. 

6. Watch travel movies: This is the best way to enjoy the journey in a foreign land and feel yourself in the shoes of the actor. Admire the beauty of the country, the hillside, the beaches, the city life, the vintage villages, and the lagoons. Binge watch the British series, which mostly showcases the beautiful countryside. 

7. Read travel books: the best way to stop time is to travel through books. The delicately weaved stories will give you the inspiration to travel at all times and admire the beauty of nature. Read books of solo travelers and fall in the tunnel of deep thinking. Ask yourself, which the place you want to travel alone? Which are the new places you want to explore? Which are the places which will make you the happiest? Begin a journey with the amazing vacation packages post- coronavirus lockdown.

8. Go through the travel blogs: the best way to decide if a place is worth traveling or not is by reading travel blogs of wanderlust souls. They pour their hearts out when it comes to writing about the places they love. Read about the new places, read about the old places, decide if your dream vacation is worth it, change your itinerary if you feel like, add another vacation spot to your bucket list, and then choose your vacation packages.

9. Cook international cuisines: the best way to not miss a place is to cook the food you ate on the eat-street lane with your gang. There are so many videos on YouTube, go and explore the platform, which is flooded with the recipes of delicious authentic food. Cannot go to Tibet to eat your favorite chicken momos and Thukpa, with extra spicy chutney? Then Google the recipe and make the same dish for you and your loved ones. 

There is absolutely no point in sitting idle and cursing the virus for ruining your perfect trip, but you can use the same time more constructively. 


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