Cleanse Your Body And Mind With Montego Bay Vacation

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Apr 28,2020

Going on a vacation is so much more than just visiting various places. It is also about cleansing our mind and body to rejuvenate ourselves once in a while. 

The best reinvigorating adventure awaits for all in Montego Bay. Fondly known as MoBay, Jamaica’s most dynamic city is spiritual and peaceful, with a captivating aura. Montego Bay exudes a lush blue and green neighborhood ready to be explored. Few places like this bay can turn into a euphoric party town as well as a destination for those who want a low-key cleansing adventure. With crystal clear water, pastoral mountains, diverse landscapes, and natural beauty, no wonder Montego Bay should top the list for a perfectvacation. 

Enchanting Montego Bay is an amalgamation of white sandy beaches with azure skies. Tourists get seeped into the nightlife just steps away from the hotel. With a lifetime of memories and a free mind, MoBay can become a home away from home for every type of traveler. 

As the third most populous place of Jamaica, Montego Bay has innumerable destinations to uplift your spirits!


Snorkeling in Doctor’s Cave Beach:

Why not start with snorkeling? Almost all MoBay vacation packages have this fun activity. Since most of the hotels are surrounded by waves, it is the best option to start the trip with. The island is home to the best snorkeling beaches in the world. The most prominent one is the Doctor’s Cave beach. Visit the blue(st) lagoons and coral reefs amid marine beauty. One does not require any special training for snorkeling but only the ability to swim. Rest assured, relax, and enjoy the sight with snorkel tubes, fins, and a mask.


Sailing in Negril coast:

After hopping out of snorkeling, set sail to the beautiful Negril. Negril is a pristine coast with diverse marine life such as pufferfish, trumpetfish, and barracuda. On your way back, head to the famous Rick’s café, the most visited bar on the bay. Professional cliff divers will make you feel awe. Tourists can also have a plunge but it is best advised to leave it to the professionals when it comes to making the most of it. 



Alluring Green Grotto Caves: 


MoBay is also famous for its alluring historical caverns, the most renowned being Green Grotto Caves. Live speleologists dream of learning about how the Arawaks used this cave for various purposes. Largely unexplored, Green Grotto Caves are surrounded by thick vegetation and spotless waters. This awe-inspiring, mystical cavern provides solace that can’t be skipped from any vacation packages. 


Bamboo Rafting in Martha Brae: 


Another unique Jamaican experience is bamboo rafting on the Martha Brae that can’t be skipped from the best Montego Bay vacation packages. Approximately thirty minutes away from Montego Bay, Martha Brae is a calm river on the north coast of Jamaica. Go on a romantic raft ride with your partner or enjoy alone in solitude; the peaceful river is surrounded by exotic birds such as woodpeckers and the Jamaican Tody. What’s surprising about the bamboo rafts is that they look fragile but are well-balanced. Accompanied by a knowledgeable rafter, ask him the history of the river while you click amazing pictures of the scenery. 


Cascade of Dunn’s River Falls:


The world-famous Dunn’s River Falls is a wonderful place to visit if you want to get lost in its surreal woods. Imagine climbing 600 feet and seeing cool and clear water cascading smoothly to the ground. The riverbed is said to have natural limestone. It connects itself with the Caribbean Sea over its white sands. 


Golf at Cinnamon Hill Golf Club:


Golf lovers are welcomed warmly for a challenge at the Cinnamon Hill Golf Club. What was once a sugar plantation, this golf club is said to be the best in the world. A late evening golf time and conversation with golf enthusiasts in this hill club is the best one could ask for. The club is surrounded by cerulean waves of the Caribbean Sea. 

Haunting adventures of Rose Hall:

If you love to have haunting adventures, then venturing into the Rose Hall has its advantages. So the tale goes like this: Annie Palmer was the owner of the Rose Hall. She is also known as the White Witch for her witch crafting activities. She killed her three husbands and several slaves. Later she was murdered by her slave lover and her spirit is said to still haunt the grounds of the Rose Hall. Bonus: Her sealed tomb is in this place! 

One can visit this plantation house for its slice of history or take a night tour to pitch into the eeriness of the place. 

The Grandiosity of St. James Parish Church:

If you have a knack of spirituality and architecture, the St. James Parish Church is a must-visit! The grandest church in the whole bay, it is built like a classic Greek cross. It is set amidst a graveyard of tombstones that date back to over 200 years. It also houses the monument built by 18th-century sculptor John Bacon to Rosa Palmer, the former owner of the Rose Hall. Memorials and stained glass paintings adorn the church reminding the important figures of Montego Bay. 

Exploring local culture and food with Bunker’s Hill Cultural Experience:

Bunker’s Hill Cultural Experience and river tours let the tourists explore the eccentric path of adventure and authenticity. It is a complete package of hiking, bird watching, and mountaineering. That’s not all! No trip is endearing without conversing with the local people of a region. Bunker’s Hill Cultural Experience offers that. Get to know about Tainos and the Maroon slaves who once inhabited Montego Bay. With a restoring river beside, savor local delicacies made the unconventional way by loving Jamaicans. 

Climb all the way up to the caves while hearing inspiring stories of the Maroons. End your hunger with food cooked on wood fire while on the lookout for Jamaican birds. This part of the vacation will be complete with a dip in the cool water followed by a massage from the Jacuzzi. Take in the ambiance at its best while you rejuvenate yourself. 

Montego Bay, the less explored island has all the fun and frolic. It has something or the other to offer for all types of travelers. The vivid and vibrant energy of the Jamaican people fills one with energy the minute you land there. With an incredible amount of activities to do, Montego Bay seems to be a portal to a piece of the world that is jubilant and lush.  Don’t ever miss to check out this wonderful tropical island when looking for the best vacation packages.


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