Why Is Choosing Cuba Vacation A Right Decision?

With a captivating history and beautiful beaches, Cuba proves to be a great destination for a vacation. It is the largest island in the Caribbean and houses numerous experiences not to miss and discover. It offers plenty of appealing beaches with mesmerizing bright shining sun and widespread rainforests. This is the place where you can have the best time of your life with Cuba vacation packages. 

The country is built with different colors of culture along with a mix of afro- Caribbean culture. It has the largest plantation of sugarcane around the world, cultivating sugar and providing the finest rum of all.

One could begin from enjoying serene beaches with water sports and relaxing sunbath to sipping on a refreshing mojito on the rooftop of Melia Habana (one of the best hotels in Cuba), from visiting its numerous historic places to explore its French Architecture.

Best time to visit

Due to its tropical climate, the best time to visit Cuba is during winter from November to March, when the temperature is not as hot and it rains less and is appealing for the visitors to flock form their cold locations to the sunny island.

Also, in summer it is filled with tourists especially in July for Carnival in Santiago. But it is slightly dangerous to visit from June to October as hurricanes are more likely to occur at this time of the year. 

Therefore, whatever time suits your travel time, do include plenty of activities to your Cuba vacation packages. 

Accommodation and Food

Cuba is one of the finest and beautiful locations to spend a vacation and provides comparatively less expensive accommodations and foods. One of the top pleasures is staying at Casas; these are the private houses where landlord/landlady rent rooms to the tourists at reasonable prices and provide services at an additional price. The food here is cheap and mouth-watering, including Casas, restaurants, and street food. The drinks are excellent too; locals have their own different and various recipes for mojitos making them even tastier and refreshing.

The locals here are very nice and are very pleased to help the tourists, although hiring a tour operator would be a good option to avoid missing any of the best experiences especially if this is your first time in Cuba. You can try using local transport as well to explore more, than traveling on a tourist bus.


1. Enjoying on the alluring beach having a relaxing sunbath, taking a swim in the sprinkling waters, trying the thrilling water sports, and taking a long walk in the serene evening.


2. Go for the amazing experience of hiking in the forests.



3. Diving into the thriving waterfalls and checking out a beautiful range of waterfalls.



4. Exploring the prominent Colonial and French Architecture and remarkable historic places of the country.



5. Taking a visit to sugarcane and tobacco farms is a must.



6. Spending time among the various colors of cultures of this picture-perfect destination.



7. Sky diving from the peak of mountains of this pleasing country.



8. Visiting the towns of Cuba, which are the essences to its glory.




This stupendous city being the capital of Cuba; brings you the immense pleasure of exploring the prestigious collection of finite extraordinary historical monuments like vivacious forts, statues, long sea walks, etc. with a history of 500 years. Also offering a great deal of Cuban artists portraying the Cuban culture. It is for sure one best place to discover while traveling to Cuba with Cuba vacation packages. 


The gorgeous town of Vinales dominated by low mountain ranges and rich vegetation offers a refreshing showcase of the simple and steady life of the locals unlike life in metropolitan cities. Houses here are painted gracefully in pastels, reflecting back the eternal sunshine. The city is the heart of Cuba’s tobacco plantation.

Santiago de Cuba

Being the second-largest city in the country, it is famous for its mix of different colors of cultural life. People of various cultures come together every year to celebrate the ‘Carnival de Santiago’ and rejuvenate the environment by dancing on the song of togetherness and joy. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its top preserved Spanish-American military Architecture.


It is an enchanting beach with several stunning resorts. Have soothing sunbath and sand surface keeping you cool, and dipping into the pleasant waters. Varadero surely occupies a reasonable spot in the package of Cuba vacation, offering you the luxury of relaxing by the pool of a lovely resort or at the beach.


It is a small town and is the very first town in Cuba. It is dominated by the prestigious Colonial Architecture which looks staggering in this region. This town is amidst the great tropical rainforest; the only forests which are untouched from humans and are protected by UNESCO providing a thrilling connection with nature. The tourists are attracted by the beauty of this scenic town to enjoy amongst the lustrous greeneries.

Offering plenty of adventures like hiking in the boundless spread of forests, diving into the deep waters, dipping in the alluring waterfalls, sipping on a soothing mojito while walking at the beach in the satisfying evening, sight-seeing from the peak of the highest mountain you could find, trekking in the never-ending mountain ranges and many more.


This is another destination to indulge in the various types of architecture, ancient history, unique scenes of nature. The town preserves the prominent historic museums revealing about the great wars, extraordinary cultures of the country, and the cultural artifacts.


Cuba is a Heavenly destination to spend a peaceful yet exciting Cuba vacation. It offers a great opportunity for the nerds in all of us to explore the history and culture, nature lovers to find peace among the soothing greeneries of Cuban towns, adventure seekers to go on another great experience of various thriving adventures. It combines all the essence of life from different dance forms and music to a variety of Architecture and cultures, all coming together as one in your selected Cuba vacation packages.

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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