Best Destinations To Explore In April 2020

April is the month when most places begin to warm up for summers, every nook and canaries of the valley seem more radiant and the rivers flow with joy. This month is that time of the year when people undertake enthralling journeys. Here is your bucket list for the perfect summer:


This country is the most romantic getaway for you and your better half. In April the mountains are wrapped with warm snow blankets and the lush landscapes are stretched over miles in the cozy sun. The skiing adventurers love to depict their skills over the picturesque terrain. The enchanting alpine scenery, emerald glaciers, quaint villages, lakeside hamlets, and glittering lakes are responsible for the charm of the country. Travelers come from different parts of the world just to learn about the typical custom induced in the country.

Many cities including Lausanne, Zurich, and Geneva are known for the beautiful museums and stunning galleries. The Matterhorn peak is known for the peaceful vibe and clean air, and in summers you must plan a trek. The picturesque Grindelwald is the perfect base to undertake snow activities and adventurous rides. The country is very famous for its Lucerne Lake which is surrounded by old historic buildings and covered bridges; this place is the most visited spot of the tourists. St. Mortiz is the must-have destination of the entire trip, oodles of sunlight make the jagged mountain peaks appear even more beautiful. At the base of the mountain peak, there are several resorts for you to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Plus in April, the resorts open adventure activities such as hiking and biking. 


The capital city of Italy is known for its glory and several attractive tourist spots which makes it a must-visit destination in April. The iconic city of Christian faith is an abode to the Flavian Amphitheatre which is probably one of the largest structures in the country. The Vatican City in Rome is decked with small gardens and palaces for the tourists to enjoy the tour of the smallest state in the world. There are several museums in the state that reflects the typical culture and religion of the Vatican City. 

The most masterpiece attraction of Rome is Trevi Fountain which is known for its long tradition of throwing a coin, which marks that you will visit the city again. Rome is known for the architecture of its churches including the Santa Maria Maggiore, St. John Lateran, San Giovanni, Santa Maria, Santa Cecilia, The Pantheon, and many other beautiful churches. However, do not end up visiting all the churches because they are more or less the same, instead visit other attractive destinations. The ancient city can be visited on-foot mostly plus given the month of April the weather conditions will be very suitable. 


The beautiful land is known for its elegance and sophistication which is very diverse in terms of its culture. The charm of the country is very evident in every nook and canneries of its mountain ranges, coasts, king trails, cliffs, and coves. The capital city of the country is a destination of the holy pilgrimage. At the heart of the Santiago de Compostela, the bustling plaza is located which is the landmark for several sites including the St. James Tomb. 

Cordoba is known for its maze-like streets and plazas. The Mezquita is the most significant attraction of the place; the tops of the cathedral are built in Islamic style to mark the significance of the much-respected glory. This place must not be skipped from Spain vacation packages. San Sebastian is known for its warm beaches, which offer water activities to the tourists. Some of them even enjoy sunbathing in the sweltering sun. Valencia is located in the easternmost part and has stunning aquariums, museums, and planetariums. This city is mostly enjoyed by the youngsters. Spain is not only known for its culture but also its delicious food, signature sweet and savories can be found in any famous restaurants in the country. 


Hands down, Amsterdam is the best place to visit in April. The beautiful flowers bloom in every nook and corner of the neatly laid streets. In this month, Amsterdam becomes very colorful with every patchwork of flowers being very colorful and vibrant. The cosmopolitan city is known for its charm and delightful canals. It is ideal for backpackers since there are many places to visit. The Anne Frank House is a must-visit place since it is related to World War II. If you are looking for having a peaceful stroll in the city then Begijnhof is the perfect place. The secluded garden brings you calmness and serenity. The west Church of Amsterdam is one of the most attractive tourist spots because of its Gothic architecture. You must pay a visit there. The most popular park in the city is the Vondelpark, where thousands of people visit every day. Many cafes and restaurants are located there, plus the park has an open-air theatre and a beautiful garden of roses. If you are up for exploring the nightlife of Amsterdam then ought to visit the Red Light area, the place serves Dutch drinks which are popular throughout the world. The best way to see the city is by renting a bike discovering places at your own comfortable pace. 


The beautiful place is a fine example of perfection. Untouched by development and commercialization, Crete has managed to retain its charming villages and serene mountains. The pristine beaches of the island are the main spot of attraction for the tourists because of its golden sand and blue waters. The place is known for shopping places, cultural attractions, dreamy nightlife, and museums. Tourists come here to feel alive and at peace. The soft sand beaches with crystal clear water are known to regain peace and tranquility. 


Thus, the beautiful places mentioned are the summer picks for you. To have a quite yet happening vacation, these places are the must-visit destinations. Explore the warm places with your loved ones.

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