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Don't you already feel like booking your flights to your favorite destination or confirming your cruise holiday? But you do not want to choose the country, which has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Do you know, what is the safest way you can pick your vacation packages? Simply pick a country that has not been affected by the crises. Here is the list of the dreamy places to enjoy your long-lost vacation without the virus cramping your stay: 


The colorful country perched on the Black Sea has the most beautiful beaches, lush forests, mountain plains, and traditional cities. Odessa rests on the coast of the mystic sea and is known for its sandy beaches and sparkling blue waters. The houses are painted in shades of pastel all across the country and add to the charm of the beautiful place. On the banks of river Khorol, there are spa services for you to feel peaceful and enjoy the romantic ride with the horse-drawn carriage. If you feel like visiting back in time then Chernihiv is the best place, the beautiful building of the city is very ancient and the cathedrals have a golden cupola on their top. The place is best to take a lovely stroll on a perfect evening. Ukraine is also known for the cave monasteries which are located in the village of Bakota. The peaceful village is located on the banks of river Dniester, go with your pack choosing the best Ukrainevacations package, and feel at peace.

Sri Lanka 

The country is known for its romantic landscapes, lush tea gardens, sandy beaches, majestic mountains, and affordable vacation packages. The country is flooded with cultural, natural, and engaging spots. The soulful monasteries of the country act as a peaceful escape and will make your trip a serene experience to remember. Especially after the lockdown many of us need to regain our peace and we cannot think of a better place other than Sri Lanka concerning the calm rail rides around the blue waters and mountains, Adam's peak with the best view, the Mirissa village to relax and Ulpotha to practice yoga amid the peaceful nature. Visit Trincomalee, the temple city, you should not miss any temples when in Sri Lanka. The beach near-by is the best place to experience underwater activities. In case you want to visit the pious destination, Kandalama is your pick. The hot air balloons at this place will take you for a ride in the blue calm skies. Tissamaharama is the best place for photography enthusiasts. This place is the best tourist spot to capture the most beautiful picture since there is a very beautiful lake located near-by. The greenery of the country is what attracts most of the tourists. It is the best place to forget all your worries and have a nice stay with your loved ones. Book your SriLanka Vacation Packages today!


This amazing land is the best place to travel carefree since there has been no identification of coronavirus cases. Armenia will delight you with the best of the tourist spots. Dilijan city in the country is the most magical place. The sun is warm and cozy and the air is aromatic of the pines. The city has natural mineral springs that are drawn straight from the hill slides. Lake Sevan is the most popular place for the summers; the largest lake in the country has the best resorts and fish restaurants in its proximity. The best architecture in the country is represented by the Noravank Monastery, which reflects the stunning religious art. The famous giant Yerevan Cascades is a long limestone stairway, where you can enjoy the best cup of tea with your loved ones. A lot many concerts take place here where you can have the time of your life with the best vacation packages suited in your interest. 


The country is located on the Caspian Sea with a lot of quaint tropical resorts to make your holiday the best time of your life. The hill towns in the country have many mosques and minarets with the best architecture in the world. Baku has many stunning skyscraper buildings and beautiful three towers in the city glow at night, which makes the city look like a fairyland. When in Azerbaijan you have to try the kebabs and cheese and the capital city has the best of restaurants at your service. Absheron National Park is the best place to explore the flora and fauna of the country. The waters in the park are known to be sparkling blue and you can feel the wind in your hair. The tourists generally visit the country for its mud volcanoes, which make you wonder if you landed on the moon. The country is beautiful and the Armenians are very friendly and welcoming to make you feel at home. It’s time you book your vacation package today!


The landlocked country is known for its picturesque countryside, lush forests, exotic flora and fauna, and beautiful castles. The capital city Minsk has the largest public square in the entire continent. It is known for taking the perfect stroll with fountains and lights surrounding you. The city has several shopping avenues for the shopaholics, classy restaurants for the foodies, and music events for the music enthusiasts. The Braslav Lake is known for its blue waters and is surrounded by beautiful bays and enchanting cliffs. The vacation packages promise you the most premium attractions of the country including the Mir Castle, which is known for its Gothic and Renaissance architectural style. Tourists generally enjoy taking a small walk in the sunflower gardens and near the artificial lake in the proximity of the castle. The Minsk Sea is created artificially at the edge of which lie quaint cafes, small restaurants, and pristine beaches. The majestic cathedrals in the country are known across the globe so don't miss the opportunity to admire its architecture. Be sure of being charmed by the culture and hospitality of the locals. 

The list of places is definitely at your rescue to visit the most peaceful and calm places post the coronavirus pandemic. We all have missed going on vacations so make sure that you use your time after quarantine at your best.

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