Top Tourist Spots To Visit Post COVID-19

Choosing a destination to make a perfect vacation is a huge task, as the globe is brimming with such beautiful destinations to make your vacation worth it after the crisis ends. Give your loved ones a lovely present of a luxurious and the best vacation. Until then utilize this time to be with your family safely and decide on choosing the right vacation packages. 

Best Tourist Places To Ponder Post COVID-19

Pick a stupendous destination to make this lockdown worth waiting for by choosing the best vacation packages:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, the city of the future has been a great destination for a vacation. From a desert to being one of the most developed cities around the globe it has proven to be a great tourist attraction every year. It consists of lots of tourist attractions. There are bag loads of things to do here like craning your neck looking up at the highest building in the world ‘the Burj Khalifa’, attend a beach club and treat yourself with one of the best parties, exploring the historic attractions, go skydiving of, lay in the largest flower bed of the world, and make every time worth it. It usually prefers to make things on a large scale like gigantic hotels, aquariums, buffets, amusement parks, grandeur yachts, and huge malls are some places common to the public here.

Check out the world-famous hotels like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and many more. And before going to Dubai remember not to be afraid of heights, because all the buildings here are touching the skies overhead. So before choosing the right vacation packages, do include these things in mind. 


Thailand, one of the most visited destinations is a heavenly place to spend your savings on. With a whole string of magnificent beaches and blue waters spend a lovely day sunbathing and dipping in the crystal clear water. The booming vibrant country of Thailand is brimming with the scent of exciting festivals and picture-perfect scenes. Full of enormous ancient and modern cultures do not forget to visit the iconic historic temples. The best vacation packages offers a lot of things do:  

1. Stay in fabulous luxurious hotels; sit on the poolside having a refreshing mojito/beer.

2. Make new friends on beaches playing sports like football, volleyball, etc.

3. Explore the prettiest pink lakes filled with pink water lilies, giving you chills with a blissful sight.

4. Try the spicy mouth-watering street foods and delicious soups.

5. Attend the Phuket vegetarian festivals and watch people do some unusual rituals attracting quality tourists.

6. Get drunk in the mind blowing beach bars.

7. Go sailing in the sparkling waters.

8. Check out the famous floating markets.

Galway, Ireland

This vibrant city of Ireland is a lively location for music festivals, art, cultural events, theatre, and literature welcoming a large quantity of tourists every year. It is known as the heart of Ireland’s culture. Being one of the most relaxed and safest cities lets you be tension free and enjoy the time that you have treated yourself.

Learn about its captivating history and its twenty famous short stories. It is the most important source of Ireland’s organic food. Start your day with nicest Irish hospitality, discover places, enjoy the tastiest lunch in a decent restaurant, go shopping and buy souvenirs for your loved ones, go partying, treat yourself with delicious Irish foods, and at the end have a refreshing mojito/wine at the rooftop. Therefore, don’t forget to include all these in your Ireland vacation packages 


Barbados is an alluring island and is one of the most developed and popular islands in the Caribbean. Attracting tourists from all over the world, it is a perfect destination for a traveler looking for an adventure of life. A vacation to Barbados is a rightful escape for relaxing your mind and soul.

Learn about the island’s cultural history and explore its richness for landscapes. Spend a day among the natural wildlife at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. Check out the Architecture of the buildings of Parliament. Explore different cafes and restaurants, and less formal and popular nightlife in the Caribbean. Spend a day at Miami Beach having a relaxing sunbath and soothing walks in the evening.

The best time to go to Barbados is in winter seasons when travelers from all over the world flock from their cold locations to this warm and sunny island.


Zambia, with stupendous national parks and inspiring wildlife, is an appealing country in Southern Africa. A visit to Zambia will encourage you to grow closer to nature. With more than 30 percent of the nation’s land occupied for national parks.

The country preserves a great part of the world’s flora and fauna. It is home to a large variety of species of trees and animals. Take tours to South Luangwa National Park, Kafue National Park, Lower Zambezi National Park, and others and learn more about nature. Go for a thriving experience of rafting and bungee jumping at the Victoria Falls. Explore the world’s largest freshwater lake ‘Lake Tanganyika’.

Among the lush greeneries do not forget to watch the prettiest sunset leaving the whole sky with vibrant coppery orange hues. 

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a gorgeous island nation in South Asia and is as ancient as charming it is. With a captivating history of more than two thousand years, it showcases the ancient remains with relics and ruins, palaces, temples.

It sits on the Indian Ocean at the tip of Southeastern India and is a UNESCO world heritage site. It presents a beautiful showcase of wildlife running free in the land. A nation comprising the ruins of Buddhist stupas and temples was once a kingdom ruled by a very powerful emperor Ravana.

Visit the most popular landmark of Sri Lanka ‘Sigiriya’. Attend an annual festival of ‘The Kandy Esala’ honoring the Sacred Tooth Relic. Also don’t miss ‘The Gathering’ where herds of wild elephants migrate towards ancient reservoirs in northern Sri Lanka during the months of July to November from your vacation packages.

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