True Rumors About The ‘Land of the Rising Sun’

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Apr 27,2020

Japan has been talked about a lot. There are so many things which we hear about Japan that we must not believe but there are some things that have turned out to be true. Japan is located on the side of the Pacific Ocean and is miles away from the United States. It is different in both the distance and culture. But it's different tradition has sparked a lot of interest in the people of the United States and many people are traveling to this amazing country. Many Hollywood celebrities are seen vacationing here. Not believe all you must hear about it but here ask you which has turned out to be true.

Most of the population don’t speak English

Japan is a country where you need to learn local languages if you want to travel. Most of the people are yet to learn English as they are not fluent English speakers. In fact, there is a large amount of population who don't even speak English. The sole reason behind this is that they are embarrassed if they speak the wrong dialect. One may find it absurd that people are not speaking a certain language just because they hesitate, but there are a large number of people who actually take pride in speaking their local language and believe that everyone who is visiting their country should learn their culture and tradition.

Advertisements everywhere

Wherever you go advertisement follows. Japan is filled with streets having lots of advertisements. In fact, If you see pictures of any urban city in Japan you are going to see lots of hoarding and Billboards. Japan truly knows how to ace the game of advertising. There are heaps of advertisements on every Street. In fact, the number of advertisements will overwhelm you. But it all makes a very good picture. Hence, if you have heard a rumor that Japan is filled with advertisements then it is completely true. There are so many ‘Best things to do on your Japan vacation’ that you will never get bored of it.

People here are very polite

If you think that Japanese people are polite and disciplined then it is completely true. Even if you travel in any kind of public transport you might see that people are always quiet as they don't want to disturb others. People in Japan are very disciplined and want that even the tourists don't become loud and obnoxious. It is very important to understand that Japanese care for others and know the importance of not causing trouble to others. Hence, you will often find them doing polite deeds.

Etiquette and Social Customs

Japanese people live with etiquettes and have very different social customs. One needs good research on them before they visit Japan. For example, one should never sneeze or talk loudly in public. Making a burp after a meal shows respect and gifts must be received and given with both hands. Hence, before you travel here you must learn some etiquettes and social norms.

Slurping is not wrong

If you think slurping your food is bad manners then you should visit Japan. Slurping, in fact, is a very normal thing and not even considered as bad table manners. It is very much common to slurp while eating noodles and we all know noodles taste when we slurp them right? There are so many unusual table manners that we might consider bad in our countries but are pretty normal while you visit Japan. Hence, it is considered good practice to research the different table manners of japan before visiting here to save yourself from any kind of embarrassment.

Quite Expensive

Well, we are not saying that it is very expensive like LA or Paris or any other top destinations but it definitely is expensive in comparison to other countries. Also, everyone books many things beforehand and knows the estimated price they would be needing to spend on different activities they will be doing. Hence, if you have a budget of luxury vacation then it might not be much expensive If you are having a budget of a Nomadic or backpack vacation then it could be expensive for you. it completely depends on the activities you perform and the places to decide to visit. If you are looking out for a backpack vacation then you need to plan your itinerary according to it and it might not be that much costly for you. It's all about good Research and better planning.

Don’t forget to remove your shoes

It is a custom in Japan that one has to remove their shoes whenever they are indoors. If you are visiting someone's house then you need to remove your shoes and wear slippers provided by them. They have separate slippers for the bathroom hence it’s all about keeping the house clean. If you are planning to visit someone's house then you must wear clean socks and shoes that don't smell. One must take care of their food hygiene when they are in Japan because they might remove your shoes more frequently whenever you are indoors.

Animal Cafes

It is a piece of great news for every animal lover. If you can carry your pets somehow to Japan then you can actually spend some great time with them. There are so many animal cafes found in Japan that you are surely going to love it. Sometimes it is cute to bump into a cafe where you will find different kinds of hedgehogs. Yes, your country might be having cafes for dogs or cats but Japanese are quite advanced and they have cafes for bunnies and different kinds of common pets too.

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