Best Tourist Destinations To Visit Post COVID-19

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Apr 27,2020

Don’t you think that we are still in deep trenches of the pandemic and it will take forever to continue our dream of traipsing around the world? But deep down we all know that travel sooner or later will be back. Then why not just pen down your bucket list till the lockdown comes to an end! So, before you choose the best vacation packages, here are some amazing places you must visit post-COVID-19:




The peninsula at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea is known across the globe for exotic cheese dipped food, opera music, and Milan fashion, and a zillion more things. The country is also known for its therapeutic island baths at places including hot springs in Tuscan, mountain baths in Bormio, thermal baths in Lake Garda, and in volcanic Ischia. The signature desserts of the peninsula have attracted travelers from across the world. Gelato, cannoli, tiramisu, biscotti spumoni, Neapolitan, Tartufo, and zeppole are the most tongue drooling desserts in the bakeries of Italy.


The people of the country are simply passionate about their vibrant culture and traditions. The people set an example of how to live our life at best with amazing food, wine, and siesta. Stunning structures such as the Milan Cathedral, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Colosseum define the diverse architectural style of Italy. 


Take a trip with your loved ones to witness the gorgeous landscape of Cinque Terre, to taste the sweet and savories of Naples, and to visit the peaceful countryside of Tuscany. If you visit the country in June, when probably things will get normalized you must visit the Festival of San Giovanni, which treats you with mouthwatering food, cultural dance and music, and fireworks. 


Furthermore, the fact that the country has lost more than eight thousand people due to the coronavirus crisis, the economy has incurred huge losses. This clearly means that Italy will depend on tourism to revive its economy and this will be the best opportunity to travel post-COVID-19 with the best Italy vacation packages. 




The country is all about glorious landscapes, ancient mounds, archaeological sites, and clear beaches. In order to feed your hungry travel bug and soothe your stressed soul, you must travel to Israel. In the city of Bethlehem, you will experience some of the most beautiful natural sites. If you want you to vanish away in a crowd and explore the stunning places then Israel should be on the top of your bucket list. 


Visit the Nazareth village and evoke a divine feeling, you can stay there and visit the nearby attractions. If you think that Israel is only about churches and historical places then you are mistaken. Just take a stroll on the streets of Israel and experience the surreal nightlife, blue beaches, and lovely nature during your leisure vacation. And do not forget to choose the best Israel vacation packages when finalizing a leisure trip. 


South Korea


The ravishing and elusive land of South Korea is admired by every backpacker because of the never-ending list of natural picturesque places and urban delights. 


The folk villages of the country depict its history and culture, whereas the swanky cities illustrate the development of the country. The dazzling city, Seoul will make you fall in love with the grandeur architecture, pop culture, shining promenades, stunning parks, and party vibes.


The capital city is flooded with high-class restaurants, chic boutiques, and numerous other charming palaces. 


Don’t forget to visit Busan, which is popular for its pristine beaches, majestic mountains, Buddhist temples, and skyscrapers. 


The food stalls in South Korea are known throughout the globe for selling the most colorful flavors. If you are all energized to admire the natural sites, then you must visit the Dadohaehaesang National Park which has amazing stone structures and small islands. The place is a must-visit to feel alive again. Roam in the busy cities or just embrace peace in the serene villages, the choice is completely yours!




Travelers have admired his country for a very long period now due to its exotic and mysterious culture. China is known for its revered treasures and fascinating landscapes built both natural and man-made. 


The magical land has a unique monument that has been preserved since as long as the time can remember, The Great wall of China. 


The Forbidden City which is also known as the Imperial Palace is one of the finest attractions of the country. The country also has around 8000 sculptures of soldiers kept together to respect their sacrifices. The highlight of the mystic vibe is the beautiful West Lake which has a gorgeous charm since it is surrounded by lush mountains, gardens, temples, and pagoda. 


The serenity of this place will make you forget all your anxiety and stress, which you managed to bottle up amid the coronavirus pandemic. China is an amazing destination to regain all your peace and start afresh. The cherry on top, you must visit Lhasa in Tibet for it is the pristine paradise to refine the spiritual self. 




The Southeast Asian country is the most popular destination for travelers all across the world. The iconic twin towers are the main spot of attraction for the country. The exotic flora and fauna of the country are beautiful and the best place for nature enthusiasts. The country is an abode to Malayan tiger, Proboscis monkey, oriental pied hornbills, and hawksbill sea turtle, which are not found in any other country. 


We surely have realized the significance of flora and fauna amid the pandemic, so if you have missed being around them for a long time, Malaysia should be your next destination. When in Malaysia, you cannot afford to miss their local Nasi lemak and Tarik. Furthermore, If you want to take the island feel then you must visit the Pulau Perhentian Kecil and Cameron Highlands.



Above mentioned are some of the most beautiful places in the world in order to feel at peace again. Times have been hard and humanity has definitely suffered enough. Loss of life has made us understand that life is much more valuable! Let's take life seriously, let's take traveling seriously. Let’s vouch that once this crisis comes to an end, we will take trips across boundaries, across oceans just to embrace life once again. 


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