6 Tips to Make it an Amazing Homecation

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Dec 25,2023
Person relaxing near fireplace with coffee and tv remore on the table

Lockdown, self-isolation & quarantine is all about homecation! When you are not going out, not making any plans for a real vacation - till then enjoy a homecation. There are plenty of things to be discovered on this just amazing journey, which is nothing, but a one-time experience odyssey. There are things and small activities that would make for an amazing homecation. To help our readers with the same, we have created this list of 6 tips to make it an amazing homecation. Read the full article to find out. Here we go:




Woman meditating at home


Praying must be a part of your daily ritual! While you were up on a real vacation, there was an argument or explanation for not being able to accommodate praying into your schedule. But, now that its a homecation with all the time in the universe to do whatever you wish to do, you have no choice but to Pray.


The act of praying does have a different kind of experience, which is important if you really wish to connect to your soul. Its just about dedicating just 5 minutes every day and you will certainly experience something that was never there. Add a pinch of spirituality to this Lockdown homecation by developing a habit of praying every day.




So, without having the echoes of loud waves of laughter around, your homecation is gonna be incomplete. Turn your head down to the laughter therapy. It has tremendously amazing effects. While you are watching those videos showcasing your dream vacations, just make sure that you dont forget to watch out for little clips that get you into those loud waves of laughter.


Not only will this make your homecation an amazing experience, but it will also help you in getting through this menace of COVID-19. Get the collection of those movies, web series, and television shows that make you laugh the most. This will not only make it an amazing homecation but it will also accentuate the Universes process of healing by spreading positivity & optimism all around.




woman at home sitting on chair relaxing in her living room reading book and drinking coffee


Another spiritual act that most travelers will understand is Reading! So, while you cannot visually experience the panorama of birds chirping, the waters flowing, mountains rising & the wind flowing through, read & feel them. See them in your head, experience them into your head. Thats nothing, but an art! By reading stories, articles, about a place and just anything that you find fascinating ~ you discover an amazing kind of energy & peace inside. So, on this lockdown homecation, make sure that you are reading a lot and not missing on the wonderful spiritual experience. If you lack ideas on what to read, you must take the help of your family. Friends & colleagues. Dont miss this opportunity to discover how far you can travel just sitting very comfortably on your couch at home.




Watch the birds flying beautifully in the clear sky, watch the beauty of the process of restoration, the universe is going through. So, thats definitely going to heal your heart! These days, there is something so incredible about nature and everything thats happening around. For the cut-through in pollution, human movement, and decreased production activities - there is peace in the surrounding. And, you will feel it! Watching it all over the stars glittering in the sky, birds comfortably enjoying their days, clean & serene air passing through - you will absolutely fall in love with the idea of stopping by. You will understand what message, nature is trying to convey. There is love in every part of the day - watch it when you wake up when the sun rises when the sun sets & when the darkness gets in. Even the darkness looks brighter than what it used to be.


Eat Healthy Food


Woman in the kitchen eating fruits


A real vacation is about trying new dishes from different parts of the world, which also results in falling prey to bad appetite. So, why not do it a little differently this time? Just while you are in quarantine, take care of your health with some healthy food. And, eating healthily is also a need of the hour. With coronavirus at the forefront of everything, with suggestions coming from different sources to strengthen the immune system & remain healthy - all we need is to eat healthy food. So, make this exercise a part of your Homecation. What you can do is create a proper eating schedule, that will be fun. While you sit down to explore your favorite destinations just make sure you are munching on some really delicious food. Thats going to add to your homecation!!




So, last but not least, Exercising is the key to not just a sound body, but also a sound mind. So, while you are on your homecation during the lockdown, just move your body. There are apps and many other technical resources like youtube & television that can keep you closer to all of the stuff. Learn some purely purifying forms of exercises and devote a part of your day to practice it. Believe it, you will see tremendous changes in your outlook towards the whole fuss of coronavirus. It will also protect you from the fear of falling prey to coronavirus. For a period like this, keeping the mind at peace is something that cant be ignored. Because all your life you have lived differently and suddenly you are asked to experiment in a different way of life. So, just move your body, help it breathe & you will be alright. You are going to have a blast on your homecation.




So, these are 6 important tips to have a blast with your homecation while in lockdown. Keeping yourself involved in everything is the key. Make the moment cheerful & motivating and fighting the menace of COVID-19 will be way easier. Just live the moment with the thoughts of preparations for the future. See this situation from the positive perspective of everything and you will have no problem enjoying every part of it. You've been given all the time to love, live & laugh.Just do it!!

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