Travel Books That Inspire True Travelers

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Apr 22,2020

Voracious readers know how a travel book inspires you to visit destinations that give you wanderlust. Long distances are traveled by readers in their vivid imagination and are compelled to think of undertaking a trip to those beautifully described places. So here is a list of all the travel books that will inspire the traveler in you and might compel you to have a leisure vacation:


The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

The book is literally the most read novel in recent history. The beautiful novel revolves around a shepherd boy who travels from Spain to the glorious country Egypt, weaving his journey and discovering the meaning of life. On his path, he listens to his heart and learns the true meaning of love; the concept of love. His journey to find treasure leads him to his own self. Paulo Coelho reiterates that it is the journey that matters in the end! The book also mentions Tarifa where he travels initially, the province in Spain lies at the southernmost end facing Morocco. This one is one of the best examples of evoking to have a great leisure vacation. 


On the Road, by Jack Kerouac 

The classic novel written back in 1957 is a travel novel which revolves around the character, Sal. He decides to leave New York City and decides to head towards the west to make new friends and spend the night partying in the city lights. Most of us can relate to the character’s desire of feeling frustrated for wanting to see the world. Throughout his solo journey, he becomes a stronger and confident person over time. It is pretty obvious that hearing about solo travels inspires us to take the same kind of trips. Such solo journeys in no small measure feed our soul because it gives us plenty of time to spend time with ourselves at stunning destinations. The young generation will quickly agree to this while elders will think twice before finding themselves strolling on some random bridge in Istanbul.


The Beach, by Alex Garland

The wonderful tale penned down in this book is all about the backpackers and their desire to search their dream paradise. The protagonist, Richard wants to do something different than his routine and explore places. However, (spoiler alert) in the end readers come to know that everything was just an illusion. The book also talks about how the backpackers are crazy behind the ideal journey which ends up ruining the ideal fantasy planned in their heads. It gives out a loud and clear message about how you should go with the flow.


In a Sunburned Country, by Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson is very well known for travel writing and this classic novel is definitely one of his best works. The novel weaves a journey through the beautiful island, Australia. The east to west traveling in the beautiful novel is all about visiting mini towns, coastal cities with pristine beaches and forgotten forest paths. The beautiful description of places and the journey will make you fall in love with the island. But at the same time, you will fear the creepy riptides, snakes, spiders, jellyfish, and crocs. We promise you that after the quarantine the first place you visit will be Australia, to enjoy the little journey you plan in your head after reading the work of Bill.


The Geography of Bliss, by Eric Weiner 

The writer has set out to discover the happiest places across the globe. The places he travels include Denmark, Qatar, India, Iceland, and Moldova. To our surprise, he fails the quest of finding the happiest place however, his journey while hunting down the places is simply beautiful. The journey is magical yet real and also throws limelight on different cultures. If you have a travel bug within you, to know more about foreign lands then this is definitely your pick.


Turn Right at Machu Picchu, by Mark Adams 

The story is about Adam’s journey of traveling in Peru in order to know more about the Incas and their ruins. He writes about his visit to the ancient cities. The Inca Empire and the civilization which was dragged for several years make Peru an interesting place. If you are the person who is into ancient places traveling then this book is just perfect for you.


Vagabonding, by Rolf Potts

The book should be on the to-read-list of all the travelers who think of taking up journeys as a long term idea. Author Rolf Potts spent about ten years on the roads; he traveled through Israel on foot. His journey through different paths should be read by young travelers. It talks about long term traveling and hence all the travel-enthusiast must definitely read it. Furthermore, his book was even re-released; that is how much impact it had on the readers. It is the top pick for you.


The Art of Travel, by Alain de Botton 

The novel serves as a reminder of why and when to hit the roads. This book certainly brings out the truth as to why people go on journeys. He has beautifully described travel moments that we recall in our imagination. The book gives you a reality check and is a must-read for all the travelers who are looking forward to having a great leisure vacation.


Lands on Lost Border: A Journey on the Silk Road, by Kate Harris

The author answers and questions like, why do people feel the desire to travel? Where to go when you know that almost every place has been visited by somebody?! In her beautifully penned down book, she recalls about her moments spent on the Silk Road. Such remote places are rarely written books on, thus this novel of Kate is a perfect read for the travelers who are in search of remote places. 


The tailor-made list of books to feed your travel bug and inspire your soul in an effort to identify even more travelers. For this globe is a treasure trove of places, which needs to be visited by souls who love the idea of simplicity, taking a journey more than reaching the destination, right?  

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