3 Amazing Ways Celebrate Earth Day in Quarantine

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Apr 22,2020

Given the current situation, it is important that we are sensitively & mindfully observing important events & days. Quarantine is at the forefront of everything and therefore most of the events have been canceled that require people to go out, gather around, and contribute to a cause. But, thanks to technology, which is always there for mankind to help with what they want to do. Suggestions from various sources are flooding in to do your bit via different Digital means ~ online rallies, free webinars, spreading awareness over social media (Instagram, Facebook & Twitter).


April 22nd, 2020 is going to mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The idea behind Earth Day was protecting the mother Earth and the multitude of the resources that it has blessed us with. Every year the day is celebrated under a theme with a mission to make everyone about the never-ending & precious resources the mother Earth has provided to us. Huge gatherings & public events are almost common. 


But, Earth Day 2020 is going to be quite different because of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. This time it’s going to be a Digital Earth Day. It’s important to maintain real social-distancing, but we can very much use social media interactions. That’s great about technology. Even if the crisis of Corona has led us to sit at our respective homes, no one can put a full-stop to our spirit to make Mother Earth a cleaner & abundant place to live. 


There are many other ways the protagonists can choose to celebrate Digital Earth Day 2020. You can encourage people around to keep their homes and their neighborhoods clean. You can encourage them to develop a habit of using garbage cans or trash cans. And, given the current scenario, the most important idea to propagate around is “Stay Home”. So, there are many other ways to celebrate Earth Day during Quarantine. Let’s find out what all you can do to propagate the idea of saving planet Earth. Here we go:


Checkout on Air-pollution & Plastic Uses


You can start propagating the idea from your home. Create an awareness chain challenge. It can be like - you can challenge five people you know to stop using plastic bags. Then you can ask those five people in the first phase of that chain to ask another five people to stop using plastic bags and the chain can go on in a similar way. To encourage people to join this chain and encourage them to be involved throughout, you can reward them on achieving the target. You can also look for other ways like Virtual lunch meetings, focused on propagating the awareness about protecting the planet Earth. You need to use the bit of your creative mind and nothing is impossible. 


Another way of keeping a check on the air-pollution & plastic uses is the Earth Challenge 2020 mobile app. Using your smartphone, you can be a data scientist. You can collect data on plastic uses & air-pollution using this app and this data is going to be a part of Earth Challenge 2020. This initiative focuses on six major areas including air-quality, plastic uses, food security, insects, climate, and water quality. Beginning with plastics & air quality, this initiative will move forward with other key areas.


Educating people about the importance of Protecting Mother Earth 


As a result of the coronavirus pandemic affecting every area of the world, social-distancing and quarantine are at the forefront. And, we must understand the role it can play in protecting the world from the pandemic. But, thanks to the persistent practice of humans in areas like the internet and digitization that even when we are socially-disconnected, we are digitally connected. This means that you do not have to completely shut down the idea of Earth Day. It just got transferred to Digital Earth Day 2020. 


You can create awareness & environmental education groups to make people aware of this great cause. This is indeed an opportunity for the environmental protagonists to spread the idea of protecting mother Earth in a way better way. And, to better educate yourself, you can also join EARTHRISE, the 24 hours of "global digital mobilization", which is being organized by Earth Day Network as a part of Digital Earth Day 2020 celebration.


Celebrate Earth Month this April 2020


Coronavirus has locked us inside our house. As we are living under quarantine. This should not be a day dedicated to protecting mother Earth. Let’s call it Earth Month 2020 instead of Earth Day. You can make it 30-days April Earth challenge. Just get active on social media, mobilize people to support your cause, make a big difference while you are living differently. Every day, talk about one of the menaces that we mean to protect our mother Earth. Also ask people to share their views and share their experiences (good or bad)about what’s happening on the planet. Talk about ideal solutions and the difference that each of us can make through this journey. Let’s fight for our mother Earth while in quarantine. 




So, these are three of the most influential ways you can choose to propagate the idea of protecting mother Earth from quarantine. There are plenty of other ways, you can choose to celebrate this crucial part of your existence. This fighter-spirit of people around the world will make sure that when it is corona-free, our spirit to fight the cause would even be higher. Let’s celebrate the first-ever Digital Earth Day 2020.

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