3 WFH Tips from Top Travel Bloggers

When we were all working from our office workspaces, there was a chunk of them who preferred working from home. And, travel bloggers are one of those people. They never mind working from home. In fact, over the years, there are many travel bloggers & writers who have created their own Work From Home Guidebook. They always have this list of things you must take care of while working from home. 

Now that almost the world is working from home because of the outbreak of the coronavirus, people are looking for inspiration. So, who can be a better work from home inspiration for us than top travel bloggers who know everything about do’s & don’t of working from home?

To help everyone working from home because of the coronavirus crisis, we have created this WFH tips from top travel bloggers. This will, without an inch of doubt, help you through these challenging times. Let’s read to find out more. Here we go:


Create your WFH workspace setup

So, this is a very important consideration. And, for that matter, it should be your foremost step whenever you start working from home. This is no different than the process of setting up an office workspace. As, before actually starting work in the office premises, it is important to set up the workspace, in a similar way if you will start with creating your own WFH workspace. Almost all travel bloggers & editors suggest that the best & the most productive way to work from home is setting up an office workspace. While we are living in isolation, working from home, in the wake of our crusade to fight coronavirus, you must try this valuable WFH Tips from Top Travel Bloggers. 

You can add to this, some more important tricks to keep the surrounding positive & motivating. Make sure that the workspace that you choose has a proper and full vent for natural light. Another thing you add to your process of setting up your WFH workspace setup is creating more than one such setups in your home. Switching from one workspace to the other will keep the energy. That’s how all the travel bloggers & writers keep themselves motivated throughout the year working from home. 


Don’t hesitate to invest in your Home workspace setup

Another important thing you must keep in mind, while you are working from home during the quarantine. Actually, this applies to your work habits in general! You must never hesitate to invest in creating your home workspace setup. Just think, you have to sit at that place for almost half of the day with your laptop, and if that space is not good enough, you will find it difficult to be as productive as you could have been other way round. 

Therefore, it is an extremely significant part of working from home. Just list out everything that you need to create this beautiful, peaceful & serene workspace. Go for the best quality. Don’t compromise quality to save money. Because, these items are going to be your working, as well as, your earning partner for a pretty long time. Just get the best from the market ~ a working desk, an extra comfortable chair, cushion (if you need), some desk decoration items, neat & clean shelves, and more. That’s how most travel bloggers & writers strategize their year-round work from home journey. 


Keep your workspace Near a window

Now another extremely important part of setting up your WFH workspace setup is, keeping it close to the biggest vent of natural light in the house. This part of the setup will help you with a lot of positive energy and will keep you active throughout the day. The sunlight has an amazing kind of energy that fills our body & soul with the right kind of optimism. And, during this unfortunate situation of COVID-19, more than anything else, it is the only thing that can keep us going with whatever we are doing. Not only because we need more optimism and positivity these days, but anyways, keeping your desc closer to the source of natural light is tremendously helpful - all travel bloggers & writers propagate that idea. 



So, these are the top 3 tips by our travel bloggers & writers that will help you through your work from home schedule during the quarantine. These are tried and tested tips that most of our editors have themselves experienced. 


If you really want to be focused on your work, deal with everything that is happening around with a lot of positivity & if you really want your energy to produce the results, it is capable of, then must very strictly follow these WFH tips from top travel bloggers & writers. 

Just be at home & keep your mind calm & positive! 

Work hard, Keep it clean and then you will win over the crisis of Corona!!

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