Try These International Cocktail Recipes During Quarantine

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Apr 20,2020

While you are at home, enjoying some me-time, there are plenty of new things you can try. What if you are not able to travel around the world, there are other ways you can feel like being in your favorite destination. 


Things as small as trying your hands at making cocktails from around the world could turn the mood around. So, why not work on this wonderful idea! To help you, we have jotted down recipes & preparation methods for cocktails from different parts of the world. 


Let’s learn how you can make the perfect cocktail at home and enjoy quarantine. Let’s travel without traveling ~ wander around the lanes of Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Cuba, Italy, and more. Here we go:


Negroni - Traveling to Italy


Quintessentially Italian cocktail is though popular throughout the world, its association with Ital is all different. Negroni’s aperitif Campari gives an altogether different experience. Negroni which uses Gin instead of soda water is another close thing to the Americano. Sip on this boozy cocktail to get into the aperitivo hour of Italy.


Here’s all about Ingredients needed & the method of Preparation.

Ingredients for Negroni preparation:


1. Orange peel

2. One oz gin

3. One oz  sweet vermouth

4. Prosecco

5. Oner oz Campari


Preparation Method for Negroni:

Take a mixing glass containing ice & add to it sweet vermouth, Campari & gin. Then stir this mixture properly. Strain the mixture into a rocks glass. In the end, use an orange peel to garnish the drink.


Sangria - Travel through the Lanes of Spain


You will find the sangria in Spain. Nothing can be a better option of treating yourself than a glass of chilled Sangria. Almost in every restaurant & bars, you will find this mocktail - most restaurants have their individual house blend. All across Spain, you can find different recipes, but the classic one is out-of-this-world feeling. The best thing about classic punch is that there is no need for any expensive wine, the cheapest ones will do. So, nothing could be as fancy as this for your quarantine mocktail experiment. 


Ingredients for Sangria:


1. Pears, Diced apples, oranges

2. Two bottles of red wine

3. Half cup of triple sec

4. One cup of brandy

5. One Cup of Orange Juice

6. Half cup of syrup

7.One cup pomegranate juice

8. Soda water


How to Make Sangria:

Take a sealed container or a pitcher. Pour all the ingredients into the container & mix it well. Keep it to chill in a refrigerator for at least more than two hours. If you can keep it in the refrigerator overnight, that’s gonna be better. And, then your wonderful drink is ready. Before you serve, adding a splash of soda water would be your choice.


Singapore Sling - traveling through Singapore


Of all the drinks in this list, the Singapore Sling is gonna be the toughest one. But, it’s guaranteed the most delicious one. You will love to have this on your platter over and again. Because of the color pink, it gives a delusion to you for being a feminine specific drink - but that’s not true. This recipe was first discovered by the Raffles hotel in Singapore. The bar is now a favorite stop for tourists who love mixology & history lovers. 


Ingredients for Singapore Sling


1.One & half oz Cherry Heering

2. One fourth oz grenadine

3. Dash bitters

4. One & half oz gin

5. One-fourth oz Benedictine

6.One-fourth oz Cointreau

7.Three oz pineapple juice

8.Half oz Lime juice


How to Make Singapore Sling

Take a cocktail shaker and fill it with ice. Pour all the ingredients into the shaker & shake the mixture properly. Take a collin glass, fill it with ice & strain the mixture prepared in the first step into the glass. Your cocktail is all ready to be served.


Spicy Grapefruit Margarita - Traveling to Mexico


This is a little twist to the classic margarita. With some bitter addition of spices & grapefruits, the drink is a complete chilling experience in a hit summer. Splurging on some Casamigos Casamigos for a completely perfect blend is an ]amazing experience. The drink is for those who are good with spicy drinks. 


Ingredients for Spicy Grapefruit Margarita:


1. Two to three oz slices of jalapeño

2. Two oz Blanco tequila

3. Half oz lime juice

4. Half oz simple syrup

5. Half oz triple sec

6. Half oz grapefruit juice


How to Make grapefruit juice:

Take a shaker & add to it the slices of jalapeño. Crush it lightly. Add to the shaker all other ingredients and shake it properly filling the mixture with ice. Take a glass filled with crushed ice and strain the mixture.


Hemingway Daiquiri - Traveling to Cuba


This one is a classic favorite for everyone traveling to Cuba. You simply cannot resist, but grab a glass of it at the end. For your quarantine mocktail experiment, this one is going to be a real achievement. If you really want to make it as close as the Havana club does, just a bottle of Flor de Caña will do the magic. For a frosty twist, this particular classic drink can be blended ice. 


Ingredients for Hemingway Daiquiri


Half oz maraschino liqueur

Two oz white rum

Half oz simple syrup

A Three-fourth oz of lime juice


How to Make Hemingway Daiquiri 

Take a cocktail shaker and fill it with ice. Now pour in all the ingredients and shake it well. Now take a chilled coupe glass. In the end, strain the mixture into the coupe glass. 


So, these are some of the most amazing drinks from around the world including Spain, Mexico, Italy, Singapore & Cuba. When you will sip through a glass of your self-prepared cocktails from your favorite destination - it won’t be any less than traveling to that place. Therefore, while you are sitting at home in quarantine, do something that will help you in your travel plans that are to come when all of this dance of corona stops. Don’t waste this precious time that is a lifetime opportunity. 


So, which is your favorite mocktail? Which one of the above are you up to prepare?


Tell us if you know any other recipe. Stay home, stay safe! Keep experimenting!!

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